Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

At the Christmas Party

My new shoes

Elder Wiscombe (lived in Hurricane), me, my comp, Hermana Venegas and another Elder at the Christmas party

HELLO!!!!!!!!! hola familia! First, I want you to know that I took 40 dollars out today and I bought some new shoes that are really cute!!! hahahah and I also bought a mesquito net for my bed because my arms are looking like I have the chicken pox again hahah. And I still have 20 dollars left over so as you can tell, Nicaragua is really cheap! Remember now that I am in Nicaragua I am such a cheapo! hahaha.So it was SOOOOOOOOOOO great talking to you all!!!!! Wow, it was just like normal but wow, it was so great wasn´t it!!!! hahahahah just laughing and having a good time like we always do whenever we are together or talking! Thanks so much. It was the best Christmas present in the whole world! Also, thanks for all the gifts. I loved them all and I cannot say in words how much I appreciate all the love, and hard work that went into all those gifts! I am SO spoiled. I hope you know how grateful that I am! So thanks for writing those letters too. Nathan and Josh, I loved the Christmas letters. And mom and dad, the Christmas card was so adorable I just loved it. I also received a package from Chantelle with pictures and treats and owl stickers and an owl keychain that lights up. It was so great and so nice of her!!!!!!! THANKS CHAN! I will be writing you very soon! So that´s cool that you all got to go to the temple. It´s funny when you were telling me how cold it was in Salt Lake. I cannot even picture that. Like today is 87 degrees and I feel like it´s super cold here!!!! Seriously though, today has rained a bit and it´s just a great cool day! I love it. I am thinking that I will be here in March... aka THE HOTTEST MONTH OF THE WHOLE YEAR HERE!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh pray for me please. 
Sooooo we had our mission Christmas party and guess what!!!!!! I received a very secret letter from the President´s wife... I had no idea what it was until I opened it and read... This is your Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH the tears just started flowing. I have never received a more meaningful letter in my whole mission and I felt so great at that moment. Thank you so much! There was actually another slide show and our family picture was in it and I was just soooo happy to see the family. We are such a handsome bunch now, aren´t we. hehehe. Thanks for everything!!!! Also, the party was sweet because my best friend, Elder Wiscombe was there (he´s the one I told you that now is ZL... he lived in Hurricane in the rv park for one summer ) We got to catch up and hang out and everything it was just like old times in Diria and Diriomo! So much fun. And then the night before was so much fun because Hermana Creel and her comp had to come stay the night because they live so far away and didn´t want to wake up too early to have to get to the church that we had the party at, which is our church in our area! We are so lucky hahah. So yeah we have 2 twin size beds in our apartment. And Creel and I slept in my bed and then my comp with Creel´s comp in the other bed. Let´s just say we slept on our backs not moving the whole night! Good thing we aren´t really big girls. So we just stayed up just laughing and talking. So much fun! Then for the Christmas party we had to do a skit with our zone and of course they volunteered ME to be Mary in the nativity! UM OK!!!!! hahah. That wasn´t stressful at all. It was actually really fun though and we all dressed up and I was just a cute lil pregnant Mary! So fun! Then we did a present exchange and that was fun. I got a really cute clock and hand towel. But then I actually gave it away as a gift to a cute little girl where we eat lunch! Then we had a CATERED lunch! It was great. This party was so great. We got a mission shirt. The girls shirts are green and the Elders are gray. And we just had so much fun. Then we went outside and played water games and had huge water balloon fights. There was even a bounce house that was velcro so it was so cool! We put on our velcro suits and jumped around. 
Well, you asked what they do for New Years. We are actually invited to 2 homes tonight to have dinner and just hang out. It will be fun because both of the people I love so much! One is a member and she gave us this nice body spray for Christmas and then the other is the family where we eat lunch and they are not members but they are amazing people and the cute 15 year old today told me that she wants to buy this friendship neclace before I go that says best friends and I can have one part and she can have the other. How cute, huh. I just love her!!!!! Also, I ordered these weights that you can fill up with sand so that I can lug them around and all. They were really cheap so I figured why not! 
I feel like this email is just all over the place. Sorry!!!!!! I am just trying to fit everything in haha. oh! So the baptism that we were supposed to have on Saturday fell through because he wasn´t ready, so we are going to prepare him more and hope for the 12 of January. He has been 4 times in the church and wants to learn so I think it´s good! Also, there is a girl I can´t remember if I told you about her but she is 18 and was supposed to get baptized with us a bunch of times, we taught her ALL the lessons and then she went over into a different area and found the Elders and said she wants to get baptized and that she has already been taught everything.... so yeah she got baptized but it wasn´t our baptism. I think she might have a crush on one of the other Elders or something. We taught her everything but we don´t get to be at her baptism or anything and it was us who found her and everything. Sad huh. But oh well, at least she got baptized!!! Also, I am pretty sure this Saturday a man named Vladimir will get baptized. He just needed his 3 times in the chruch! He´s a great guy and he´s ready! We shall see. Pray for him, please. Oh and the greatest thing that happened to me today is that... I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY MISSION!!!!!!!! I wanted to finish it before the New Year and I finished it New Years Eve. How cool is that? I was so happy and jumping up and down and my comp just thought I was a little crazy. Then I knelt down and prayed. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and another Testiment of Jesus Christ. I know with all my heart that God calls prophets to lead us and guide us and that through Joseph Smith the Church of Jesus Christ was RESTORED! What a wonderful feeling. Something that I liked in the ending was how it talked about the people who think that little children need to be baptized but it tells the people that they are mocking God if they say children need baptism! Because it´s so true. So many people think that they need to baptize the children because they were born with the sin of Adam, but it´s not like that. Well, and just the whole book I just loved a lot. It means a lot more to me now that I am on the mission and I am so grateful to be a member of the one and only true church! 
Well, I am chatting with Tay right now so today is just great! Thanks for everything! Glad you had a great Christmas and have a very wonderful New Year! Happy New Year! Love you all sooo much! I will be in 2013 one hour before you all! Weird huh! Love you sooooooooooooo much! So great talking to you on Christmas. Thanks for the letters and the emails and oh I loved the card that sang and lit up! So cute. Thanks soooooo much! Tell grandma, and grandpa and grandma Linda thanks for the money and that I love them! Oh and Fro, thanks for the Dear Elder. Will write soon. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE HERMANA PARKER

