Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 17, 2012

Hola familia... Thats not cool. The exclamation mark doesnt work... so just know I am happy even though I cannot use those. haha. So this week was straight up awesome. We are having a lot of success. Guess who was assigned to another pilot program?? yep. me. We are the first zone trying it out but a member of the 70's was telling our President to try it so he picked our zone because we have the best numbers and all of that. But guess what.... we intervied Jose and guess what????? Yes, I have my first baptism this Saturday. Can you believe it? I am soooooo excited. And it was kinda intense because our district leader had to call Pres to make sure about something. Obviously he couldn't tell us but I think something happened. But yeah, we got the ok and even our Pres of our branch was saying that he has a thought that Jose is going to be his second counselor when they assign them in December. He's so ready. I'm so excited for him.

So wow, it sounds like Tay is having a little bit harder of an area than me. He will be fine though, I know it. Like this morning, all of the water was out so we had to shower from water in a bucket. That was fun. I think it helps us really realize how blessed we are though. Tay will be fine. i told him to find snacks to eat at night and he will be fine.

So there is always this thing in the scriptures that while I have been here I have realized more than anything, in the scriptures it always says "but his hands are stretched out still". Then in so many pictures of Jesus it shows his hands stretched out--like you were tallking about the picture in the temple, mom. I have been marking every time in my scriptures that it says that.

 Let me just tell my little Nate-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope he gets my package soon, I think it should come this week sometime. But the first thing I thought of when I woke up was oh little Scooter. Haha i miss that sweet little face. And dad to answer your questions... the Spanish is coming along well. I am understanding more and more as the time goes by. and I am participating in the lessons a lot. We both do half of the lesson. The investigators understand me and my accent is getting better as the days go by. It's a lot harder to talk than to understand though. I love it here on the mission. My first comp was super strict but she helped me learn a lot. Now I realize that the mission can be super fun too. So you know that saying, when one door closes another opens.

Well, yesterday we went to pick up little Josue for church and his mom promised to come. so we got there and she told us not to come back, that she didn't want us to keep visiting because she needs time. I about started bawling. We told her we are always here to help if she ever needs us and then we turned away. Right when I was about to let my first tear fall I looked up and right there was a recent convert, who I have NEVER seen come to church and we went to talk to him. We talked him into coming to church and he said he would. Then we got to church and I was feeling sad because we only had one investigator because family Gonzalez couldn't come. But then two more guys showed up and then the guy we invited who is a recent convert came. He talked in class about how happy he feels finally being in the church again. I felt an overwelming amount of joy right then. I know that God was watching over me and He knew how I felt, right when I was about to break down and give up, He placed this other guy in my path. How blessed I am to be a missionary.

So yeah, my companion has 2 weeks left. so crazy. We are having a lot of fun. and mom, I will definitely be there for witches night next year. I think my release date is either Sept 4 or Oct 16 around there. So we can still go. I am having a great time. Thanks for sending the package. I took 40 out today, thanks so much for the money. Also, I just sent mom a birthday present so that should get there in like 2 weeks also. Please give Nathan a big kiss and hug for me. Tell him Happy Birthday and that I miss and love him so much. He's such a great brother to me. I hope all is going well back at home and that things are going smoothly. I pray for you all everyday and know the Lord will bless us. Sounds like Naths party willl be super rad. Haha make sure to send me some pics. Miss you all. I will talk to you later. Love Hermana Parker

{a little later that same day...}

haha Thats so funny mom because Tay and I got to talk a little bit back and forth too. I miss you guys. I am so glad we were all on at the same time. And yes, the pilot program again. It's cool though, but we have been having so many conferences with President. I am actually getting off right now. I got to see one of Tays pics too that he sent me. I am glad to know that we are all doing good. Our cute happy family. I love you so much. Thanks for all and once again Happy Birthday to Nate. haha. Soon will be Josh and then my sweet mother. Thanks mom for everything. Tell dad and the kids I love them so much too. And cute little Nat and family and Jeff and everyone... LOVE YOU bye

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