Monday, August 26, 2013

August 12, 2013

Ok so this week was very very tiring. We went on divisons with the other sisters but we went pretty far!!!!!!!! It was fun though because I actually got to go with one of my best friends, Hermana Escorcia. We have a bunch of pictures together that I have sent, like us at the zoo and everything. But then she got changed and I was sad but it was so great to see her again! We had fun and worked hard, we placed a baptisimal date and it was so great. Then on Thursday I actually got to work with Hermana Frodsham so that was fun. She is doing so good so let her mom know that she really is progressing and that she will be just fine. It was great to see her. You will have to invite her mom to my talk when I get back. I saw a picture of her family and they are really cute. 

Well then on Friday we had district meeting just like normal and afterward I got a call for the assistant to the President and he said, hey tomorrow you and your companion are invited to a lunch with President and his wife... also with Elder Ochoa from the Seventy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So then on Saturday we went to Presidents house with the other 2 sister leaders and we were able to spend 2 hours with Elder Ochoa. It was so amazing, he talked about our authority as missionaries and I don't think I have ever felt the spirit so strong in my entire life. He really is a man of God. It was crazy. I learned a lot from him and took a lot of notes so I will share more when I see you all. He helped us to be better leaders and also he talked a LOT about faith. I was so nervous when I first got there, he like looked deep down into my soul and I was like oh no I hope he sees something real good in there. hahahahaha.

This week we had a lot more success, we found 3 new families and we are trying to find more. I am glad that Chantelles baby shower went well and also I got a letter from Sarah Hiatt and she is engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for her. Sarah you cannot get married without me there, do you hear?!?!?!? Wait just a bit for me please. Well that is about all for you this week. I am still loving it. oh another thing that Elder Ochoa said is that we are going to cry when we have to take off our badge. I started crying right when he said that. I am so sad for that day. But it will all be great! Anyways have a great week and know how much I LOVE YOU ALL! cambio afuera. (over and out) Love, Hermana Parker

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