Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 22, 2012

Ok, so this week was awesome. I loved it. And guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it has been so tempting not to open the thanksgiving stuff, but I loved it all. I had like 30 letters too so it was a great week. We have a baptism date for the first week in November. Not sure if it will happen but it might. It´s a new family that we have and they are awesome. They have been coming to activities and everything. This week we are having an activity that us and the Elders planned for the whole branch and investigators and stuff. It´s called the Book of Mormon experiences and we are doing a bunch of activites like they are in the Book of Mormon, it´s to help people gain a better understanding and everything. I got my memory card back and can I just tell you how great that package was. Thanks sooooooooo much.

I need to tell you what happened this week. We went to the family Gonzalez house... remember that family we have been teaching like since I got here. And we brought the Elders. My district leader told her that we cannot do the change for her that she has to do it for herself and all of this stuff. She was just sitting there like is this really happening. He said you have had so many opportunities and these sisters pray for you everyday but you are disobeying the Lord, (because she isn´t married but has a kid and is living with her boyfriend) so don´t tell me you honestly want to follow Christ when you have done nothing. So we are going tomorrow to end it all sadly. They are not progressing at all. But another door will open for us, I just know it. I think I only have about 3 weeks left here in my area. So I need to make it count. The members are awesome. I just love them.

So the other day we walked up to this family to contact them and I stuck my arm out to shake theirs and they just looked at me and then walked right around me. So I started walking with them and I said we only want to extend an invitation and the guy said stop we don´t wanna hear anything from you. And I was like ok, have a good night. Then I was sad and we were on our way to an activity in the church when I hear this guy say, Hey! And I turned around and he said, do you speak English? I said yes. Turns out him and his friend, he was from Holland and his friend from Sweden, their car broke down and they didn´t know Spanish and needed somewhere to stay. So I got the members together and George said that they could stay with him. It was so cool being able to translate for them and everything. So yeah we helped them and they were super happy with us. And I told them about the church and they came to our activity and it was super fun. And they were GORGEOUS!!!!! hahahahahah Obviously I couldn´t do anything about that. hahahah but it was super fun talking to them about the church and stuff. They loved the Nica children here in our branch. But anyways, they were track runners and that is how they know each other. 
Oh, and you have been asking, and yes it rains here everyday. It´s been crazy with all the water lately. I cannot beleive it. hahahahah. Well I will send a letter soon. Thanks so much for everything and I keep praying for the best. Thanks for all the prayers, we are doing good and working hard. I am having a blast and the Spanish just keeps getting better. Love you. Love Court

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15, 2012

How is everyone. Sounds like Josh got a hard hit. Those cheap players. Gosh that´s too bad. Sorry Josh. I will send some more prayers your way. I hope he doesn´t need surgery and that things will start looking better for that poor collar bone of his. Make sure he knows I love him. That´s so crazy about dad´s finger. I would have been a goner so it was probably good that I was gone. ha ha I cannot believe all the crazy busy things that have been happening for you. If you can try to write a little earlier next week because my companion likes to write at 1. So here is the thing... There is this special family back in Utah that I miss and love very much. I just bought 2 more post cards because I love to send you those so I will be filling those out and sending them as well. It was good hearing from Nat too this week. So I am glad that my letter finally got to Kev and that he liked it. I wrote one to Grandpa too so hopefully he will get it soon. I am super glad that they found a job for Jordan and that things are starting to look better there. Maybe you all can start to relax a little bit huh. Haha sorry about everything but it will all work out. Taylor and I are praying for you all everyday and I know the blessings will start to come.
I was just a little wreck yesterday at church because all of the youth started going up one by one for their testimonies and I love them all so much and i was just bawling with them. They´re so strong in the church and they´re all going on a mission soon. I am pumped for them. Also, everyone here says if you guys come that they want to meet you in a year. Yesterday i gave the lesson for the young women´s and it went really well. They were all so good about it and I taught about the good samaritan and helping your neighbors, family and friends. It was super cute and we played a game where they all had different stories and they had to act out the stories in front of the class what they would do in certain situations. I was just smiling super big because I was so proud of them. So we have been working super hard and some missionaries are super worried about numbers and all that stuff... but not me, I don´t even care. As long as I work hard and do the things I need to I feel good about it. So I wasn´t even realizing that our numbers were so good but then our zone leader came to our district and was like your district is the very best in the zone and I want you all to know how much you are appreciated and I want to congratulate you for your hard work. And our district only has 4 people in it and the others have like 6 or 8. So I was super happy about that too. It´s nice to get acknowledged every once in a while ya know. Last night we watched "The Other Side of Heaven" and everyone was just bawling-- it was cute. It was our whole branch. And in testimony meeting George got up and I was super proud of his testimony. It just makes everything here worth it. The companion is great and we get along very well so don´t worry about me. I am enjoying life and the mission. Thanks for all that you do. That´s cool all that stuff they are doing for Brian. I fasted for him and I hope that he is doing better. I miss you all and thanks so much for emailing. Tell Josh sorry and I will see you all very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can´t wait to get the halloween and thanksgiving package. With love, Hermana Parker. con fe todas las cosas son posibles. Enos 1. 15. my favorite scripture in the mission. tenga fe. seguir adelante y todo va a ser bien. Hermana Parker

