Monday, December 17, 2012

December 10, 2012

HELLO!!!!!! Well here is the sad news... I can´t send pictures today because this computer will not allow me. I was ready with my camera and everything. But sorry. I will try my best to get a better computer next week. I took some good pictures of my tree and decorations. This week was very good. On Wednesday we got to get on the computer to check out and I looked up the videos and I found 2 under the Christmas that you should try to find. One is called "What Shall We Give", and the other is called "Look to the Light". They both made me just sit and sob.
Speaking of crying... this week I have cried a lot. But not because I have been sad or anything but because of other things. First, on Wednesday, we had interviews with our President and when we were done I asked if he could you give me a blessing. And he said, of course... which, he is a super busy guy so I am glad that I was able to get one. He blessed me to be able to receive revelation to understand even more the Spanish, that my family and I will be blessed and protected, and that I can always be happy, and that I will be able to understand the scriptures even more, and many more wonderful things. He told me in my interview that he has only seen me with a smile on my face and that it´s a gift that I have, to always be happy. It was good to hear that. But during the blessing I just started crying, because I have missed dad´s blessings and it was nice to get one from another great man that I respect. Then today, we went to the children´s hospital here in Managua with a lady who is not a member, but I love her a lot. She reminds me of sister Stackhouse. Anyways, we brought packages of diapers and clothes and when I walked into that hospital, my tears just started flowing. I could not believe that these children are going to have to spend Christmas in the hospital. Also, these hospitals are nothing like those in the U.S. They are old and hot and everyone is in the same room... sick and all. It was sad, but the looks on their faces when we handed them their gifts, were absolutely heavenly. I have never seen a prettier sight in my life. There is nothing I would rather be right now than a missionary of this wonderful work....
Ok, now on a bit of a funnier note.. my companion and I, this week, were walking through the street and they celebrate the birth of Mary as catholics here. So it´s crazy with fireworks and all, because you can light a firework every waking second in this land over here. So, we were walking and someone lit off a work and my companion is deathly scared of them and I'll admit, I was a bit jumpy too... So all I saw was this firework, called the foot finder, chasing after me. So I started running in a zig zag motion and my comp was running after me and we ran into each other because I was in zig zag and she was trying to find protection with my body. hahahahahahah. Then the firework ended and we looked back to about 15 people busting up laughing at us. It was hilarious!!!! Wow. Anyways, we are definitely being careful now a days. Don´t worry. But it was way funny. We laughed for about 15 minutes after that. 
Oh, Cottam says that just calling on Christmas will be a bit easier so I will find the number you guys can call and you just tell me what time and I´ll find the phone. I cannot wait. I opened up the amazing nativity set! I let my comp open it and we loved setting it up. Cannot wait for the rest. We are so excited. I talked to Tay about it and we are soooo excited. Oh, somethiing cool is that Hermana Creel and I went on divisions this week for a couple hours and we were so nervous because we were like not sure if we could do it. But we did GREAT! We both just talked it up with our Spanish and everyone understood us and we taught and taught and taught and it was soooo fun! It was so great being with her and just talking about everything. It was an absolute miracle. Also, when we were together this lady was like... ahhhh greengas! So then we looked up and there was this lady from Ohio who comes and builds houses here with her husband. She knew no Spanish, but we talked and it was so great getting to know her. She´s not a member, but we still invited her to the church there in the states. 
Yesterday was so cute. In church I told this lady that I loved her earrings and bracelet. Then after church she came up to me and said, I have something for you, and put her earrings and bracelet in my hand. It was the cutest thing ever. I cannot believe how freely the people just give here. It really is such a humbling experience. 
So how is all the service going over there!!!! We have a baptism Saturday at 3. His name is Luis Mendoza, and he is 77 years old. The cutest man I have ever seen!!!!!!!! Love him with all my heart. We are doing well. Thanks for all you do for me and for always writing! I love you all soooo much. Praying for you. Also, not sure if it´s a goal over there but here in Central America there is a new goal to finish the Book of Mormon by April. I am going to try to do it in Spanish. Don´t know if you have time to do it too, but let me know and we can all do it together! Love you all sooooooooo much! I am so happy! Work hard... every commandment a blessing! I miss you. Love Hermana Parker p.s. I can´t wait to open all of the 16 days of christmas. No, I haven´t gotten the other package yet, but I should soon! Love you all. Court.

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