Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September 24, 2012

My first baptism!!!!!! September 22 2012!!!! Me, president aroche (of the branch) and jose and hermana cottam!!!!!!!!

Hello!!!! Thanks for the email! I am so glad to hear from you always. This week I received letters from you guys, from Chan, from Kevin, and Grandpa and Linda and Dave and Nat and Miles and Holly. What a week! It was so great to read all of their letters. I am getting back to everyone very soon. I like to sit down and write a letter or two before bed or in the morning after excercise time. Yeah, I only have one and a half more weeks with my companion and I cannot believe it. Time is literally flying and I do not want her to leave. We went shopping for her souvenirs today... I know I spelt that wrong sorry. But yeah it was fun. We made some french toast this morning and I got my hair trimmed by the lady who makes us dinner. Its a bit shorter than I wanted but it will grow back because now its super healthy. 

And the best news of all!!!! JOSE GOT BAPTIZED SATURDAY!!!!!!!! It was such a great experience and I couldn't believe how wonderful it was. The spirit was super strong and Hermana Cottam and the Elders and I sang "I like to look for Rainbows". It was super awesome. I asked how he felt after and he said he was way happy and that he could only feel his heart beating super fast. And the week before his baptism I heard that he had already paid his tithing. It was so awesome! We got to teach this guy, George, in English this week! He is from Blue Fields and that is the area in Nicaragua where most peoples first language is English. So yeah. It was awesome but I was forgetting a lot of english words. How awesome is that. Then when I tried to pray in English I would try to say like please and it came out por favor or funny things like that. This week was great. Jose was great and I know that he will do amazing things in this church. He bore his testimony yesterday in church and it was super powerful.

I am super grateful that Nathan got his gift on his birthday. I cannot believe it came the day of his birthday! That is definitely not a coincidence! Make sure little Josh knows how much I love him and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me tomorrow. I will be thinking about him. He is such a special guy and has always been such a great kid. I heard he has been doing good in football and I couldn't be more proud. I am glad that Nathan likes his gift and hope that Josh likes his as well. Love you two! Anyways I am super proud of Lauren too and her great decisions to do what is right. I love her so much and glad she doesn't crack under pressure. She's such an amazing person. Thanks for the letters always. I would like to see Nathan in his shirt. I am going to send you a picture of the baptism in just one minute! Hope that all is well. I miss you all and just sent a little post card. I loved it so I wanted to send it your way. Did you ever receive my old one. I will make a list this week of things I need so that you can send it off next week. Thanks so much. I will send that picture. Tell the boys and Lauren and dad thanks so much for the dear elders. I have been getting a few. I should get more this week. Love you all. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! This next year is about to speed by. Get ready. haha. love you. les quiero mucho! Con amor, Hermana Parker

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