Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 18, 2013

Wow I got two great emails from my two loving parents. Thank you soooo much. Sounds like things in the good ol Hurricane are going great!!!!! Well this week sped by. I was talking with my companion and we have no idea where the time went! We are working hard and having fun. She is super cute and laughs a lot. Like its nice having someone laughing at my jokes once again. hahahaha. We are helping each other with English and with Spanish a lot and we are growing as a companionship. We have our nightly prayers and hugs before we go to bed. Last night there was like a huge party in our neighbors house and so all we heard was like music from the real world until 3 am. THAT was fun. hahahah. My comp and I just kept laughing because we were so annoyed!!!!

Well this week has been AMAZING! I don´t know if you already knew, but the temple dedication for the Hondurus temple was yesterday. It was broadcasted only to Hondurus and Nicaragua because we don´t have a temple yet. But it was a fun experience. On Saturday we went to the church for an activity and it was a broadcast of the cultural dances and stuff in Hondurus, which was way cool because Elder Uchtdorf and Jeffrey R. Holland were there. Which was crazy that dad mentioned Holland´s talk because when I was listening to Holland I was thinking about dad because he is a lot like dad, super humble and has an amazing spirit. And they always talk about their cute wives, just like how dad always talks about my cute mom!!!! I love my parents!! Anyways, that was super spiritual because there was a part when they had this skit and they were singing the "Army of Helaman" and all these future missionaries came out with their Books of Mormon and started singing and everyone just started crying it was sooo spiritual. Then at the end they were singing "Families Can Be Together Forever" and my nose started making the little sniffling sound... which it always does when I am crying. Dang it, I was trying to hide my feelings hahaha. Anyways, then on Sunday we showed up for the first session because we were only allowed to pick one of the 3 for the dedication and it was SO amazing. Elder Uchtdorf did an amazing job and I felt the spirit soooo strong. There was this time when we all started singing "The Spirit of God" and I felt the spirit soooo strong and usually when this happens I just start crying and cannot sing but I had tears streaming down my cheeks and I was still singing like normal. It was super amazing. and many of my converts were there and they all had a great time. It was sooooo GREAT! Then last night we invited members to invite their friends over and we watched the testaments with members, less actives, and nonmembers. everyone cried. My comp and I shared our testimonies and then we were done for the night. Yesterday was filled with the spirit and I am so grateful for these experiences. I realized I really have missed the temple. Cannot wait to go again soon!!!!!

Also, I got a few dear elders and also a letter from Grandpa and Linda! Thanks soooo much. I wrote everyone back today so they should all be getting letters in about 2 weeks. Today it is 98 degrees. A little hot if you ask me. But at least they all say that this is the worst month and after this month... if I endure it well, I will have a great Nicaragua winter after this... so like 95 degrees is what I am trying to say. hahaha.

Well this last week my district leader called and was like you and your comp have the lesson for this week... I was thinking um, I just gave it a week ago... and then I was like it´s better just to accept it and move on. So then the next morning, which was a day before the lesson he calls and said ok so now it´s just you and the zone leaders are going to come watch you. I was like WHAT! hahaha. But acted like I wasn´t a nervous wreck. Then that night... night before my lesson he calls and said ok, so don´t be nervous but President is going to be there as well and you need to have a 20 minute lesson and 30 minutes worth of practices. Ummmmm that´s when I was like is this some sort of a joke. hahaha So I prepared my lesson SUPER well and then the next day Pres. couldn´t go so it was just the zone leaders. I did super well because I was prepared. I am glad that he said Pres. was going to be there because it made me push myself.

Anyways... Mom I know that you worry about me and Tay all the time but you don´t have to! Honestly don´t worry. We are safe, we are missionaries of the Lord. We are protected. We are prayed for daily throughout the whole world. We are here to learn and grow. I haven´t gotten my Easter package yet but I cannot wait to get it. We are doing super great. On Saturday we were supposed to have an interview for a baptism, he texted our phone last minute and told me he was chickening out. I sat there very discouraged not knowing what to do, I said a prayer to calm myself down and then I called him and I gave him a few scriptures to read. He really needed our help. He finished the Book of Mormon this week and now is in section 50 of Doctrine and Covenants. He knows the Church is true but is a little scared. We are having his interview on Wednesday. Pray for him. He´s a good man. Well, I need to get off now. I love you allllllll soooo much! Cannot believe how amazing my fam is! Lauren sent me pics of everyone. You all look as good as ever! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love Hermana Parker

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