December 24, 2012

DEAREST MOTHER AND FATHER!!!!!!!!! Wow, thank you for both of your spiritual emails. I loved them both. Those miracles of mom´s were amazing and dad your message about the Savior was powerful. I am so blessed to have you two. Thanks for the examples and support that you are to me. Well, the day is finally here and I can hardly wait! I have been so excited to finally get to call you guys! I miss you all so much and it´s so crazy that we are not going to be together this year for Christmas. But yesterday at church we had a really great sacrament meeting and I felt the spirit so strong and I felt like my heart was about to burst, not even joking. It was incredible and all the people who gave talks had the spirit and then the bishop gave a talk and it was about him when he was little, they could never even afford a tree for Christmas but he remembers being with his family and that was all that mattered because he had Christmas in his heart. But one year they finally were able to go cut down a small tree and they thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world but it was just like an ugly weed. But he said Christmas night they all just sat around the tree and sang and were just so happy to be with the family. How amazing. It really is a humbling experience to be over here in Nicaragua. They have nothing but they all invited us over for dinner and for everything. It´s like they are serving us but they have nothing and they still want us to be happy. It´s amazing. We have been giving out some gifts and people are so happy. It´s priceless, the act of giving. I love it. So it reminds me of the grinch when they all have nothing for Christmas but they all are still singing and everything. Then the grinch realizes that gifts are not the true meaning of Christmas. It´s weird in Spanish because the word Navidad doesn´t have anything to do with Christ so I definitely like the word Christmas a lot better because in the name alone it shows us what we need to celebrate. And even though Christ wasn´t born this month it´s a very good tradition and helps us to remember our Savior.
Well here is the thing, tomorrow I will be calling sometime after lunch. So I was thinking between like 1 and 3. Hope that´s ok and that you are not busy. So are you going to Salt Lake this year? Hopefully you all have a wonderful Christmas! I will be missing being with you but what a blessing we have to be able to talk. I feel soooo blessed. I am just so excited. I don´t even feel like it´s real. Am I really going to call tomorrow!!?!?!?!?!??! ahhhh. But yeah. Just pick up the phone if you see a weird number. We had a zone activity today and it was cool hanging with Sister Creel and all of the Elders. We have a really fun zone this change and things are great. Changes were actually on the 19 but my comp and I are still together and neither of us got changed. So things are good and we get to spend Christmas together. Nicaragua has their Christmas today basically. They have huge dinners and family over and all that jazz and then tomorrow they just open presents in the morning and that is it. They will all be staying up until 1 in the morning tonight with fireworks and alcohol and all that stuff. hahaha. Yeah, I am glad we will be in the house before it gets crazy. So today we were invited to 4 different houses to eat dinner. And we cannot turn down invitations. I feel like Dave and Nat... having to go to a bunch of different houses to eat and all. Now I understand how exhausting that is! Sorry Dave and Nat! You two are so dang tough! haha. So tell everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS and that next year we will party even harder. hehehe. I miss you all soooo much and the 16 days of Christmas has been sooooooooooooooo great. I LOVED the owls with the m and m´s, I almost cried with excitement. And all the stories that you sent. With the oranges and the trees and all that great stuff. WOW. It has been so fun. Thanks so much. I know that a lot of time and hard work has gone into all of that. Dad, yes 90 degrees over here in the Managua heat. It´s absolutely crazy and today we were sweating a lot. I love you all soooo much. Mom, I am so proud of you on the piano. Such a trooper. My parents and family are the very BEST! Thanks for all and I will call you tomorrow!!!!! hahahah so good to say that! BYE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hasta manana love Court

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012


Ella Gutierrez

Our baptism-all the elders came to support us.

Luis is on the left

Christmas decorations and nativities

The 16 Days of Christmas presents and tree

My Owl Picture

HELLO!!!!! So things are going great. Thanks so much for writing me! I am pleased to announce that we had a baptism Saturday and it went very well. I was leading the hymns and I looked down at this amazing 78 year old man and he was crying. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. It was great. Then his confirmation was along with the other that we baptized 2 weeks ago and so it was so spiritual! Anyways, this week was crazy. We were in the house of the lady we just baptized and her son is really sick and has a bunch of problems and so these ladies from another church came over and they were praying for him and then they told us that they wanted to say a prayer for the old grandma that was there because she is 94 and isn´t feeling too great. So then they walked over and poured some veggie oil in my comps hands and then they looked at me and I said, no, it´s ok and they said don´t be scared and so I was like, um, ok. So then they said ok we are going to pray and they were praying for this old lady but then they started praying for us and the lady said forgive these young children because they don´t know what they are doing, they are so young and they are just lost in life. Haha they went off and off about how we are bad souls and everything. Then we said, ok, first off we do not use oil unless it is blessed. Secondly, we are missionaries and we are representing Jesus Christ. And she said, well we have the priesthood so what do you guys have? Wow, it was off the hook. Hahahaha yeah I just froze up and didn´t know what to do because I hate contention and my comp bore her testimony and then the lady left super mad! 
Ok, so YES, I got the Christmas package and I loved the cute owl picture that I got to color! And the 16 days of Christmas has been soooooo fun! I have been having the best time with it. I am always so excited to get home so that I can open my gift. Tay sounds to be doing so good and things are going good. Dad, thanks for the letter that is so great about that property that you were able to sell! Sounds like the blessings really are coming and I am praying for you all everyday! Thanks for all that you do for me! So I found out my new release date from my zone leader and I will be done here in Nicaragua on the 2 of OCTOBER! Mom, you know what that means... you will be here on your BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy when I found out. It is most likely set for that day. It could change, I suppose, but that will be the date to look forward to for our family! And yes, I heard about that shooting that happened over there in the US and it broke my heart. Children and all. I could not believe it. Makes me so upset and I was so sad when I found out because I am going to be a teacher and I just love kids so much. I hope their families can find comfort. We are so blessed to know where we are going after this life and that we can see each other again and for forever. Wow, so this week we watched a Christmas video with our investigators and I felt the spirit so strong. We are SO blessed to have the gospel in our lives. 
Thanks for everything. I am glad that Josh is healing and that the kids are doing good. Sounds like Lauren is doing good in school. Also, I got your dear elder and Josh sounds like basketball is doing really well. Also, I got a letter from Grandma Thompson and I got a card from Linda and Grandpa that I will open later when it is Christmas. I hope that all is well with you all. Kiss Nathan for me and tell everyone I love and miss them! Thanks for the Christmas music and all the cute things you all have done for me. I am so blessed. Thanks so much! Also, I will try to send some pictures right now too. I´ll give you the number to call next p-day and we will have a very Merry Christmas. The people over here celebrate more on the 24 I guess so that will be different. I am loving reading the cute stories every night. I feel so loved. 
Today we got to go to the mall with our zone leaders and it felt more like Christmas because I actually did something kind of normal feeling. And there was Christmas music and everything, it was awesome and we bought Mcdonalds. Anyways, I hope that all is well. I hope that I included everything in this email. That´s cool that dad is about out of school. And how did it all end up dad, and mom, how is work and everything for you. Tell everyone hi. l love you all soooo much! Love Hermana Parker

