Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012


Ella Gutierrez

Our baptism-all the elders came to support us.

Luis is on the left

Christmas decorations and nativities

The 16 Days of Christmas presents and tree

My Owl Picture

HELLO!!!!! So things are going great. Thanks so much for writing me! I am pleased to announce that we had a baptism Saturday and it went very well. I was leading the hymns and I looked down at this amazing 78 year old man and he was crying. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. It was great. Then his confirmation was along with the other that we baptized 2 weeks ago and so it was so spiritual! Anyways, this week was crazy. We were in the house of the lady we just baptized and her son is really sick and has a bunch of problems and so these ladies from another church came over and they were praying for him and then they told us that they wanted to say a prayer for the old grandma that was there because she is 94 and isn´t feeling too great. So then they walked over and poured some veggie oil in my comps hands and then they looked at me and I said, no, it´s ok and they said don´t be scared and so I was like, um, ok. So then they said ok we are going to pray and they were praying for this old lady but then they started praying for us and the lady said forgive these young children because they don´t know what they are doing, they are so young and they are just lost in life. Haha they went off and off about how we are bad souls and everything. Then we said, ok, first off we do not use oil unless it is blessed. Secondly, we are missionaries and we are representing Jesus Christ. And she said, well we have the priesthood so what do you guys have? Wow, it was off the hook. Hahahaha yeah I just froze up and didn´t know what to do because I hate contention and my comp bore her testimony and then the lady left super mad! 
Ok, so YES, I got the Christmas package and I loved the cute owl picture that I got to color! And the 16 days of Christmas has been soooooo fun! I have been having the best time with it. I am always so excited to get home so that I can open my gift. Tay sounds to be doing so good and things are going good. Dad, thanks for the letter that is so great about that property that you were able to sell! Sounds like the blessings really are coming and I am praying for you all everyday! Thanks for all that you do for me! So I found out my new release date from my zone leader and I will be done here in Nicaragua on the 2 of OCTOBER! Mom, you know what that means... you will be here on your BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy when I found out. It is most likely set for that day. It could change, I suppose, but that will be the date to look forward to for our family! And yes, I heard about that shooting that happened over there in the US and it broke my heart. Children and all. I could not believe it. Makes me so upset and I was so sad when I found out because I am going to be a teacher and I just love kids so much. I hope their families can find comfort. We are so blessed to know where we are going after this life and that we can see each other again and for forever. Wow, so this week we watched a Christmas video with our investigators and I felt the spirit so strong. We are SO blessed to have the gospel in our lives. 
Thanks for everything. I am glad that Josh is healing and that the kids are doing good. Sounds like Lauren is doing good in school. Also, I got your dear elder and Josh sounds like basketball is doing really well. Also, I got a letter from Grandma Thompson and I got a card from Linda and Grandpa that I will open later when it is Christmas. I hope that all is well with you all. Kiss Nathan for me and tell everyone I love and miss them! Thanks for the Christmas music and all the cute things you all have done for me. I am so blessed. Thanks so much! Also, I will try to send some pictures right now too. I´ll give you the number to call next p-day and we will have a very Merry Christmas. The people over here celebrate more on the 24 I guess so that will be different. I am loving reading the cute stories every night. I feel so loved. 
Today we got to go to the mall with our zone leaders and it felt more like Christmas because I actually did something kind of normal feeling. And there was Christmas music and everything, it was awesome and we bought Mcdonalds. Anyways, I hope that all is well. I hope that I included everything in this email. That´s cool that dad is about out of school. And how did it all end up dad, and mom, how is work and everything for you. Tell everyone hi. l love you all soooo much! Love Hermana Parker

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