Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 22, 2013

Well first I want to say thank you for the emails. I loved moms and I loved dads. They both made me cry and I loved them both .Thanks sooooo much. I am grateful to have such great parents. In fact yesterday at church there was a talk about eternal families. I felt the spirit soooo strong. The lady was saying that our parents are not ours yet. That we have to treat them good and obey them so that we can have them for eternity. I was thinking hard about that and I always want to strive to treat my parents the very best that I can so that I can have you FOREVER. Also while I was in church I was a little sad because we haven't found families to teach and we are having a hard time finding people that want to progress. Then while I was listening to one of the talks I heard a voice that said... You are completing your purpose... I know that My Father in Heaven was listening to my heart and prayers. I know that He loves me and that through the spirit I felt comfort. I have been a little bit more stressed than normal because this week I got sick and then once I got better my comp got sick so we couldn't go out to work for 2 days and I just felt bad about that. Our week wasn't the greatest.

Anyways, good news. We did divisions this week and I got to work with my hija again. She's soooo great. She came to my area and we worked really hard and it was fun. She always helps me to feel better. My companion and I are getting along really well and I am now understanding all of her Argentinian talk hahaha. She's great and we have fun together. This Saturday we will be having a baptism of a little girl named Itza. She is soooo cute and when we asked her to be baptized she was sooooo excited. She is adorable and went to church with her grandpa these past 2 Sundays... her grandpa is our convert.

Well. So I heard that kevin had a birthday... what the heck Kev! You are not supposed to have birthdays without me there giving you a noogie. Next year it will be double, ok! hahaha. Happy birthday I hope it was a good one for a great uncle! I love you Kev. Also it was sad to hear about what happened to Nathan, tell him to be careful and its true, I sure pray hard for the family every single moment possible. Oh and happy 24th soon!!! I love the pics that you guys sent. Our puppy is sooo cute. Give him a hug for me. And even cuter those 2 handsome young men with a sign saying we love you. (Josh and Nath). Ahhhhh so cute. That's awesome that you had the missionaries over. They must have loved you guys. How lucky are they.

Well there are a few members that want to come see us in December for 2 days while they are in the states. They were wondering what plane tickets would cost to like Miami or Atlanta. If you have time, let me know. But don't worry too much it was just a question. We actually reactived a family about 2 months back and they are getting ready to go to the temple for the first time in Aug. We are sooooo excited for them. Today I went to the Distribution Center and bought them a big poster of the temple so that they can put it up in their house. I am so proud of them. The other night when my comp was sick we went and watched Charly with them, we all were crying and they were saying how much they want all their family to be members. It was so cute. We have a plan to do family prayer every night with them and all of their family. Well I love you soooo much. Dad, I LOVED your talk, am going to print your email off. Thanks soooo much. I love you all soooo much. Tell everyone hi. Hasta la vista baby

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