December 10, 2012

HELLO!!!!!! Well here is the sad news... I can´t send pictures today because this computer will not allow me. I was ready with my camera and everything. But sorry. I will try my best to get a better computer next week. I took some good pictures of my tree and decorations. This week was very good. On Wednesday we got to get on the computer to check out and I looked up the videos and I found 2 under the Christmas that you should try to find. One is called "What Shall We Give", and the other is called "Look to the Light". They both made me just sit and sob.
Speaking of crying... this week I have cried a lot. But not because I have been sad or anything but because of other things. First, on Wednesday, we had interviews with our President and when we were done I asked if he could you give me a blessing. And he said, of course... which, he is a super busy guy so I am glad that I was able to get one. He blessed me to be able to receive revelation to understand even more the Spanish, that my family and I will be blessed and protected, and that I can always be happy, and that I will be able to understand the scriptures even more, and many more wonderful things. He told me in my interview that he has only seen me with a smile on my face and that it´s a gift that I have, to always be happy. It was good to hear that. But during the blessing I just started crying, because I have missed dad´s blessings and it was nice to get one from another great man that I respect. Then today, we went to the children´s hospital here in Managua with a lady who is not a member, but I love her a lot. She reminds me of sister Stackhouse. Anyways, we brought packages of diapers and clothes and when I walked into that hospital, my tears just started flowing. I could not believe that these children are going to have to spend Christmas in the hospital. Also, these hospitals are nothing like those in the U.S. They are old and hot and everyone is in the same room... sick and all. It was sad, but the looks on their faces when we handed them their gifts, were absolutely heavenly. I have never seen a prettier sight in my life. There is nothing I would rather be right now than a missionary of this wonderful work....
Ok, now on a bit of a funnier note.. my companion and I, this week, were walking through the street and they celebrate the birth of Mary as catholics here. So it´s crazy with fireworks and all, because you can light a firework every waking second in this land over here. So, we were walking and someone lit off a work and my companion is deathly scared of them and I'll admit, I was a bit jumpy too... So all I saw was this firework, called the foot finder, chasing after me. So I started running in a zig zag motion and my comp was running after me and we ran into each other because I was in zig zag and she was trying to find protection with my body. hahahahahahah. Then the firework ended and we looked back to about 15 people busting up laughing at us. It was hilarious!!!! Wow. Anyways, we are definitely being careful now a days. Don´t worry. But it was way funny. We laughed for about 15 minutes after that. 
Oh, Cottam says that just calling on Christmas will be a bit easier so I will find the number you guys can call and you just tell me what time and I´ll find the phone. I cannot wait. I opened up the amazing nativity set! I let my comp open it and we loved setting it up. Cannot wait for the rest. We are so excited. I talked to Tay about it and we are soooo excited. Oh, somethiing cool is that Hermana Creel and I went on divisions this week for a couple hours and we were so nervous because we were like not sure if we could do it. But we did GREAT! We both just talked it up with our Spanish and everyone understood us and we taught and taught and taught and it was soooo fun! It was so great being with her and just talking about everything. It was an absolute miracle. Also, when we were together this lady was like... ahhhh greengas! So then we looked up and there was this lady from Ohio who comes and builds houses here with her husband. She knew no Spanish, but we talked and it was so great getting to know her. She´s not a member, but we still invited her to the church there in the states. 
Yesterday was so cute. In church I told this lady that I loved her earrings and bracelet. Then after church she came up to me and said, I have something for you, and put her earrings and bracelet in my hand. It was the cutest thing ever. I cannot believe how freely the people just give here. It really is such a humbling experience. 
So how is all the service going over there!!!! We have a baptism Saturday at 3. His name is Luis Mendoza, and he is 77 years old. The cutest man I have ever seen!!!!!!!! Love him with all my heart. We are doing well. Thanks for all you do for me and for always writing! I love you all soooo much. Praying for you. Also, not sure if it´s a goal over there but here in Central America there is a new goal to finish the Book of Mormon by April. I am going to try to do it in Spanish. Don´t know if you have time to do it too, but let me know and we can all do it together! Love you all sooooooooo much! I am so happy! Work hard... every commandment a blessing! I miss you. Love Hermana Parker p.s. I can´t wait to open all of the 16 days of christmas. No, I haven´t gotten the other package yet, but I should soon! Love you all. Court.

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Mom and Dad. First, thanks so much for the spiritual emails , they really touched me. And yes, dad, you are right. The mission isn´t all that easy, it´s hard work but when I put all my trust in the Lord I see so many more blessings. This week was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRST, I put up the amazing tree!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWWWW!!!!! It´s soooo creative and beautiful. The lady we live with is in love with it and everyone who sees it is in complete shock. It´s beautiful. I am sooo grateful for my family. Wow, that´s so cool about the 12 days of Christmas you are doing and doing all the acts of service. You guys are all showing love and charity towards others and that is amazing. That is what Christmas is all about. It´s not about all of the other things. Which are sometimes fun and nice and some days I miss the Christmas spirit over here. It´s just still so hot but some people have pretty decorated trees and it makes me so happy. The Christmas cds are absolutely amazing. I have been listening as much as I can and I always think of our family because I remember how much dad loves to sit and watch the christmas carols with all the family and just sing to Jordan Bluth. hahaha. I love that guy his voice is amazing! And "Arise"! My companion always wants me to put on repeat a bunch of the songs. She likes them too. It´s sooo fun.

