Monday, February 4, 2013

January 28, 2013

HELLO!!!!!! Happy groundhogs day this Saturday!!!!!! I cannot believe I am having another birthday. My last bday was just barely here, I feel like! Time flies when you are preaching the gospel they say! Well actually they don´t say that, but I do. So guess what. I was the luckiest lil monkey this week and at our zone conference I received FOUR packages. I was a little in shock but I handled it well I think. I got one from Jen that was for Christmas and it was a great package! She is awesome! Also, I got 2 from mom and dad and one from Nat! So I saw one said there are things for valentines day and so I am guessing the other is for my birthday so I haven´t opened any yet! Thanks soooo much! The thing that I really miss is probs swedish fish. But other than that, the Nica food is just great... ya know, the rice.

We are going to try to pull off 5 baptisms this Saturday for my bday so pray for us and our investigators. We are having all of their interviews tomorrow and so we will see if they all pass. We have our baptism for Vladimir finally. He is sooo ready!!! Also we have one named Ronald and he is such a good guy and he has been coming to church and really likes it. He has been 4 times in church and wants to get baptized. We have Harvin, he is 32 and he is a good guy. He used to be into drugs and all of that but now he is doing better and he comes to church a lot. Then we have two children that are 12 and 13 and they have been coming all by themselves. Their mom is a member but never comes but they want to get baptized. We also have Nelson but he is having doubts so not sure if this Saturday will work. He was fine until we invited his son to be baptized too. He got all scared because he doesn´t want to send his son off on a mission. We read him Doctrine and Covenants 4 where it says those who have desire to serve are called to the work. He´s still not sure. But he is famous and he´s a singer here in Nicaragua I guess. He showed us all of his pictures. His wife and him are seperated right now because she wants him to change because he used to drink and party a lot. But we have been teaching him for about 2 and a half months and he is growing a lot so we will see what happens. He comes to church every Sunday and he is in Alma in the Book of Mormon. We shall see. We also have an investigador named Julio Castillo, he´s such a cute older man but he has a strong testimony and he comes every week for the past 3 weeks. We put a date for the 2 of Feb but he said that´s way too soon. So maybe a bit later. Those are all of our main investigators. They are sooo great. I love them all, and the members. We had a great Sunday yesterday and we brought 2 families and 10 people to church! The church was PACKED! I love seeing the church full.

To answer dad´s question... we live in a house with an older lady... we just have a room with a bathroom and sometimes we go outside on her hammocks if we have some free time. It´s a nice area and it´s close to our lunch appointment and everything. That´s awesome that Jennifer Howell is heading out soon. Tell the Stone´s congrats for me. Also Lauren said Colton just got his call. That´s awesome, he´ll do just great! Remember how I said that the people here talk a lot. hahaha Well, have you ever heard a run on sentence that goes on for 2 hours staight without a breath? That happened to us this week. we were trying to leave and we kept saying we had to go but this man just kept going and going... I kept looking at him worried because he wasn´t drinking water or anything just talking and talking. Wow. That was an experience. My comp and I still laugh about that whenever we think about it. Soooo funny. So this is very random but please don´t throw away any of my soccer shirts or anything like that. I was thinking of making a quilt when I get home. So this week was great and I just sent off another letter. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I loved how little Nate went and got mom a pillow for her knees. He´s sooo cute. Also, Josh, sorry you pulled your hamstring. Dang it. That´s too bad. Stretch out like dad always says. Hope Jordan had a good birthday. Tell the twins happy birthday for me on wednesday and that I love and miss them. Thanks everyone for the love and support!!!!! I will talk to you once I am one year older. ahhhhhh. Scary.. hahahaha love you alll sooooo much! Love Hermana Parker.

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