Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 1, 2012

yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what happened this week? yep... another baptism! It was not even expected because George only had 2 times in church but he came to us after 10 days and was completely finished with the Book of Mormon. Um, has that even happened? Not very often. He read the whole thing in 10 days. It took ME like 10 years hahhahahah. jk But really, it was amazing. And so he was like, yeah, I want to get baptized. So we had his baptism this last saturday morning and things went well. And then he bore his testimony yesterday in church. He's super smart in the church and I am so glad that we found these men because we need them in the church. We need more good men.
Right now I live in Diriomo. Addresses here are absolutely up the wall crazy so lets see what kind of address I can give you... Diriomo Nicaragua del cementerio half cuadra al este.. (casa de Pablito Aleman)... Thats the people that we live with... well we live behind them. Yes, I would love a package, thanks. MOM, I so hope that you love your birthday and that you like my present. Did Josh like his stuff? I hope so. Can't believe lil Lolo is going to state in tennis. I knew she would. Cheer her on for me, ok? Also. Um something that I noticed this last week... um, I missed your anniversary. I forgot to email you about it the other week and I am so sorry. I was thinking about you but totally spaced on my email. I hope you both had a wonderful time together. Also... that sounds like you had so much fun with Janelle and Patti. hahahaha Mom, you are such a pro at hula hoop. Wish I could have seen that hahaha. Love it so much!!!!!! 
So I was able to go to the General Relief Society Broadcast and right before we watched a slide show of temples and I was just sitting there looking like an idiot, bawling. hahahhahaha I have never looked at temples with such love in my whole life as I do now. WOW so powerful are these houses of the Lord and I get to get married in one of those for eternity. SO AWESOME!!!!!! And the whole thing was awesome. I loved all of the talks at the Relief Society Broadcast. I took a ton of notes and there I was again just sobbing like a little baby. hahaha so funny. It was amazing. Then we got home and went to our dinner appointment and um guess what we ate... um-- CHICKEN INNERDS however that is spelt. But um, yeah, like intestines and all of that fun stuff. I was like you have got to be kidding me. But, oh well. It was fine. 
Ok, so Elder Ewell from Toquerville is in my mission, remember? Well he said that he will deliver some letters home for me, so be expecting them. Also, his homecoming talk is this month on the 13 at 9 in the morning in the Toquerville first ward so you guys should all go. He said he would love to have you and he will prob talk a bit about our mission. It would be fun for you all to be able to go and see him. We were talking a bit today. Mom, my favorite hymn is "I Stand All Amazed. I hope that all is going great. And Mom, tenga un cumpleanos tuanis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you all with all my heart. Hermana Parker

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