Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hi everyone!! Oh my gosh mom, the pics of you and dad are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVEN BETTER THAN I LEFT YOU GUYS! You two look great and I am so happy to have parents that love each other. Happy 27th Anniversary! I have never seen true love over here in Nicaragua. Marriages just are not the same as in the states. I never see people holding hands or showing that they care. It's so sad.
I would love to speak with Lauren at my Homecoming, that would be so fun! When you come, just bring like little things from the states to share with the people here. They will love it. But I am not sure how much time we will have to visit people. I want you to meet a lot of people but we will see what we can get done!

So last monday during pday we were playing soccer and we got caught in a huge rainstorm, my whole district and I. So we had to walk like a half hour to get out of the rain and on Tuesday I woke up with a cold. Not cool. So from Tuesday until about yesterday I was not doing good at all. But I wasn't going to stay in the house because I would never forgive myself if I didnt work these last days in the mission. So on Tuesday we went out and worked and we found a family and we set a baptism date with them. They are super positive and want to know more but of course they wont get baptized until I am gone. Also, Wednesday we had a reunion with President and his wife with just the Sister training leaders. There are only four of us. But we set goals and things and talked about all the sisters and even talked with him about the next transfers, he really trusts us a lot and I want him to always have this trust in me. Then we went out and we found ANOTHER family and we set a date with them for their baptism and they are even more positive than the first family. I had been praying that we would be able to find a family that needs the gospel and we did. I know that I was blessed for sacrificing even when I felt too sick to go out and work. Then on Thursday we didn't have a lot of luck. But on Friday and Saturday and Sunday we set a baptisimal date every single day. It was so amazing I feel like I am being so blessed and I love this time that I have to be a missionary. Last saturday we found a really great guy. His name is Armando. He has been through a lot, his mom died and his dad is a drunk and he always feels really alone and has been searching to find a church to join. We had an amazing lesson with him on Tuesday and HE ASKED US ... what do I need to do to be baptized. We were like WHAT!!!! hahahaha. So we explained it to him and then invited him to be baptized the 12 of October and he accepted. It was so spiritual and he was crying. He said sometimes he has problems with drinking but then he locks himself in his room and gets really depressed and we told him that satan wants him to be miserable and he wants him to feel depressed and sad. And he was crying and he said he really wants to change and be better and be happy. It was so awesome. Then we went on Saturday to see him again and he taught us the whole first lesson. hahahahaha. Then he said, ok that is all clear, now I have a question, does this mean that today we have a living Prophet who leads and guides us.... we were like YES! and he said so since Joseph Smith we have always had a prophet. It was so amazing. He really is ready. He said, I followed what the pamphlet said and I prayed to know if this all was true and I felt peace. He went to church with us yesterday for the first time and it was stake conference. He really liked it and it was super funny because one of his best friends is a member and was there and he had no idea he was a member.

Anyways yesterday the bus that usually takes us to church came really late. The Elders called me and were like ummmm there is a problem with the bus but we will be there soon. So we saw the bus in the distance and it looked like it wasn't moving. Like 10 minutes later it got there and it was barely moving. All the members and investigators were all in the bus and it BROKE DOWN!!!!!!! We were already 45 minutes late to church and we had a few investigators hahahaha. So then I talked to an Elder and I was like everyone listen up we are going to get off and try to catch another bus. So the WHOLE group got off and we waited for another bus and we finally got on and it was super funny. One of the Elders had to pay for everyone because our normal bus takes us for free. It was pretty crazy. My convert from this area got the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday. I was so proud of him! Well that was my week. Sorry it is sooooo long! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Happy Happy birthday tomorrow, Nathan!!! I love you, buddy!! love Hermana Parker

September 9, 2013

Hermana Escobar, Hermana Parker, and companion at Multizone

 Hermana Parker and Hermana Escobar

My cute zone

Well this week went really well. On Thursday we had a multi zone conference. We went with 3 other zones and it was really fun. I came in late because we had to go with some sisters to drop them off at immigration so we got there like 20 min late and as I sat down the AP was like ok now we will have a testimony by Hermana Parker. hahahahaha So I went up and had to give my testimony in front of everyone. I was like what are you guys thinking! hahahaha But it was all good and I was glad to be able to share it. The activity was fun and we went to a few different workshops ( remember the last multi zone activity I had to give the workshop... when I was training?) Anyways we learned a lot about Christ-like attributes and how we can be better as missionaries. The theme of the activity was Come, Follow Me. It was really good and started at 9 and went until 6. It was a LONG day but I really learned a lot. I am so glad to be a missionary. We also had to do a talent as the zone and we sang a hymn and changed the words it was really funny and everyone was laughing. I enjoyed it. I started getting really sad when I was there because I know it was my last multizone and that soon I wouldn't be a missionary anymore. Its kind of hard to accept but it has to happen some time right?

