Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 22, 2012

Ok, so this week was awesome. I loved it. And guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it has been so tempting not to open the thanksgiving stuff, but I loved it all. I had like 30 letters too so it was a great week. We have a baptism date for the first week in November. Not sure if it will happen but it might. It´s a new family that we have and they are awesome. They have been coming to activities and everything. This week we are having an activity that us and the Elders planned for the whole branch and investigators and stuff. It´s called the Book of Mormon experiences and we are doing a bunch of activites like they are in the Book of Mormon, it´s to help people gain a better understanding and everything. I got my memory card back and can I just tell you how great that package was. Thanks sooooooooo much.

I need to tell you what happened this week. We went to the family Gonzalez house... remember that family we have been teaching like since I got here. And we brought the Elders. My district leader told her that we cannot do the change for her that she has to do it for herself and all of this stuff. She was just sitting there like is this really happening. He said you have had so many opportunities and these sisters pray for you everyday but you are disobeying the Lord, (because she isn´t married but has a kid and is living with her boyfriend) so don´t tell me you honestly want to follow Christ when you have done nothing. So we are going tomorrow to end it all sadly. They are not progressing at all. But another door will open for us, I just know it. I think I only have about 3 weeks left here in my area. So I need to make it count. The members are awesome. I just love them.

So the other day we walked up to this family to contact them and I stuck my arm out to shake theirs and they just looked at me and then walked right around me. So I started walking with them and I said we only want to extend an invitation and the guy said stop we don´t wanna hear anything from you. And I was like ok, have a good night. Then I was sad and we were on our way to an activity in the church when I hear this guy say, Hey! And I turned around and he said, do you speak English? I said yes. Turns out him and his friend, he was from Holland and his friend from Sweden, their car broke down and they didn´t know Spanish and needed somewhere to stay. So I got the members together and George said that they could stay with him. It was so cool being able to translate for them and everything. So yeah we helped them and they were super happy with us. And I told them about the church and they came to our activity and it was super fun. And they were GORGEOUS!!!!! hahahahahah Obviously I couldn´t do anything about that. hahahah but it was super fun talking to them about the church and stuff. They loved the Nica children here in our branch. But anyways, they were track runners and that is how they know each other. 
Oh, and you have been asking, and yes it rains here everyday. It´s been crazy with all the water lately. I cannot beleive it. hahahahah. Well I will send a letter soon. Thanks so much for everything and I keep praying for the best. Thanks for all the prayers, we are doing good and working hard. I am having a blast and the Spanish just keeps getting better. Love you. Love Court

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