Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 25, 2013

MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!! Well this week has been fun and full of a lot of great things. The week went very well, we taught a lot. The weather is slowly getting hotter as each day goes by. I am not excited to be here in Managua for March and April. I think I will run out of sweat in this city. That´s awesome that you went to the Mexican restaurant and liked it. Welcome to the food that I eat here everyday... it gets old. hahahaha.

So on Saturday we had the baptism of Julio Castillo. It all went really well and we all felt the spirit. I have pictures but I left my camera at home so next week I will send some of that. We are supposed to have a baptism this Sunday but I am thinking the man needs a bit more preparation before. We shall see. We have an interview for another girl who has 25 years and she said she is ready and I think that she is but we will see what happens. Hopefully Saturday we will have another one. Well. That went great and then the elders had a baptism as well and so then on Sunday we had 2 confirmations and that was amazing. I love confirmations. Well, we had a bit of bad news this weekend. The family that we are teaching... she is a member and the guy isn´t . He wants to get baptized so bad so we have been trying to find a good lawyer and everything because she is still married to someone else but she really loves this other guy who she is living with and has a kid with. Anyways we are trying to help them so that he can get baptized. But we called in and they are saying it´s going to take a lot longer than we think. So we are hoping for the best with 2 months. We will see what happens.

So last night was super fun because we went to our last appointment and my good pal Hermana Creel called me and was like hey can we come stay the night in your apartment. I was like um yes come over!!!!! Their area is like 45 minutes away and we had to be in the church with our zone this morning at 7! So they came over and we got fed some pizza for dinner and we taught an investigator of ours and it all was super fun. Then we went home and just all talked and had a good time before we went to bed. This morning we got up early and met with our zone and studied the Book of Mormon together for a good hour and then we changed into our sports gear and went to this really nice park in Managua with the other zone and we all played soccer on turf and some basketball and it was super fun!!!!! Our zone is way awesome. All the elders make me laugh so hard and they are all great guys. I have always been super blessed with great zones! So while we were playing elder Bray... my zone leader... walks over to me and he said hey can I tell you something and I was like sure thing,thinking it was going to be like a secret or something because we always are just talking about everything. And he said hey do you wanna train, like what are your feelings about training? I was about to answer and then he´s like HEY everyone, HERMANA PARKER IS GOING TO TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha. Everyone went crazy. I guess I am the only one in my zone who will train. Wow. That was a surprise. So yeah, we have changes on the 6 of march and I will have a new little baby missionary walking around with me. I thought it was cool because Taylor is now training too. We will have a lot to talk about I am sure. I was a little scared at first, but now I am really excited and cannot wait for this new learning experience I am about to have.

Anyways, then today after the park we went to the mall with our zone and we all ate at mcdonalds and then I went looking for some more shoes. I bought some wayyyyy cute shoes and they are so comfortable. I am excited to wear them. Oh, but I took 40 dollars out but only spent 20.

I feel more grateful than ever to be sealed to my family for time and all eternity. I am so grateful for the chance that we have to overcome physical death and for the whole plan of salvation. I looked up our family tree this week and have a few questions. I wrote them down so maybe I will send them in a letter or something. I want you all to know that I LOVE the mission and I am doing my best to work hard. I have the amazing opportunity to feel the Holy Ghost guiding me and my companion daily. I am so thankful for the blessing to be a missionary. I love you all soooo much! Love, Hermana Parker Also, this week I got a letter and card and picture from Taylor for my birthday! I was laughing sooo hard, he is so cute. Also, Hermana Creel gave me a card with 5 pairs of way cute earrings and then I got a few letters from the families in my old area in Diria. So great. Love you all soooo much!!

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