Ok, so dad, I talked to the guy about the car. He said it might be cheaper to book the car online. He said there are a few shops there in the airport. I think he told me like Hertz and there is another one. Let me know if you have any luck with that. Well, things are going good and we got a lot of people to come to church yesterday but we are not having a lot of success with whole families coming. It's so rough but we just have to keep working and it only helps to keep positive. My companion and I get along really well and so at least we have the same goals and are trying to help our area grow with the members.

Oh, so on Saturday we threw a talent show, my comp and I for our ward! It was soooooo fun! Seriously we had a BLAST! It turned out really well and I am so glad that we did it. We are throwing another activity on the Monday before I leave and we are doing a church movie at the familys house that is going to get you at the airport. we are excited! There is a lot going on. I cannot believe mom and dads 27th anniversary, and also Nathan and Joshs birthdays are coming up!!!! BUSY month for sure. Well I love you all, thanks for all that you do for me. I know that Christ lives and that He loves us. I know that through the atonement we can become better everyday. Be better today than yesterday. I LOVE YOU! Hermana Parker

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 2, 2013

Como estan mis amigos??! Pues, this week went real well. I was sooo excited to hear that Taylor is now going to be zone leader! I KNEW IT! He is soooo amazing! I am so proud of him. Lauren said that now we are both zone leaders ahahahaha. She is so funny. Sink me. So this morning we were cleaning our house and when we were done I went to sit down and so I moved the fan and somehow my finger got inside and when I looked at my hand it was bleeding and I screamed for my companion to come help me and then I felt like I was going to pass out but I didn't! hahahah I was so proud of myself. And then we called the district leader because we didn't know what to do, but then the bleeding stopped but there is a big gash right underneath my nail. It wasn't fun at all. But it could have been a lot worse so I said a prayer thanking my Father in Heaven for keeping me safe. Thanks for your prayers always.

Last night we went to the family Rasmussens house for dinner with the elders. It was so fun! They are the family that are going to pick you guys up from the airport. This week we did divisions and it was great but so exhausting. I got to work with a cute hermana from Guatemala. She is great, we worked hard and found some new people for them to teach. I went to her area so it was a bit cooler and it was nice to be out of the heat for a day. hahaha. Oh, on Tuesday we had the counsel with the zone leaders and it went from 9 in the morning until 6! It was soooo long but they did feed us Subway so there are no complaints there. My presentation went really well, I was so nervous but then it went well and everyone liked it and were commenting on how good we are doing things. It was great!!! Thanks for the prayers, I know they helped a LOT! Well things are going good. We are working hard and relying on the Lord. Thanks sooo much for everything. I hope everything is going great! I miss you all and love you so much! Love Hermana Parker

August 26, 2013

Well, this week not a lot happened but we had changes. I am still in my same area with my same companion so she will be the one that kills me (as they say it here in mission terms). She was pretty excited about that. I am glad I didn't have to say bye to the members here. We brought 3 investigators to church yesterday. Two of them will be getting baptized soon so its nice to see some progress FINALLY! hahaha. After much tribulation come the blessings right.

Well. This week I witnessed a few strange things. First, I saw a lady wearing her garments and nothing else walk into the gas station. I seriously wanted to cry when I saw her because I couldn't believe how wrong that is. Then that same day I saw something super funny. We are teaching a farmer family and the guy had a chicken chained up to his tree but when it started to rain he ran over and untied it, picked up his chicken and threw it on top of his roof. It was so funny and I was laughing so hard. This week I also ran into someone from my first area, it was so great seeing him! We actually lived in his moms house in my first area that I loved so much, she would do our laundry and everything. They are not members so we taught him a little bit about baptism and it was a great opportunity to share the gospel with a loved one. Well, last night we watched The Best Two Years with a few members and they all loved it. They are going to help us out this week with some of our investigators. I am so excited to hear about your activity with that family. The members really do help the missionaries. Thank you for helping those missionaries, I know they are very grateful. Thanks for everything. I love you all and miss you so much! Until next week. Hermana Parker

August 19, 2013

Well first of all, I want to tell my wonderful parents how AMAZING they are. I read those brag letters that you sent to me last Monday when we got home. I cried and cried and cried. I have never actually cried very much for my family because I have tried to stay focused and forget myself but I broke down and I bawled and bawled. It was the best thing that I have ever read. Thank you soooooo much. I have never felt greater love in my life than I feel for you two and the rest of the family. 

Well, this week was good. We are slowly progressing and having a bit more success. This week I got to work with Hermana Creel and I got to go to her area and spend the night over there. It was a lot of fun and we worked really hard. Then on Thursday I got to go to another area with my old companion and work. It was fun as well. This week I don't have a lot of news but I hope that this isn't too boring hahaha. We are having transfers this Wednesday so I will either leave or I will stay and finish the mission here. I am fine with whatever. I just told President whatever he does with me that I want to work hard until the last second! Anyways I hope all is well I am praying for you all daily. I LOVE YOU SOOOO much! Love always Hermana Parker