So we had a baptism! It was a crazy situation because her son has a really bad mental disorder and so on friday night we had to get permission to go to the mental hospital because he wouldn´t go unless we went too. So we went there and it was a very sad place. My heart just ached and people were in the back rooms and screaming and everything. Then there was this guy that was waiting to talk to the doctor but he started hyperventilating and we were like, hey let´s say a prayer, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ... and then he said ok, I will pray and he knelt down on his knees and started praying and crying. Then right after the doctor came out and was ready for him. It was a miracle. But yeah, then her son had to have 2 guys come to her house on Saturday to watch her son. So then we finally got her to come to the church and get baptized. It was super amazing. Her name is Elia and she is a single mother and she only has her one son. Hes´s 29 and she´s in her 50s. So it was spiritual.

Today I got to go the distribution center. It was great. I bought a family home evening book for a dollar and then I bought a little girl we are teaching with her dad, a Book of Mormon stories book. It was only 14 cords. Which is less than a dollar. It was cool! Also, I got letters from lots of people. I got the dear elders super fast and just wrote everyone today! So great. Expect letters soon. Gosh I have so much to tell you all but I don´t have time because we have been rushing around today so I can´t have my full hour to write but I want you all to know how much I love you. I know that if we have faith we can move mountains. I know that we can do anything that we put our minds to. Thanks for all the prayers. I love my new area. Who would have thought! Thanks for the prayers. I am being watched over. Thanks again for all the gifts. I haven´t opened number 1 yet but I will later tonight! I love the wrappings and everything. We are so excited!!!!!!!!!!! We have changes on the 19. Not sure what will happen. I will stay here, but not sure what will happen with my comp. She might stay too. Hopefully. If not it will still be fine. Oh, we can use skype on christmas but I´m not sure if I want to. Let me know what you want. Skype only for half hour or the phone for an hour. Let me know. I need to sign up if you wanna do skype. Love you alll sooooo much! Thanks for the emails, letters, gifts, and most of all the LOVE! Love you all! Love, Court

Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

THANKS so much for your amazing emails Mom and Dad. I am doing a lot better and I know that your prayers have helped me so much. That was SO cute about what those people did to your car while you were at the temple. That´s the cutest idea ever and I will have to do something like that when I get home. All I know is that when I get home I want to serve, serve, serve. I will never stop serving my wonderful brothers and sisters! I am doing a lot better. My stomach feels better and I got to see Hermana Creel today so that was cool.
We are being very successful and we actually have 4 people getting baptized this Saturday. I am not positive yet if they will all follow through but with many prayers and faith things will work out how they should. We also have a baptism on the 15 and then one on the 29 right after Christmas. Are you guys doing ok? I hope so. I am so glad that my worthy parents were able to go to the temple together and pray for me. Thanks so much. And guess what!!! I got a dear elder today, a letter from Chan!!!! (which by the way thanks so much Chan! I laughed sooooo hard the whole time, you are a great friend to me! thank you! ) And then I got a package but I have not opened it yet because I need to open it once I get home but it says that it has cds and candy in it so we will see! I am SO excited. But we are doing good in our area and I am much happier. I do not like the ward here as much because they are not as friendly but what do you do. You cannot complain when the Lord is blessing us so much. I am so proud of Lauren and her talk and Mom that´s awesome about playing the organ. I am sorry that your eye has been hurting and giving you headaches but that is great that you always have such a good attitude. I cannot wait to call home for Christmas. Less than a month! And yes, the mission goes by super fast. We have changes on the 19 of December. It´s going soooo fast. Yeah I cannot believe it. It sounds like a lot of people are going on missions. That´s great.
So I forgot to tell you that I got bit by ANOTHER dog. Yeah... long story but that was my first week here and I was just like is this really happenin? I think that in every area I will need to get bit by a dog. Because that is just tradition for me here in Nicaragua. hahahaha. These crazy canines. But it wasn´t as bad as the last time so no worries. So happy Thanksgiving! I got the letter from Thanksgiving from everyone and it was so great to get that wonderful card. I just started tearing up because I was so happy. And mom, yes. Super funny that before I couldn´t even ask for some ketchup but now I am just in Nicaragua doing the Lord´s work. It´s so great and I am doing great. Thanks for all of your prayers. How is school going for everyone. I got little Nathan´s letter. Thanks so much! Yes, Nath we are allowed to take showers here. I am glad that football went well for you. How is Josh´s arm doing? I hope that all is well. Love you so much!!!!!! Hermana Parker

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

So this week was very interesting! I had my first changes as you know and now I am in Managua... the hottest city in all of Nicaragua but yeah... hahahahaha it´s fine. I had a very hard adjustment because I just could not say goodbye to all of the members and people that I love there in Diria. But here I am. The morning that I got to my new area, I opened up my Thanksgiving package. ahhhhhh!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! It was so wonderful to receive and I was so happy. I was just smiling so big. It was just what I needed. But I just sent a letter off to a few people and to you guys, so be prepared to receive it. hahah I didn´t have an appetite or anything for 4 days while I was here but now I am gettting into the hang of things and now I am happy again. It was just hard to let go of all those people. BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL PACKAGE!!!! Cannot wait for Christmas, to talk to you all.
Tell Kenzie and Tyler congrats. That´s so awesome. The mission really is so great. Thanks so much for the support. Tell Sister Hall thank you and tell her that I said hi. My new comp is cool and so things are going great. I am glad that I have her. She is from Nicaragua and she is 26. She hits her year mark very soon. I heard about Taylor in his earthquake... how crazy is that. hahahaha. So I heard that Sister Creel is in my zone so that´s exciting . I got 2 dear elders from the family and they were so great. Then I got letters from my old mtc comp and then Kev, Nat and Fro. It was so good hearing from everyone. I loved the turkey and it´s up in my room right now. I love it all. It was so great getting it. There is an elder in my district who is from Holladay. He said that he might be in Grandpa´s stake. His name is Elder Seastrand. Who knows if grandpa knows him, but maybe. I just am so excited to hear from you guys on Christmas. 
Time is going by so fast. Managua is hot. Super hot. But there are a lot of good things about it. At first I wasn´t looking for those good things because I was comparing everything to my old area. But now I am appreciating things more. It´s always good to hear from Cottam. She´s so great and she has her homecoming talk this Sunday with her twin sister. That will be super fun, huh. Thanks to all of you for being great examples to me. I love you all with all the fiber of my being. Dad, thanks for your email too. I love reading your emails, they are so great. Thanks for all. I loved the owl notepad soooo much! And all of the goodies. It has been so great seeing how much I am loved. I know that I am loved and I am so grateful to have an eternal family. Sorry that this email is so short but I need to get going. Know that I am doing great and that the mission is the best thing in the world. Teaching about Christ is a blessing. Also, before the age changes for the mission they were receiving 400 applications per week. Now they are getting 4000 per week and over half are from the sisters. CRAZY! Super fun. we are preparing. Love you allll soooo much! love Court

