Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 4, 2013

Julio's Baptism

My District

Well... this is my day today... picture this... Me laying out on a towel in our back porch sipping on some fruit juice, listening to a little church music, and reading the liahona. ahhhh. Was the best morning. I just felt like getting some sun today (not like I don´t get sun everyday but ya know... just a little relax time). My comp was packing and so I just went outside and it was so nice! Then we went out to lunch with our district. I love our district we have a ton of fun together. After lunch we went out to this way nice ice cream place... yes there are some benefits of living in Managua. Even though it´s 97 degrees and roasting outside... well and inside as well. Today an elder in my district was telling me that this week the weather is supposed to be about 97 degrees all week. He was like they forgot to tell us about the humidity and the Spanish. hahahaha. He is from Utah too and has less time than me so he still is all worried about the Spanish. It was super funny. hahaha.

So if I could say the best thing that happened from this week it would be going to Stake conference. You might think that´s a bit weird but here is why it was sooo special! Because 4 of our recent converts RECEIVED the Melchizedek priesthood!!!!! Yep, Luis, Vladimir, Ronald and Julio! It was sooo powerful, they were all up there sitting next to each other in their white shirts and ties that they all recently bought. wow. They are sooo happy and I am super proud of them. What an amazing experience. I wish I could share that feeling with you guys. It was pure spirit in the church yesterday. Well this week we had interviews with President and that was nice. He basically just called me in and asked me how I was feeling about being a trainer and then he said I wanted to personally talk to you about your talk that you gave last Sunday. And he said that I am a great teacher and that he likes how I am always smiling and that he knows that people listen to me because of my personality. He told me that my Spanish was amazing in my talk (which was completely the spirit, so thanks to Him). hehe. And he said from that point he knew I was ready to train. I asked for a blessing and that was very powerful as well. I am sooo happy in the mission field. Honestly, it really is sooo much fun. I love the mission and the power that I have as a missionary. Then after my interview I had to go straight to a training that I had for training hahaha. We learned a bunch of things and did some practices and they sent us on our way. It was funny because after that I went with my zone and we had a conference with the mission nurse. She started talking about dog bites and all that stuff. One of the warnings for dogs was to never make eye contact with them. hahahahahahaha. For some reason that makes me laugh. I was thinking to myself... well that didn´t help me before but ok thanks for trying.

Yesterday we went to this house to give an investigator a blessing with our district leaders. Her husband decided that he wanted one too and then their son comes out... and I will be honest when I say he isn´t an ugly guy... hahaha so he comes out and gets a blessing and then when we got up to leave he went to give me a kiss and I was like oh woahhh this is awkward... so I mean I casually dodged that and went on my way as red as ever. THAT was scary. hahaha. His parents were just laughing... don´t worry, it was only on the cheek he was aiming for but still we cannot do that with boys. Goodness. hehe. Well that is all that I have for the week. By the next time you hear from me I will have my new little 19 year old companion. Don´t worry I will treat her good! Thanks for all the prayers and the emails.

Oh! Also I received a letter from a girl named Lisa and she is coming to this mission. I wrote her back... so if you are reading this thanks for the letter and be expecting another!!!!!! Have a great week. Sending a huge hug and kiss from Nica town. Over and out. Love Hermana Parker.

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