Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 9, 2013

Hermana Escobar, Hermana Parker, and companion at Multizone

 Hermana Parker and Hermana Escobar

My cute zone

Well this week went really well. On Thursday we had a multi zone conference. We went with 3 other zones and it was really fun. I came in late because we had to go with some sisters to drop them off at immigration so we got there like 20 min late and as I sat down the AP was like ok now we will have a testimony by Hermana Parker. hahahahaha So I went up and had to give my testimony in front of everyone. I was like what are you guys thinking! hahahaha But it was all good and I was glad to be able to share it. The activity was fun and we went to a few different workshops ( remember the last multi zone activity I had to give the workshop... when I was training?) Anyways we learned a lot about Christ-like attributes and how we can be better as missionaries. The theme of the activity was Come, Follow Me. It was really good and started at 9 and went until 6. It was a LONG day but I really learned a lot. I am so glad to be a missionary. We also had to do a talent as the zone and we sang a hymn and changed the words it was really funny and everyone was laughing. I enjoyed it. I started getting really sad when I was there because I know it was my last multizone and that soon I wouldn't be a missionary anymore. Its kind of hard to accept but it has to happen some time right?

Ok, so dad, I talked to the guy about the car. He said it might be cheaper to book the car online. He said there are a few shops there in the airport. I think he told me like Hertz and there is another one. Let me know if you have any luck with that. Well, things are going good and we got a lot of people to come to church yesterday but we are not having a lot of success with whole families coming. It's so rough but we just have to keep working and it only helps to keep positive. My companion and I get along really well and so at least we have the same goals and are trying to help our area grow with the members.

Oh, so on Saturday we threw a talent show, my comp and I for our ward! It was soooooo fun! Seriously we had a BLAST! It turned out really well and I am so glad that we did it. We are throwing another activity on the Monday before I leave and we are doing a church movie at the familys house that is going to get you at the airport. we are excited! There is a lot going on. I cannot believe mom and dads 27th anniversary, and also Nathan and Joshs birthdays are coming up!!!! BUSY month for sure. Well I love you all, thanks for all that you do for me. I know that Christ lives and that He loves us. I know that through the atonement we can become better everyday. Be better today than yesterday. I LOVE YOU! Hermana Parker

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