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 12, 2012

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing great. Thanks! So first. I want to tell you I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants yesterday in section 75 and it talks about the roles of missionaries. And it talked about the families of them serving will be blessed and I felt this overwhelming joy and I was super happy. It was great. So yeah. Right now I have mixed emotions because I am leaving this Wednesday to my 2nd area and my 2nd district leader and I am nervous and excited and sad and everything. But my Spanish is progressing. I can see a huge difference in it and I can say almost everything that I want to. Also, I was reading in my blessing and it said that I have parents who have loved and taught me the gospel and things that I need to do to have success and joy and I just started raining... ya know, out of my eyes and I was like it´s sooooo true. They really have been there for me through everything and I love them so much. Thanks so much.

Yesterday we had the primary program and the children did such a good job. I was so proud of them. They have been working really hard. We have had a lot of success and we are working really hard. I am excited for my comp to be training and they will have a lot of success. Yesterday we taught this family and they were just so confused about Joseph Smith because they didn´t understand why we only talk about him and we explained and I felt the spirit a ton. It´s always when we share the restoration when I feel the spirit so strongly. We found this man who is 35 and married with 2 kids and he was super receptive and we taught him the restoration and he is READY and I am so pumped because I know that he will get baptized. I can feel it. He said that once when I prayed my whole body went cold and it felt like God was there with me. I told him it was true and that that feeling is the spirit and only through baptism we can have Him with us always. Then when I talked about the first vision he started crying. He was like, wow through your faith I want to know this for myself. If this is true it´s what I have been wanting to believe for my whole life.

Then on Thursday I was just sitting at noche de hermanamiento with my convert George and wow is that man powerful. He´s amazing and I was just so happy seeing him, talking to him and knowing that I was able to help his life through the gospel. He is super strong in the church. And Cottam sent pics and he was soooo happy to get a picture of his baptism with me and Cottam there. He loves his missionaries. We are having my going away party tomorrow night at 7 and I will be bawling the whole time for sure. I will miss everyone sooooooooooo much. I cannot describe my love for them.

So it sounds like everything at home is going great. I hope so! Glad Brian is doing ok. Still praying for him. And yeah I was sad about Romney, but it´s true... if something happened to our country everyone would try to blame the Mormons. Which is sad but true. I know that he isn´t president for a reason. I heard about the earthquake and no I did not feel it but when I heard Mexico did, I flipped out, but then they said it wasn't dangerous over there so I felt a bit better. How is the family? How is everyone? I hope all is well. I heard I have letters waiting for me in Granada so I´ll let you know next week what I received. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! EVERYDAY A BLESSING. love Hermana Parker

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Wow, reading my parents emails this week brought tears to my eyes. You are two of the most powerful and spiritual people that I have ever known. Thank you so much. Yes dad, I have a fridge and we have a nice bathroom too. We do not have healthy running water but I have a filter that I use. Mom, I am glad that you like your new job. How fun that would be to work with that beautiful smiling face.

Ok so this week I have a lot to talk about. First, last sunday we went to one of the elders investigating families to visit them and we all just felt for some reason to go over there. We heard someone crying but knocked on the door and the husband answered and we were like um, hi can we come in and teach you something and he said um hold on. Then he left and then the little girl ran out and said my dad was hitting my mom because she wants to get married and baptized but he doesn´t want to. So then we left and the next day she called the elders and said right when we knocked he had just started beating her but then we knocked and he quit. If we hadn´t had gone she would have been badly hurt. What a blessing to have the spirit in our lives. So then on friday I had the lesson for district class and it was so good and I didn´t even have to use my notes. I just taught and my spanish was fine!!!!!!!!!!!!! It´s coming for sure.

So then Saturday us 4 ( the elders and us) set up a huge activity called the Book of Mormon experience. And it was super awesome. I will send pictures next week, I forgot my cord this week. But it was super awesome. We made a tunnel of time and then we all dressed up and we had King Laban and Lehi and we had a liahona and we all played parts. They made boats, we made a fake fire and we had a water balloon fight for the war with Captain Moroni. It was all really planned out and we worked all Saturday. It was a great success and a ton of people showed up. Then on that same day we had to go get something in the house but my companion left the key in the house and it was POURING rain and we were getting completely soaked and then I was just out there with my umbrella which didn´t work because it was windy too and I just closed my eyes and said please Heavenly Father, help us. We are wet and cold and tired. Please help us get into the house because we need to get back to the church for our activity and then not even joking 5 seconds later our neighbor, who shares the yard with us was like come in come in. And we were able to get into our house. I knew that it was an answer to my prayer. I was so happy and I know that my prayers are heard. So yesterday I decided since it´s my last fast sunday here in Diria that I needed to give my testimony. It went super good and everyone in the crowd was crying. But yeah today we found out that my companion will be training so on the 14 I will leave this area. It´s really sad because I will miss everyone a lot but it´s part of the mission. I love you all so much! Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep moving forward and remember to always choose the RIGHT! Love, Court

