Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

At the Christmas Party

My new shoes

Elder Wiscombe (lived in Hurricane), me, my comp, Hermana Venegas and another Elder at the Christmas party

HELLO!!!!!!!!! hola familia! First, I want you to know that I took 40 dollars out today and I bought some new shoes that are really cute!!! hahahah and I also bought a mesquito net for my bed because my arms are looking like I have the chicken pox again hahah. And I still have 20 dollars left over so as you can tell, Nicaragua is really cheap! Remember now that I am in Nicaragua I am such a cheapo! hahaha.So it was SOOOOOOOOOOO great talking to you all!!!!! Wow, it was just like normal but wow, it was so great wasn´t it!!!! hahahahah just laughing and having a good time like we always do whenever we are together or talking! Thanks so much. It was the best Christmas present in the whole world! Also, thanks for all the gifts. I loved them all and I cannot say in words how much I appreciate all the love, and hard work that went into all those gifts! I am SO spoiled. I hope you know how grateful that I am! So thanks for writing those letters too. Nathan and Josh, I loved the Christmas letters. And mom and dad, the Christmas card was so adorable I just loved it. I also received a package from Chantelle with pictures and treats and owl stickers and an owl keychain that lights up. It was so great and so nice of her!!!!!!! THANKS CHAN! I will be writing you very soon! So that´s cool that you all got to go to the temple. It´s funny when you were telling me how cold it was in Salt Lake. I cannot even picture that. Like today is 87 degrees and I feel like it´s super cold here!!!! Seriously though, today has rained a bit and it´s just a great cool day! I love it. I am thinking that I will be here in March... aka THE HOTTEST MONTH OF THE WHOLE YEAR HERE!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh pray for me please. 
Sooooo we had our mission Christmas party and guess what!!!!!! I received a very secret letter from the President´s wife... I had no idea what it was until I opened it and read... This is your Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH the tears just started flowing. I have never received a more meaningful letter in my whole mission and I felt so great at that moment. Thank you so much! There was actually another slide show and our family picture was in it and I was just soooo happy to see the family. We are such a handsome bunch now, aren´t we. hehehe. Thanks for everything!!!! Also, the party was sweet because my best friend, Elder Wiscombe was there (he´s the one I told you that now is ZL... he lived in Hurricane in the rv park for one summer ) We got to catch up and hang out and everything it was just like old times in Diria and Diriomo! So much fun. And then the night before was so much fun because Hermana Creel and her comp had to come stay the night because they live so far away and didn´t want to wake up too early to have to get to the church that we had the party at, which is our church in our area! We are so lucky hahah. So yeah we have 2 twin size beds in our apartment. And Creel and I slept in my bed and then my comp with Creel´s comp in the other bed. Let´s just say we slept on our backs not moving the whole night! Good thing we aren´t really big girls. So we just stayed up just laughing and talking. So much fun! Then for the Christmas party we had to do a skit with our zone and of course they volunteered ME to be Mary in the nativity! UM OK!!!!! hahah. That wasn´t stressful at all. It was actually really fun though and we all dressed up and I was just a cute lil pregnant Mary! So fun! Then we did a present exchange and that was fun. I got a really cute clock and hand towel. But then I actually gave it away as a gift to a cute little girl where we eat lunch! Then we had a CATERED lunch! It was great. This party was so great. We got a mission shirt. The girls shirts are green and the Elders are gray. And we just had so much fun. Then we went outside and played water games and had huge water balloon fights. There was even a bounce house that was velcro so it was so cool! We put on our velcro suits and jumped around. 
Well, you asked what they do for New Years. We are actually invited to 2 homes tonight to have dinner and just hang out. It will be fun because both of the people I love so much! One is a member and she gave us this nice body spray for Christmas and then the other is the family where we eat lunch and they are not members but they are amazing people and the cute 15 year old today told me that she wants to buy this friendship neclace before I go that says best friends and I can have one part and she can have the other. How cute, huh. I just love her!!!!! Also, I ordered these weights that you can fill up with sand so that I can lug them around and all. They were really cheap so I figured why not! 
I feel like this email is just all over the place. Sorry!!!!!! I am just trying to fit everything in haha. oh! So the baptism that we were supposed to have on Saturday fell through because he wasn´t ready, so we are going to prepare him more and hope for the 12 of January. He has been 4 times in the church and wants to learn so I think it´s good! Also, there is a girl I can´t remember if I told you about her but she is 18 and was supposed to get baptized with us a bunch of times, we taught her ALL the lessons and then she went over into a different area and found the Elders and said she wants to get baptized and that she has already been taught everything.... so yeah she got baptized but it wasn´t our baptism. I think she might have a crush on one of the other Elders or something. We taught her everything but we don´t get to be at her baptism or anything and it was us who found her and everything. Sad huh. But oh well, at least she got baptized!!! Also, I am pretty sure this Saturday a man named Vladimir will get baptized. He just needed his 3 times in the chruch! He´s a great guy and he´s ready! We shall see. Pray for him, please. Oh and the greatest thing that happened to me today is that... I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY MISSION!!!!!!!! I wanted to finish it before the New Year and I finished it New Years Eve. How cool is that? I was so happy and jumping up and down and my comp just thought I was a little crazy. Then I knelt down and prayed. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and another Testiment of Jesus Christ. I know with all my heart that God calls prophets to lead us and guide us and that through Joseph Smith the Church of Jesus Christ was RESTORED! What a wonderful feeling. Something that I liked in the ending was how it talked about the people who think that little children need to be baptized but it tells the people that they are mocking God if they say children need baptism! Because it´s so true. So many people think that they need to baptize the children because they were born with the sin of Adam, but it´s not like that. Well, and just the whole book I just loved a lot. It means a lot more to me now that I am on the mission and I am so grateful to be a member of the one and only true church! 
Well, I am chatting with Tay right now so today is just great! Thanks for everything! Glad you had a great Christmas and have a very wonderful New Year! Happy New Year! Love you all sooo much! I will be in 2013 one hour before you all! Weird huh! Love you sooooooooooooo much! So great talking to you on Christmas. Thanks for the letters and the emails and oh I loved the card that sang and lit up! So cute. Thanks soooooo much! Tell grandma, and grandpa and grandma Linda thanks for the money and that I love them! Oh and Fro, thanks for the Dear Elder. Will write soon. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE HERMANA PARKER

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