Friday, August 2, 2013

July 29, 2013

I am trying out my companions fan right here

My new comp...Hermana Puyol from Argentina and I

This is us at old comp Hermana Flores, my new comp Hermana Puyol, me and then Hermana Flores new comp which is Hermana Puyols old comp hahahaha

Ok, so just because I put my slooow week doesn't mean it was that bad. hahaha. Last Saturday my companion was suffering with heart problems. I didn't think it was that big of a deal until Tuesday when she told me that she still was having the pain and that she had problems before. So then we were at a meeting with all the zone leaders and President and his wife. Half way through the meeting I went and talked to the Presidents wife about my companion. Then we called the nurse and she sent us right home. She said she should be resting and doing nothing else. So it has been beating super super fast and it is giving her pains in her chest, back, head, and left arm. It makes her really light headed and winded really fast. So we went home to have her rest. Then on Thursday morning we were studying and I heard her start crying. So I got her back into her bed and called the nurse. The nurse got her a doctor appointment for Thursday night so that night we went to the hospital. Well the hospital was really nice and rich so it had air conditioning. I was sitting in cold air for 3 hours and when we left it was MY turn and I got sick too!!!!! AHHHHHH. it always happens with AC. But anyways we went home and we went to an appointment and when I got home to get into bed I started shaking. So then I put a blanket on and some sweats and socks and a sweater and I was still shaking I was soooo cold. Then my comp went and got all her blankets and coats and put them on me and I was freezing still. So that wasn't fun. I had a REALLY high fever and that lasted until yesterday. I feel better now but I didn't have an appetite or anything for 3 days. Anyways. I am so glad that that is over. We have had to go back to the hospital 2 times and today she is wearing a monitor, we will go back in the morning to figure out all the results and find out what the doctor has to say. We haven't been able to fully work this whole week. But all of the Elders have been really nice about everything and President and his wife and the nurse and the members that we live next to have treated us really good. Like when I was sick they brought over gatorade and kept checking in on me. It was so cute. But I got to read a lot of Jesus the Christ and I have been able to write a few letters and watch just about EVERY church movie that there is. hahahaha. But don't worry, we are fine. I am feeling a LOT better. Well, we were unable to have our baptism on Saturday but we are going to hopefully have it this coming Saturday. She is ready we just need to pass by to see her. I hope that everything is going well and I am so thankful for my wonderful family. Thanks for everything!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL! love Hermana Parker

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