Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 11, 2013

WELL well well. This is Hermana Parker speaking. I would like all out there to know that I am a new mother (trainer) and I love it! So on Tuesday the assistentes to the President called us and said that we were going to work with the new missionaries. So we went to pick them up and there were 3 new sisters and only 3 new elders too. One of the sisters is from Boise and then there were two more. So I knew that one of the other two would be my new companion. So we just got to work with one... and so Hermana Vanegas and I were like ok come with us... to a sister named Hermana Fuentes and so we worked with her all day and it was super fun. Well anyways, we were all there picking the new sister up and I walked into the church and I looked over to my left and I started screaming.... The lady who always made us dinner in my first area was there at the church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were hugging for like 5 minutes and I was just crying. She was too. It was such a special moment!!!! I was sooo happy. They are all excited to see us all again in 6 and a half months. Anyways, then we walked in and I was talking to an Elder and then this Elder walks over and he is like wait you are from Hurricane. and I said yeah where are you from. And he said Cedar. I asked if he played sports he said basketball. I was like do you know my little brother Taylor Parker he said... hmmmm hold on and pulled out his camera and I was like there is no way he has a picture of Taylor. And then he shows me a pic of Tay and him with their arms around each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooooooooo happy. I ran around showing everyone the camera saying this is my brother!!!!!!!! Soooo happy. The Elder was like I never made that connection wow! I guess they used to guard each other. His name is Elder Payne and he is tall with red hair. I am sure dad will remember him. Anyways, he is going to send me the picture so that I can keep it forever hahahaha. That was amazing!!!!!

Well so then Tuesday we worked in a trio and so that was fun with another new sister. Anyways, Wednesday morning came and it was our changes so we went to changes bright and early and they called up all the trainers and then they started announcing who is going to be our new comp and they called Hermana Parker with Hermana Fuentes!!!! hahahaha the same sister that we worked with the day before. She is from Panama. I took a picture but I don't have my cord right now to plug in. Next Monday though for sure. She is 20 and she is very sweet. She works hard and we have fun together. Right now she is actually sick so she can't talk because she lost her voice. I think it's because she was in the mtc in Guatemala and now she is in Nicaragua... in Guatemala right now its colder... a lot colder than here. Anyways she knows my first district leader from Panama... the one in all my pictures. the one that gave me the stuffed animal monkey!!!!!! Soooo awesome. ALSO I saw Elder Wiscombe, my best friend in the mission and he gave me a picture of him that I guess he had been meaning to give to me. It's of him and his companion with their sunglasses on. I will show you all later. Also Elder Bray got changed so that has been super sad because he was also one of my best pals here in the mission. He emailed me today so that was nice to at least hear from him.

Also, I received 2 packages in change meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! I got one from Hermana Cottam! Thanks soooo much Annie James Cottam.! And also I got one from you guys! The one from Cottam had a few pictures of Jesus and some paper so that I can write to people and then it had swedish fish and a big chocolate bar. so great!!!!! And a little letter. She is sooo cute. Then I opened the cutest package from my family and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! Thanks soooooo much. The cute little monkey and I loved the shirt. I wore it to church yesterday and also more SWEDISH fish. Goodness I love those things. And the cute little bobble head frog. That was sooo cute!!!!! And the cute card. Goodness. Thanks soooo much I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. also another thing happened... so in change meeting I was on the program to lead the music... so the first hymn was just normal and whatever but the last hymn was sooo funny because in changes we have one verse in Spanish and then the second in English and then the third in Spanish and if there is more it will continue in that pattern... well there were only 3 verses so the first in Spanish and then the second in English and the third in Spanish... so when those three were over I just started walking back to my seat and I heard the music start up again hahahahahaha. So I was already over to the other side of the microphone (because I was over on the side with the piano on the opposite side while I was leading) and I just stopped where I was and started leading again.... I looked around and EVERYONE was laughing sooooo hard. Even down to President and his wife. It was soooo funny. Anyways it was funny I will have to explain it better in person.

Well I hope that you are all having a lot of fun in California!!! I am loving the mission. The other day I got home from working and I just was thinking... wow this is so awesome being a missionary and preaching the Gospel. It really is amazing and we really do have the power of God. I feel it with me everyday. As missionaries the scriptures say that we are ONLY to teach through the spirit, if we are not teaching with the spirit we shall not teach. I Testify that that is true. I am grateful to feel the guidance of the spirit daily. Thanks for all the love and support. Also I got letters from Fro and Sarah Hiatt!!!! Also a bunch from the family. Thanks sooo much. You are always in my prayers. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love Hermana Parker

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