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 29, 2012

Hey familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I sure felt that earthquake. It was a little like the last one, just like the feeling of being on a sailboat. Haha it´s weird, earthquakes everyday like it´s normal or something. Super funny that you and Nat were laughing about it. I love it. Also, something weird, I was getting my clothes out of my suitcase because I was about to shower when I literally watched a cockroach fly onto my back. That was cool. NOT! I flipped out, especially because they are HUGE here. Super funny. But then my comp was just laughing cuz I was dancing around trying to get that thing off of me. FUNNY!
So I am writing super late today and this is why... we had a huge only sisters p-day with President and his family. It was super fun and we got shirts and learned how to sew really well and do buttons and we made earrings. I made like 5 pairs and then we got to know each other more and watched the "Errand of Angels". I can totally relate to that movie now more than ever, now that I am actually out here. 
Ok so can I just tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST PACKAGE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahah I loved loved loved it. I have been walking around to all of the members just whipping out my pictures and showing them to everyone. I loved all the halloween pictures, the cute owl that I sleep with (which by the way I will NEVER be sick of owls, I love them so much) The stickers are soooooooo cute I love them. The shirts, that I wore yesterday and the day before. Which good choice because I like them a lot and they match with my clothes. It was all sooooo thoughful. And then the notebook and the matching pen. I was just laughing so hard because I was so happy to receive it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it all, thanks so much. I love you all and I am so grateful. Thanks!!!!!!!!!! Mom, the dear elders that you wrote just were exactly what I needed, so thanks. I know you are always so intuned with the spirit. So thanks for being you. I started bawling like a little baby when I heard the story about Nathan going to Walgreens and bringing back Josh some candybars when he got hurt. That is THEEE cutest story in the world and I just love the heart of that little sweetheart of mine. Nathan, thanks for being so kind and a great example. I loved Nathan and Josh´s little emails. I love you all so much. Thanks so much!!!!
So, President was telling us that pretty soon there are going to be a TON of sisters in the mission. I am excited. He thinks that this is just preparing even more for the 2nd coming. It´s really cool. Like a huge army of the Lord´s servants! Also, that´s cool about the missionary work that dad did with that guy, I am impressed. When we watched Errand of Angels they were speaking German and I was just in awe that dad learned that. WOW!!!!! That´s incredible. Ok. So yeah you asked about halloween. Yes, they celebrate it. But nothing like they do in the U.S. They recognize it and I think there are a few parties but that´s all. Anyways, have you gotten that stuff from Elder Ewell or not yet. I haven´t been able to send things yet because I haven´t had time but things are surely coming. Also tell mema thanks for her letter it was really sweet of her!!! Hope Katia loves her first time at Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha well I need to get going! I love you all so much! Talk to you all soon. Love your daughter, sister, and friend. Courttttt.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 22, 2012

Ok, so this week was awesome. I loved it. And guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it has been so tempting not to open the thanksgiving stuff, but I loved it all. I had like 30 letters too so it was a great week. We have a baptism date for the first week in November. Not sure if it will happen but it might. It´s a new family that we have and they are awesome. They have been coming to activities and everything. This week we are having an activity that us and the Elders planned for the whole branch and investigators and stuff. It´s called the Book of Mormon experiences and we are doing a bunch of activites like they are in the Book of Mormon, it´s to help people gain a better understanding and everything. I got my memory card back and can I just tell you how great that package was. Thanks sooooooooo much.

I need to tell you what happened this week. We went to the family Gonzalez house... remember that family we have been teaching like since I got here. And we brought the Elders. My district leader told her that we cannot do the change for her that she has to do it for herself and all of this stuff. She was just sitting there like is this really happening. He said you have had so many opportunities and these sisters pray for you everyday but you are disobeying the Lord, (because she isn´t married but has a kid and is living with her boyfriend) so don´t tell me you honestly want to follow Christ when you have done nothing. So we are going tomorrow to end it all sadly. They are not progressing at all. But another door will open for us, I just know it. I think I only have about 3 weeks left here in my area. So I need to make it count. The members are awesome. I just love them.

So the other day we walked up to this family to contact them and I stuck my arm out to shake theirs and they just looked at me and then walked right around me. So I started walking with them and I said we only want to extend an invitation and the guy said stop we don´t wanna hear anything from you. And I was like ok, have a good night. Then I was sad and we were on our way to an activity in the church when I hear this guy say, Hey! And I turned around and he said, do you speak English? I said yes. Turns out him and his friend, he was from Holland and his friend from Sweden, their car broke down and they didn´t know Spanish and needed somewhere to stay. So I got the members together and George said that they could stay with him. It was so cool being able to translate for them and everything. So yeah we helped them and they were super happy with us. And I told them about the church and they came to our activity and it was super fun. And they were GORGEOUS!!!!! hahahahahah Obviously I couldn´t do anything about that. hahahah but it was super fun talking to them about the church and stuff. They loved the Nica children here in our branch. But anyways, they were track runners and that is how they know each other. 
Oh, and you have been asking, and yes it rains here everyday. It´s been crazy with all the water lately. I cannot beleive it. hahahahah. Well I will send a letter soon. Thanks so much for everything and I keep praying for the best. Thanks for all the prayers, we are doing good and working hard. I am having a blast and the Spanish just keeps getting better. Love you. Love Court

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15, 2012

How is everyone. Sounds like Josh got a hard hit. Those cheap players. Gosh that´s too bad. Sorry Josh. I will send some more prayers your way. I hope he doesn´t need surgery and that things will start looking better for that poor collar bone of his. Make sure he knows I love him. That´s so crazy about dad´s finger. I would have been a goner so it was probably good that I was gone. ha ha I cannot believe all the crazy busy things that have been happening for you. If you can try to write a little earlier next week because my companion likes to write at 1. So here is the thing... There is this special family back in Utah that I miss and love very much. I just bought 2 more post cards because I love to send you those so I will be filling those out and sending them as well. It was good hearing from Nat too this week. So I am glad that my letter finally got to Kev and that he liked it. I wrote one to Grandpa too so hopefully he will get it soon. I am super glad that they found a job for Jordan and that things are starting to look better there. Maybe you all can start to relax a little bit huh. Haha sorry about everything but it will all work out. Taylor and I are praying for you all everyday and I know the blessings will start to come.
I was just a little wreck yesterday at church because all of the youth started going up one by one for their testimonies and I love them all so much and i was just bawling with them. They´re so strong in the church and they´re all going on a mission soon. I am pumped for them. Also, everyone here says if you guys come that they want to meet you in a year. Yesterday i gave the lesson for the young women´s and it went really well. They were all so good about it and I taught about the good samaritan and helping your neighbors, family and friends. It was super cute and we played a game where they all had different stories and they had to act out the stories in front of the class what they would do in certain situations. I was just smiling super big because I was so proud of them. So we have been working super hard and some missionaries are super worried about numbers and all that stuff... but not me, I don´t even care. As long as I work hard and do the things I need to I feel good about it. So I wasn´t even realizing that our numbers were so good but then our zone leader came to our district and was like your district is the very best in the zone and I want you all to know how much you are appreciated and I want to congratulate you for your hard work. And our district only has 4 people in it and the others have like 6 or 8. So I was super happy about that too. It´s nice to get acknowledged every once in a while ya know. Last night we watched "The Other Side of Heaven" and everyone was just bawling-- it was cute. It was our whole branch. And in testimony meeting George got up and I was super proud of his testimony. It just makes everything here worth it. The companion is great and we get along very well so don´t worry about me. I am enjoying life and the mission. Thanks for all that you do. That´s cool all that stuff they are doing for Brian. I fasted for him and I hope that he is doing better. I miss you all and thanks so much for emailing. Tell Josh sorry and I will see you all very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can´t wait to get the halloween and thanksgiving package. With love, Hermana Parker. con fe todas las cosas son posibles. Enos 1. 15. my favorite scripture in the mission. tenga fe. seguir adelante y todo va a ser bien. Hermana Parker

