Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 2, 2013

Como estan mis amigos??! Pues, this week went real well. I was sooo excited to hear that Taylor is now going to be zone leader! I KNEW IT! He is soooo amazing! I am so proud of him. Lauren said that now we are both zone leaders ahahahaha. She is so funny. Sink me. So this morning we were cleaning our house and when we were done I went to sit down and so I moved the fan and somehow my finger got inside and when I looked at my hand it was bleeding and I screamed for my companion to come help me and then I felt like I was going to pass out but I didn't! hahahah I was so proud of myself. And then we called the district leader because we didn't know what to do, but then the bleeding stopped but there is a big gash right underneath my nail. It wasn't fun at all. But it could have been a lot worse so I said a prayer thanking my Father in Heaven for keeping me safe. Thanks for your prayers always.

Last night we went to the family Rasmussens house for dinner with the elders. It was so fun! They are the family that are going to pick you guys up from the airport. This week we did divisions and it was great but so exhausting. I got to work with a cute hermana from Guatemala. She is great, we worked hard and found some new people for them to teach. I went to her area so it was a bit cooler and it was nice to be out of the heat for a day. hahaha. Oh, on Tuesday we had the counsel with the zone leaders and it went from 9 in the morning until 6! It was soooo long but they did feed us Subway so there are no complaints there. My presentation went really well, I was so nervous but then it went well and everyone liked it and were commenting on how good we are doing things. It was great!!! Thanks for the prayers, I know they helped a LOT! Well things are going good. We are working hard and relying on the Lord. Thanks sooo much for everything. I hope everything is going great! I miss you all and love you so much! Love Hermana Parker

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