Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Well this week was great! We had a lot of great spiritual experiences. So on Wednesday we were able to go to Granada and do divisions with the sisters that are there. It was a lot of fun and we were able to help them feel a little bit more sure of themselves. They are working hard and we love them. We went with a family while we were there and we taught them for like a good hour and 15 minutes. They were really interested. We were able to set a baptisimal date with them. It was a great experience, the only thing is, I will never teach them again, too bad it was not my area right? But that is ok because as long as people are finding Christ that is ok with me :) ok so then on Friday night we met a family in our area and were able to teach them in their house. It was SO AMAZING! Seriously we felt the spirit soooo strong. After we left we were both so weak because we were spiritually drained. It was amazing. The spirit was definitely there in the lesson and we invited them to be baptized but they kept saying no, but then at the end they accepted and they were like yes, we need to do this. The guy works every other Sunday so we won't have their baptism until September or even October. I may not be here but I am so happy to see their desires to change. Yesterday, Sunday, we went to church and I was a little bit discouraged again because we haven't been having a lot of success, but then during testimony meeting a man named Juan, who is actually a man who we reactivated, him and his wife, and so he got up and bore his testimony for the first time in his 2 years of being a member. It was POWERFUL and I was sooooo happy. Then I thought, well, maybe we aren't having baptisms right now but look who we were able to help. And now him and his family are going to the temple this month for the first time and his wife and him are going to be sealed for time and all eternity. Then after church he came up to us and with the biggest smile I have ever seen said, I just barely received the Melchizedek Priesthood. I was soooooo happy for him. He was smiling so big all day long. We eat lunch at their house everyday and we are trying to help them a lot. In fact, the other week when we went to the Distribution center I bought them a poster of the temple to put up in their house. He will be a great leader someday.

Well, mom and dad, this week we had interviews and President gave me a special assignment, he told me that I have to have each of my parents send me a seperate email that you two would say about me if you were to brag about me. He said I then will print each letter off and tuck it into my scriptures. It was a cute idea, so if you could do that so that I can print it off next week I would love that. ALSO, I GOT A PACKAGE! It was the cutest bit of Yellerrrstone I ever did see. Thanks soooo much. I loved it, and so did my companion. THANKS soooo much. Also all the cute letters from the relatives were so great too. Thanks sooooooooooooooooo much. I was soooo happy. Today we went to a club because that same family I was just talking about, their son, who is like 30 but not a member teaches tennis lessons there in the club and so we invited our district and we all went over there and had a bbq and we played some tennis and we even took a class from him. He didn't charge us very much and it was super fun. I LOVED it. I hadn't played tennis forever. I got really winded super fast. Well, my email is super long but I had a lot to say. Hope you enjoy it. I love you all. Love Hermana Parker

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