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 8, 2012

I have been praying a lot for the family and I am glad that they are getting closer to finding out what Jordan needs. I am sorry that things have been so hard. I am super glad that you got to talk to my old comp Cottam. She's super awesome! I love that girl with all my heart. I was super sad when she left but I got an email from her and she is doing good. That's sweet that you already knew about my new comp and everything. It was sweet cause we met in the mtc in Guatemala. Super funny. So I have 3 weeks more in the mission than she does. She will leave a month after me for our homes. It was cool because peoples parents came to pick them up this last change and I am excited if that will happen with me someday!!!!!!!!! haha. Ok. Well I am absolutely heartbroken about Brian. I feel way bad for him and his family. And Lauren and Taylor too. I wish there was something I could do to help but that is how this life is sometimes and it brings comfort to know that it's all in the hands of our Heavenly Father and that what happens is what is meant to happen. I cannot believe that. He's so healthy and strong and still has a lot of life ahead of him. He will fight it, like Lauren said, he's always been a fighter and he can do it. At least they are finding him help. I cannot imagine. And yes, poor Lindy she has to go through this again. Tell Brian that he is in my prayers and that his family is too. I love how his mom said it was like 4 football quarters because he always had like 4 guys hanging on him and he still would run the ball in for a touchdown. How amazing. I love that kid.

Mom, I am so glad that you liked your birthday gift. Have you found anywhere to put the hammock yet? And the address to my house is the one that I gave you but the mission office is just the regular address that you guys have for me. The A.P. 3527 Managua Nicaragua one. So yeah. Thanks for sending me stuff always. I am so blessed. So glad that you had a good birthday.

Ok, so conference was AMAZING! I obviously had to watch it in Spanish but I understood about 80 percent of it. I wrote a ton of notes and felt super happy the whole time. We had a few investigadores show and George was there the whole time. How happy I was when he was there sitting next to us when they were talking about missionary work and how missionaries can help. I was just smiling from ear to ear. haha. Did you get the thing from Elder Ewell yet? I sent home some letters and things with him. He said his homecoming is the 13 if you guys can go. Taylor seems to be doing great and I talk about him like everyday. He is literally amazing. I cannot believe how wonderful of a family that I have. That's awesome that dad was talking about perfect age for missionaries would be 18 and then it happened. I was so shocked. haha but super awesome. Miss and love you all. We went hiking today, it was super fun. I love you. Love Court

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 1, 2012

yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what happened this week? yep... another baptism! It was not even expected because George only had 2 times in church but he came to us after 10 days and was completely finished with the Book of Mormon. Um, has that even happened? Not very often. He read the whole thing in 10 days. It took ME like 10 years hahhahahah. jk But really, it was amazing. And so he was like, yeah, I want to get baptized. So we had his baptism this last saturday morning and things went well. And then he bore his testimony yesterday in church. He's super smart in the church and I am so glad that we found these men because we need them in the church. We need more good men.
Right now I live in Diriomo. Addresses here are absolutely up the wall crazy so lets see what kind of address I can give you... Diriomo Nicaragua del cementerio half cuadra al este.. (casa de Pablito Aleman)... Thats the people that we live with... well we live behind them. Yes, I would love a package, thanks. MOM, I so hope that you love your birthday and that you like my present. Did Josh like his stuff? I hope so. Can't believe lil Lolo is going to state in tennis. I knew she would. Cheer her on for me, ok? Also. Um something that I noticed this last week... um, I missed your anniversary. I forgot to email you about it the other week and I am so sorry. I was thinking about you but totally spaced on my email. I hope you both had a wonderful time together. Also... that sounds like you had so much fun with Janelle and Patti. hahahaha Mom, you are such a pro at hula hoop. Wish I could have seen that hahaha. Love it so much!!!!!! 
So I was able to go to the General Relief Society Broadcast and right before we watched a slide show of temples and I was just sitting there looking like an idiot, bawling. hahahhahaha I have never looked at temples with such love in my whole life as I do now. WOW so powerful are these houses of the Lord and I get to get married in one of those for eternity. SO AWESOME!!!!!! And the whole thing was awesome. I loved all of the talks at the Relief Society Broadcast. I took a ton of notes and there I was again just sobbing like a little baby. hahaha so funny. It was amazing. Then we got home and went to our dinner appointment and um guess what we ate... um-- CHICKEN INNERDS however that is spelt. But um, yeah, like intestines and all of that fun stuff. I was like you have got to be kidding me. But, oh well. It was fine. 
Ok, so Elder Ewell from Toquerville is in my mission, remember? Well he said that he will deliver some letters home for me, so be expecting them. Also, his homecoming talk is this month on the 13 at 9 in the morning in the Toquerville first ward so you guys should all go. He said he would love to have you and he will prob talk a bit about our mission. It would be fun for you all to be able to go and see him. We were talking a bit today. Mom, my favorite hymn is "I Stand All Amazed. I hope that all is going great. And Mom, tenga un cumpleanos tuanis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you all with all my heart. Hermana Parker

September 24, 2012

My first baptism!!!!!! September 22 2012!!!! Me, president aroche (of the branch) and jose and hermana cottam!!!!!!!!

