Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

THANKS so much for your amazing emails Mom and Dad. I am doing a lot better and I know that your prayers have helped me so much. That was SO cute about what those people did to your car while you were at the temple. That´s the cutest idea ever and I will have to do something like that when I get home. All I know is that when I get home I want to serve, serve, serve. I will never stop serving my wonderful brothers and sisters! I am doing a lot better. My stomach feels better and I got to see Hermana Creel today so that was cool.
We are being very successful and we actually have 4 people getting baptized this Saturday. I am not positive yet if they will all follow through but with many prayers and faith things will work out how they should. We also have a baptism on the 15 and then one on the 29 right after Christmas. Are you guys doing ok? I hope so. I am so glad that my worthy parents were able to go to the temple together and pray for me. Thanks so much. And guess what!!! I got a dear elder today, a letter from Chan!!!! (which by the way thanks so much Chan! I laughed sooooo hard the whole time, you are a great friend to me! thank you! ) And then I got a package but I have not opened it yet because I need to open it once I get home but it says that it has cds and candy in it so we will see! I am SO excited. But we are doing good in our area and I am much happier. I do not like the ward here as much because they are not as friendly but what do you do. You cannot complain when the Lord is blessing us so much. I am so proud of Lauren and her talk and Mom that´s awesome about playing the organ. I am sorry that your eye has been hurting and giving you headaches but that is great that you always have such a good attitude. I cannot wait to call home for Christmas. Less than a month! And yes, the mission goes by super fast. We have changes on the 19 of December. It´s going soooo fast. Yeah I cannot believe it. It sounds like a lot of people are going on missions. That´s great.
So I forgot to tell you that I got bit by ANOTHER dog. Yeah... long story but that was my first week here and I was just like is this really happenin? I think that in every area I will need to get bit by a dog. Because that is just tradition for me here in Nicaragua. hahahaha. These crazy canines. But it wasn´t as bad as the last time so no worries. So happy Thanksgiving! I got the letter from Thanksgiving from everyone and it was so great to get that wonderful card. I just started tearing up because I was so happy. And mom, yes. Super funny that before I couldn´t even ask for some ketchup but now I am just in Nicaragua doing the Lord´s work. It´s so great and I am doing great. Thanks for all of your prayers. How is school going for everyone. I got little Nathan´s letter. Thanks so much! Yes, Nath we are allowed to take showers here. I am glad that football went well for you. How is Josh´s arm doing? I hope that all is well. Love you so much!!!!!! Hermana Parker

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