Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15, 2012

How is everyone. Sounds like Josh got a hard hit. Those cheap players. Gosh that´s too bad. Sorry Josh. I will send some more prayers your way. I hope he doesn´t need surgery and that things will start looking better for that poor collar bone of his. Make sure he knows I love him. That´s so crazy about dad´s finger. I would have been a goner so it was probably good that I was gone. ha ha I cannot believe all the crazy busy things that have been happening for you. If you can try to write a little earlier next week because my companion likes to write at 1. So here is the thing... There is this special family back in Utah that I miss and love very much. I just bought 2 more post cards because I love to send you those so I will be filling those out and sending them as well. It was good hearing from Nat too this week. So I am glad that my letter finally got to Kev and that he liked it. I wrote one to Grandpa too so hopefully he will get it soon. I am super glad that they found a job for Jordan and that things are starting to look better there. Maybe you all can start to relax a little bit huh. Haha sorry about everything but it will all work out. Taylor and I are praying for you all everyday and I know the blessings will start to come.
I was just a little wreck yesterday at church because all of the youth started going up one by one for their testimonies and I love them all so much and i was just bawling with them. They´re so strong in the church and they´re all going on a mission soon. I am pumped for them. Also, everyone here says if you guys come that they want to meet you in a year. Yesterday i gave the lesson for the young women´s and it went really well. They were all so good about it and I taught about the good samaritan and helping your neighbors, family and friends. It was super cute and we played a game where they all had different stories and they had to act out the stories in front of the class what they would do in certain situations. I was just smiling super big because I was so proud of them. So we have been working super hard and some missionaries are super worried about numbers and all that stuff... but not me, I don´t even care. As long as I work hard and do the things I need to I feel good about it. So I wasn´t even realizing that our numbers were so good but then our zone leader came to our district and was like your district is the very best in the zone and I want you all to know how much you are appreciated and I want to congratulate you for your hard work. And our district only has 4 people in it and the others have like 6 or 8. So I was super happy about that too. It´s nice to get acknowledged every once in a while ya know. Last night we watched "The Other Side of Heaven" and everyone was just bawling-- it was cute. It was our whole branch. And in testimony meeting George got up and I was super proud of his testimony. It just makes everything here worth it. The companion is great and we get along very well so don´t worry about me. I am enjoying life and the mission. Thanks for all that you do. That´s cool all that stuff they are doing for Brian. I fasted for him and I hope that he is doing better. I miss you all and thanks so much for emailing. Tell Josh sorry and I will see you all very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can´t wait to get the halloween and thanksgiving package. With love, Hermana Parker. con fe todas las cosas son posibles. Enos 1. 15. my favorite scripture in the mission. tenga fe. seguir adelante y todo va a ser bien. Hermana Parker

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