Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 8, 2013

Well this week was great. Yesterday a man came to church that we met on Saturday. We only invited him to church and then gave him a pamphlet of the restoration and he showed up to church yesterday. It was awesome. And it shows a lot of obedience and faith on his part. We were very happy to see this in our area. Sometimes I get so sad and think that no matter how hard we try we just are not having a lot of success in my area. It's a rough area but I know we should never get down, just keep working hard. Like dad said in his email, after much tribulation comes the blessings. It's so true. It's just a small moment. 

How was your fourth of July. I sang a few songs to the US . Hope some of you heard me. Also I was so pumped for Tays birthday and his year mark. So awesome. This week I received a package!!!! It was so great to get it. Thanks sooooooo much. It was a cute missionary teddy bear with the poster with all the hands on it and then all the snacks. So cute! I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!! On Friday I receive my trunky paper is what they call it. hahaha It has all the information on it like bishops name and mom and dads names and all that stuff becuase they are preparing me to come home. Sadly I have mixed feelings but I really am excited to see everyone. Even though it will be hard to leave here. So I was right, I will be leaving October 2 and I think you guys will be receiving some kind of letter or something from the mission office. Today I had to go get my police record, that was a pain. But I have to go pick it up on Wednesday so it should all be fine.

Well we had a great week. Changes are this Wednesday but I don't know if my comp will leave or not. We are hoping that we can stay together another change but who knows. I am pretty sure I will stay in my area. Many prayers will be needed this week. Thanks for all that you do and for always supporting me and helping me along this journey. So proud of little Nate and his baseball game he has today. Good luck buddy. Also, Haley's baby completes 5 months today. Congrats!!! Oh and Chan, I have a letter coming your way! Congrats on the baby!!!! So pumped for November to see your new baby! Sorry I haven't written for a while! Well. Have a great week and know that I love you all and am always praying for you. love Hermana Parker

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