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 8, 2012

I have been praying a lot for the family and I am glad that they are getting closer to finding out what Jordan needs. I am sorry that things have been so hard. I am super glad that you got to talk to my old comp Cottam. She's super awesome! I love that girl with all my heart. I was super sad when she left but I got an email from her and she is doing good. That's sweet that you already knew about my new comp and everything. It was sweet cause we met in the mtc in Guatemala. Super funny. So I have 3 weeks more in the mission than she does. She will leave a month after me for our homes. It was cool because peoples parents came to pick them up this last change and I am excited if that will happen with me someday!!!!!!!!! haha. Ok. Well I am absolutely heartbroken about Brian. I feel way bad for him and his family. And Lauren and Taylor too. I wish there was something I could do to help but that is how this life is sometimes and it brings comfort to know that it's all in the hands of our Heavenly Father and that what happens is what is meant to happen. I cannot believe that. He's so healthy and strong and still has a lot of life ahead of him. He will fight it, like Lauren said, he's always been a fighter and he can do it. At least they are finding him help. I cannot imagine. And yes, poor Lindy she has to go through this again. Tell Brian that he is in my prayers and that his family is too. I love how his mom said it was like 4 football quarters because he always had like 4 guys hanging on him and he still would run the ball in for a touchdown. How amazing. I love that kid.

Mom, I am so glad that you liked your birthday gift. Have you found anywhere to put the hammock yet? And the address to my house is the one that I gave you but the mission office is just the regular address that you guys have for me. The A.P. 3527 Managua Nicaragua one. So yeah. Thanks for sending me stuff always. I am so blessed. So glad that you had a good birthday.

Ok, so conference was AMAZING! I obviously had to watch it in Spanish but I understood about 80 percent of it. I wrote a ton of notes and felt super happy the whole time. We had a few investigadores show and George was there the whole time. How happy I was when he was there sitting next to us when they were talking about missionary work and how missionaries can help. I was just smiling from ear to ear. haha. Did you get the thing from Elder Ewell yet? I sent home some letters and things with him. He said his homecoming is the 13 if you guys can go. Taylor seems to be doing great and I talk about him like everyday. He is literally amazing. I cannot believe how wonderful of a family that I have. That's awesome that dad was talking about perfect age for missionaries would be 18 and then it happened. I was so shocked. haha but super awesome. Miss and love you all. We went hiking today, it was super fun. I love you. Love Court