Hello!!!! Thanks for the email! I am so glad to hear from you always. This week I received letters from you guys, from Chan, from Kevin, and Grandpa and Linda and Dave and Nat and Miles and Holly. What a week! It was so great to read all of their letters. I am getting back to everyone very soon. I like to sit down and write a letter or two before bed or in the morning after excercise time. Yeah, I only have one and a half more weeks with my companion and I cannot believe it. Time is literally flying and I do not want her to leave. We went shopping for her souvenirs today... I know I spelt that wrong sorry. But yeah it was fun. We made some french toast this morning and I got my hair trimmed by the lady who makes us dinner. Its a bit shorter than I wanted but it will grow back because now its super healthy. 

And the best news of all!!!! JOSE GOT BAPTIZED SATURDAY!!!!!!!! It was such a great experience and I couldn't believe how wonderful it was. The spirit was super strong and Hermana Cottam and the Elders and I sang "I like to look for Rainbows". It was super awesome. I asked how he felt after and he said he was way happy and that he could only feel his heart beating super fast. And the week before his baptism I heard that he had already paid his tithing. It was so awesome! We got to teach this guy, George, in English this week! He is from Blue Fields and that is the area in Nicaragua where most peoples first language is English. So yeah. It was awesome but I was forgetting a lot of english words. How awesome is that. Then when I tried to pray in English I would try to say like please and it came out por favor or funny things like that. This week was great. Jose was great and I know that he will do amazing things in this church. He bore his testimony yesterday in church and it was super powerful.

I am super grateful that Nathan got his gift on his birthday. I cannot believe it came the day of his birthday! That is definitely not a coincidence! Make sure little Josh knows how much I love him and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me tomorrow. I will be thinking about him. He is such a special guy and has always been such a great kid. I heard he has been doing good in football and I couldn't be more proud. I am glad that Nathan likes his gift and hope that Josh likes his as well. Love you two! Anyways I am super proud of Lauren too and her great decisions to do what is right. I love her so much and glad she doesn't crack under pressure. She's such an amazing person. Thanks for the letters always. I would like to see Nathan in his shirt. I am going to send you a picture of the baptism in just one minute! Hope that all is well. I miss you all and just sent a little post card. I loved it so I wanted to send it your way. Did you ever receive my old one. I will make a list this week of things I need so that you can send it off next week. Thanks so much. I will send that picture. Tell the boys and Lauren and dad thanks so much for the dear elders. I have been getting a few. I should get more this week. Love you all. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! This next year is about to speed by. Get ready. haha. love you. les quiero mucho! Con amor, Hermana Parker

Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 17, 2012

Hola familia... Thats not cool. The exclamation mark doesnt work... so just know I am happy even though I cannot use those. haha. So this week was straight up awesome. We are having a lot of success. Guess who was assigned to another pilot program?? yep. me. We are the first zone trying it out but a member of the 70's was telling our President to try it so he picked our zone because we have the best numbers and all of that. But guess what.... we intervied Jose and guess what????? Yes, I have my first baptism this Saturday. Can you believe it? I am soooooo excited. And it was kinda intense because our district leader had to call Pres to make sure about something. Obviously he couldn't tell us but I think something happened. But yeah, we got the ok and even our Pres of our branch was saying that he has a thought that Jose is going to be his second counselor when they assign them in December. He's so ready. I'm so excited for him.

So wow, it sounds like Tay is having a little bit harder of an area than me. He will be fine though, I know it. Like this morning, all of the water was out so we had to shower from water in a bucket. That was fun. I think it helps us really realize how blessed we are though. Tay will be fine. i told him to find snacks to eat at night and he will be fine.

So there is always this thing in the scriptures that while I have been here I have realized more than anything, in the scriptures it always says "but his hands are stretched out still". Then in so many pictures of Jesus it shows his hands stretched out--like you were tallking about the picture in the temple, mom. I have been marking every time in my scriptures that it says that.

 Let me just tell my little Nate-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope he gets my package soon, I think it should come this week sometime. But the first thing I thought of when I woke up was oh little Scooter. Haha i miss that sweet little face. And dad to answer your questions... the Spanish is coming along well. I am understanding more and more as the time goes by. and I am participating in the lessons a lot. We both do half of the lesson. The investigators understand me and my accent is getting better as the days go by. It's a lot harder to talk than to understand though. I love it here on the mission. My first comp was super strict but she helped me learn a lot. Now I realize that the mission can be super fun too. So you know that saying, when one door closes another opens.

Well, yesterday we went to pick up little Josue for church and his mom promised to come. so we got there and she told us not to come back, that she didn't want us to keep visiting because she needs time. I about started bawling. We told her we are always here to help if she ever needs us and then we turned away. Right when I was about to let my first tear fall I looked up and right there was a recent convert, who I have NEVER seen come to church and we went to talk to him. We talked him into coming to church and he said he would. Then we got to church and I was feeling sad because we only had one investigator because family Gonzalez couldn't come. But then two more guys showed up and then the guy we invited who is a recent convert came. He talked in class about how happy he feels finally being in the church again. I felt an overwelming amount of joy right then. I know that God was watching over me and He knew how I felt, right when I was about to break down and give up, He placed this other guy in my path. How blessed I am to be a missionary.

So yeah, my companion has 2 weeks left. so crazy. We are having a lot of fun. and mom, I will definitely be there for witches night next year. I think my release date is either Sept 4 or Oct 16 around there. So we can still go. I am having a great time. Thanks for sending the package. I took 40 out today, thanks so much for the money. Also, I just sent mom a birthday present so that should get there in like 2 weeks also. Please give Nathan a big kiss and hug for me. Tell him Happy Birthday and that I miss and love him so much. He's such a great brother to me. I hope all is going well back at home and that things are going smoothly. I pray for you all everyday and know the Lord will bless us. Sounds like Naths party willl be super rad. Haha make sure to send me some pics. Miss you all. I will talk to you later. Love Hermana Parker

{a little later that same day...}

haha Thats so funny mom because Tay and I got to talk a little bit back and forth too. I miss you guys. I am so glad we were all on at the same time. And yes, the pilot program again. It's cool though, but we have been having so many conferences with President. I am actually getting off right now. I got to see one of Tays pics too that he sent me. I am glad to know that we are all doing good. Our cute happy family. I love you so much. Thanks for all and once again Happy Birthday to Nate. haha. Soon will be Josh and then my sweet mother. Thanks mom for everything. Tell dad and the kids I love them so much too. And cute little Nat and family and Jeff and everyone... LOVE YOU bye