Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 12, 2012

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing great. Thanks! So first. I want to tell you I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants yesterday in section 75 and it talks about the roles of missionaries. And it talked about the families of them serving will be blessed and I felt this overwhelming joy and I was super happy. It was great. So yeah. Right now I have mixed emotions because I am leaving this Wednesday to my 2nd area and my 2nd district leader and I am nervous and excited and sad and everything. But my Spanish is progressing. I can see a huge difference in it and I can say almost everything that I want to. Also, I was reading in my blessing and it said that I have parents who have loved and taught me the gospel and things that I need to do to have success and joy and I just started raining... ya know, out of my eyes and I was like it´s sooooo true. They really have been there for me through everything and I love them so much. Thanks so much.

Yesterday we had the primary program and the children did such a good job. I was so proud of them. They have been working really hard. We have had a lot of success and we are working really hard. I am excited for my comp to be training and they will have a lot of success. Yesterday we taught this family and they were just so confused about Joseph Smith because they didn´t understand why we only talk about him and we explained and I felt the spirit a ton. It´s always when we share the restoration when I feel the spirit so strongly. We found this man who is 35 and married with 2 kids and he was super receptive and we taught him the restoration and he is READY and I am so pumped because I know that he will get baptized. I can feel it. He said that once when I prayed my whole body went cold and it felt like God was there with me. I told him it was true and that that feeling is the spirit and only through baptism we can have Him with us always. Then when I talked about the first vision he started crying. He was like, wow through your faith I want to know this for myself. If this is true it´s what I have been wanting to believe for my whole life.

Then on Thursday I was just sitting at noche de hermanamiento with my convert George and wow is that man powerful. He´s amazing and I was just so happy seeing him, talking to him and knowing that I was able to help his life through the gospel. He is super strong in the church. And Cottam sent pics and he was soooo happy to get a picture of his baptism with me and Cottam there. He loves his missionaries. We are having my going away party tomorrow night at 7 and I will be bawling the whole time for sure. I will miss everyone sooooooooooo much. I cannot describe my love for them.

So it sounds like everything at home is going great. I hope so! Glad Brian is doing ok. Still praying for him. And yeah I was sad about Romney, but it´s true... if something happened to our country everyone would try to blame the Mormons. Which is sad but true. I know that he isn´t president for a reason. I heard about the earthquake and no I did not feel it but when I heard Mexico did, I flipped out, but then they said it wasn't dangerous over there so I felt a bit better. How is the family? How is everyone? I hope all is well. I heard I have letters waiting for me in Granada so I´ll let you know next week what I received. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! EVERYDAY A BLESSING. love Hermana Parker

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