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 1, 2012

yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what happened this week? yep... another baptism! It was not even expected because George only had 2 times in church but he came to us after 10 days and was completely finished with the Book of Mormon. Um, has that even happened? Not very often. He read the whole thing in 10 days. It took ME like 10 years hahhahahah. jk But really, it was amazing. And so he was like, yeah, I want to get baptized. So we had his baptism this last saturday morning and things went well. And then he bore his testimony yesterday in church. He's super smart in the church and I am so glad that we found these men because we need them in the church. We need more good men.
Right now I live in Diriomo. Addresses here are absolutely up the wall crazy so lets see what kind of address I can give you... Diriomo Nicaragua del cementerio half cuadra al este.. (casa de Pablito Aleman)... Thats the people that we live with... well we live behind them. Yes, I would love a package, thanks. MOM, I so hope that you love your birthday and that you like my present. Did Josh like his stuff? I hope so. Can't believe lil Lolo is going to state in tennis. I knew she would. Cheer her on for me, ok? Also. Um something that I noticed this last week... um, I missed your anniversary. I forgot to email you about it the other week and I am so sorry. I was thinking about you but totally spaced on my email. I hope you both had a wonderful time together. Also... that sounds like you had so much fun with Janelle and Patti. hahahaha Mom, you are such a pro at hula hoop. Wish I could have seen that hahaha. Love it so much!!!!!! 
So I was able to go to the General Relief Society Broadcast and right before we watched a slide show of temples and I was just sitting there looking like an idiot, bawling. hahahhahaha I have never looked at temples with such love in my whole life as I do now. WOW so powerful are these houses of the Lord and I get to get married in one of those for eternity. SO AWESOME!!!!!! And the whole thing was awesome. I loved all of the talks at the Relief Society Broadcast. I took a ton of notes and there I was again just sobbing like a little baby. hahaha so funny. It was amazing. Then we got home and went to our dinner appointment and um guess what we ate... um-- CHICKEN INNERDS however that is spelt. But um, yeah, like intestines and all of that fun stuff. I was like you have got to be kidding me. But, oh well. It was fine. 
Ok, so Elder Ewell from Toquerville is in my mission, remember? Well he said that he will deliver some letters home for me, so be expecting them. Also, his homecoming talk is this month on the 13 at 9 in the morning in the Toquerville first ward so you guys should all go. He said he would love to have you and he will prob talk a bit about our mission. It would be fun for you all to be able to go and see him. We were talking a bit today. Mom, my favorite hymn is "I Stand All Amazed. I hope that all is going great. And Mom, tenga un cumpleanos tuanis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you all with all my heart. Hermana Parker

September 24, 2012

My first baptism!!!!!! September 22 2012!!!! Me, president aroche (of the branch) and jose and hermana cottam!!!!!!!!

Hello!!!! Thanks for the email! I am so glad to hear from you always. This week I received letters from you guys, from Chan, from Kevin, and Grandpa and Linda and Dave and Nat and Miles and Holly. What a week! It was so great to read all of their letters. I am getting back to everyone very soon. I like to sit down and write a letter or two before bed or in the morning after excercise time. Yeah, I only have one and a half more weeks with my companion and I cannot believe it. Time is literally flying and I do not want her to leave. We went shopping for her souvenirs today... I know I spelt that wrong sorry. But yeah it was fun. We made some french toast this morning and I got my hair trimmed by the lady who makes us dinner. Its a bit shorter than I wanted but it will grow back because now its super healthy. 

And the best news of all!!!! JOSE GOT BAPTIZED SATURDAY!!!!!!!! It was such a great experience and I couldn't believe how wonderful it was. The spirit was super strong and Hermana Cottam and the Elders and I sang "I like to look for Rainbows". It was super awesome. I asked how he felt after and he said he was way happy and that he could only feel his heart beating super fast. And the week before his baptism I heard that he had already paid his tithing. It was so awesome! We got to teach this guy, George, in English this week! He is from Blue Fields and that is the area in Nicaragua where most peoples first language is English. So yeah. It was awesome but I was forgetting a lot of english words. How awesome is that. Then when I tried to pray in English I would try to say like please and it came out por favor or funny things like that. This week was great. Jose was great and I know that he will do amazing things in this church. He bore his testimony yesterday in church and it was super powerful.

I am super grateful that Nathan got his gift on his birthday. I cannot believe it came the day of his birthday! That is definitely not a coincidence! Make sure little Josh knows how much I love him and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me tomorrow. I will be thinking about him. He is such a special guy and has always been such a great kid. I heard he has been doing good in football and I couldn't be more proud. I am glad that Nathan likes his gift and hope that Josh likes his as well. Love you two! Anyways I am super proud of Lauren too and her great decisions to do what is right. I love her so much and glad she doesn't crack under pressure. She's such an amazing person. Thanks for the letters always. I would like to see Nathan in his shirt. I am going to send you a picture of the baptism in just one minute! Hope that all is well. I miss you all and just sent a little post card. I loved it so I wanted to send it your way. Did you ever receive my old one. I will make a list this week of things I need so that you can send it off next week. Thanks so much. I will send that picture. Tell the boys and Lauren and dad thanks so much for the dear elders. I have been getting a few. I should get more this week. Love you all. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! This next year is about to speed by. Get ready. haha. love you. les quiero mucho! Con amor, Hermana Parker