Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hi everyone!! Oh my gosh mom, the pics of you and dad are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVEN BETTER THAN I LEFT YOU GUYS! You two look great and I am so happy to have parents that love each other. Happy 27th Anniversary! I have never seen true love over here in Nicaragua. Marriages just are not the same as in the states. I never see people holding hands or showing that they care. It's so sad.
I would love to speak with Lauren at my Homecoming, that would be so fun! When you come, just bring like little things from the states to share with the people here. They will love it. But I am not sure how much time we will have to visit people. I want you to meet a lot of people but we will see what we can get done!

So last monday during pday we were playing soccer and we got caught in a huge rainstorm, my whole district and I. So we had to walk like a half hour to get out of the rain and on Tuesday I woke up with a cold. Not cool. So from Tuesday until about yesterday I was not doing good at all. But I wasn't going to stay in the house because I would never forgive myself if I didnt work these last days in the mission. So on Tuesday we went out and worked and we found a family and we set a baptism date with them. They are super positive and want to know more but of course they wont get baptized until I am gone. Also, Wednesday we had a reunion with President and his wife with just the Sister training leaders. There are only four of us. But we set goals and things and talked about all the sisters and even talked with him about the next transfers, he really trusts us a lot and I want him to always have this trust in me. Then we went out and we found ANOTHER family and we set a date with them for their baptism and they are even more positive than the first family. I had been praying that we would be able to find a family that needs the gospel and we did. I know that I was blessed for sacrificing even when I felt too sick to go out and work. Then on Thursday we didn't have a lot of luck. But on Friday and Saturday and Sunday we set a baptisimal date every single day. It was so amazing I feel like I am being so blessed and I love this time that I have to be a missionary. Last saturday we found a really great guy. His name is Armando. He has been through a lot, his mom died and his dad is a drunk and he always feels really alone and has been searching to find a church to join. We had an amazing lesson with him on Tuesday and HE ASKED US ... what do I need to do to be baptized. We were like WHAT!!!! hahahaha. So we explained it to him and then invited him to be baptized the 12 of October and he accepted. It was so spiritual and he was crying. He said sometimes he has problems with drinking but then he locks himself in his room and gets really depressed and we told him that satan wants him to be miserable and he wants him to feel depressed and sad. And he was crying and he said he really wants to change and be better and be happy. It was so awesome. Then we went on Saturday to see him again and he taught us the whole first lesson. hahahahaha. Then he said, ok that is all clear, now I have a question, does this mean that today we have a living Prophet who leads and guides us.... we were like YES! and he said so since Joseph Smith we have always had a prophet. It was so amazing. He really is ready. He said, I followed what the pamphlet said and I prayed to know if this all was true and I felt peace. He went to church with us yesterday for the first time and it was stake conference. He really liked it and it was super funny because one of his best friends is a member and was there and he had no idea he was a member.

Anyways yesterday the bus that usually takes us to church came really late. The Elders called me and were like ummmm there is a problem with the bus but we will be there soon. So we saw the bus in the distance and it looked like it wasn't moving. Like 10 minutes later it got there and it was barely moving. All the members and investigators were all in the bus and it BROKE DOWN!!!!!!! We were already 45 minutes late to church and we had a few investigators hahahaha. So then I talked to an Elder and I was like everyone listen up we are going to get off and try to catch another bus. So the WHOLE group got off and we waited for another bus and we finally got on and it was super funny. One of the Elders had to pay for everyone because our normal bus takes us for free. It was pretty crazy. My convert from this area got the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday. I was so proud of him! Well that was my week. Sorry it is sooooo long! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Happy Happy birthday tomorrow, Nathan!!! I love you, buddy!! love Hermana Parker

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