Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

This is cute ol ronald

This is Vladimir. We call him Uncle Vladi

These are the kids we baptized. Jose and Alejondra

This is harvin... his girlfriend is a member. He´s 31.

The whole group!!!!!

So this is the whole group. And the guy in front is who baptized them all

Here is me acting like jack sparrow.

Another of us on the ship! hahahha we are crazy.

This is Elder Bray, Crisanto, me and my comp at my surprise party

Hello!!!!!! So this week was super great! On Tuesday we had 4 of our interviews to be baptized, and they all passed! It was amazing!!!!!!!! And then the other man said that he wasn´t ready, but I had been praying that we could meet our goal of having 5 baptisms and so then on Friday night we got a call from another investigator... Harvin. And he was like I want to get baptized tomorrow. I was in shock and I know that God was listening to my prayers. Wow!!!!!! It was a miracle. So then on Saturday for my birthday we had to go do his interview and he PASSED. And so then we got invited over to have lunch at this family´s house for my birthday and so we went over... just thinking it would be a small lunch and the Zone leaders Bray and Crisanto were there and they had all put up lots of balloons and there was a pinata and everything. I was so happy. They had a cake for me and we got to bust the pinata and everything. So fun!!!! Then we went to our baptism and it was sooo amazing seeing all 5 of them in white!!!!! Vladimir, Ronald, Harvin, Jose, and Alejondra! So great. I loved it. Then we sang as missionaries and I couldn´t help but start crying. It was powerful. Then we were actually invited for a second lunch!!! Gosh they sure know how to feed people here. So we went over there, ate and then started our fasts for Sunday! It was awesome. Such a great bday! They both had some cake and everything for me. It was great. Then the day before my bday we got invited over to celebrate at our recent converts house and our investigator Nelson, who is famous came over and sang and played the guitar. It was super fun and a great way to celebrate because they all went around and said things about me and how much they care about me. It was really sweet. Everyone here is always so impressed that I am away from my family for 18 months. So then on Sunday, which I guess was yesterday they all showed up to receive the Holy Ghost and it was so powerful. Then Vladimir got up and bore his testimony and we were so proud of him. The Stake Pres. said it was better than anyone´s testimony of the whole meeting. I cried. He has changed SOOOO much. The best thing ever. THEN! it gets better. Vladimir, Harvin, our recent convert Luis and Ronald all received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday too!!!!! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The church is growing and I am so happy to be helping in some form.

Oh so here is the thing... it´s actually very funny. I was waiting to open up my packages for my birthday and when I opened it on my bday it was actually a package from Christmas hahahahaha. It was like a way cute charm nativity bracelet and a brush from Nathan and some pictures and other cute stuff. hahaha It was so funny I just started laughing. It was sooo cute. I love you guys soooo much. But I should receive my bday package soon. Do not feel bad because I had a really great birthday and it was amazing and I had the wonderful gift of baptizing 5 people! Something I may never get to do again. It was great. Thanks sooooo much. I also received a valentines card from mom and dad and I choked back a few tears when I read how cute you two are. You are amazing. And the cute pics of you guys at the temple and lil Nate, Lauren and Josh. It was so great. So I got a package from Cottam this week and it had a shirt in it that said someone who loves you very much went to Arizona and got you this shirt. hahaha. It was sooo cute and lots of other things. Then I opened my package from Nat and had a cute journal and pens and candy and a cute card with pictures. It was great!!!!!!! Thanks everyone. Also Cottam is coming to Nicaragua this week so that will be fun for her. I am excited for you all to come. I was talking to my comp today about helping you guys out when you get here because you won´t know Spanish hahaha. She might come pick you guys up at the airport and all that. We´ll talk more about it later when you guys are closer to coming. Well. I had a great week. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you allll so much. I fasted for you all this week and I know that you will be protected and happy. Love always, Hermana Parker. I will send pictures right now! Enjoy.

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