Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Mom and Dad. First, thanks so much for the spiritual emails , they really touched me. And yes, dad, you are right. The mission isn´t all that easy, it´s hard work but when I put all my trust in the Lord I see so many more blessings. This week was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRST, I put up the amazing tree!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWWWW!!!!! It´s soooo creative and beautiful. The lady we live with is in love with it and everyone who sees it is in complete shock. It´s beautiful. I am sooo grateful for my family. Wow, that´s so cool about the 12 days of Christmas you are doing and doing all the acts of service. You guys are all showing love and charity towards others and that is amazing. That is what Christmas is all about. It´s not about all of the other things. Which are sometimes fun and nice and some days I miss the Christmas spirit over here. It´s just still so hot but some people have pretty decorated trees and it makes me so happy. The Christmas cds are absolutely amazing. I have been listening as much as I can and I always think of our family because I remember how much dad loves to sit and watch the christmas carols with all the family and just sing to Jordan Bluth. hahaha. I love that guy his voice is amazing! And "Arise"! My companion always wants me to put on repeat a bunch of the songs. She likes them too. It´s sooo fun.

So we had a baptism! It was a crazy situation because her son has a really bad mental disorder and so on friday night we had to get permission to go to the mental hospital because he wouldn´t go unless we went too. So we went there and it was a very sad place. My heart just ached and people were in the back rooms and screaming and everything. Then there was this guy that was waiting to talk to the doctor but he started hyperventilating and we were like, hey let´s say a prayer, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ... and then he said ok, I will pray and he knelt down on his knees and started praying and crying. Then right after the doctor came out and was ready for him. It was a miracle. But yeah, then her son had to have 2 guys come to her house on Saturday to watch her son. So then we finally got her to come to the church and get baptized. It was super amazing. Her name is Elia and she is a single mother and she only has her one son. Hes´s 29 and she´s in her 50s. So it was spiritual.

Today I got to go the distribution center. It was great. I bought a family home evening book for a dollar and then I bought a little girl we are teaching with her dad, a Book of Mormon stories book. It was only 14 cords. Which is less than a dollar. It was cool! Also, I got letters from lots of people. I got the dear elders super fast and just wrote everyone today! So great. Expect letters soon. Gosh I have so much to tell you all but I don´t have time because we have been rushing around today so I can´t have my full hour to write but I want you all to know how much I love you. I know that if we have faith we can move mountains. I know that we can do anything that we put our minds to. Thanks for all the prayers. I love my new area. Who would have thought! Thanks for the prayers. I am being watched over. Thanks again for all the gifts. I haven´t opened number 1 yet but I will later tonight! I love the wrappings and everything. We are so excited!!!!!!!!!!! We have changes on the 19. Not sure what will happen. I will stay here, but not sure what will happen with my comp. She might stay too. Hopefully. If not it will still be fine. Oh, we can use skype on christmas but I´m not sure if I want to. Let me know what you want. Skype only for half hour or the phone for an hour. Let me know. I need to sign up if you wanna do skype. Love you alll sooooo much! Thanks for the emails, letters, gifts, and most of all the LOVE! Love you all! Love, Court

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