Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 21, 2013

HELLO!!!! hi hi hi. Wow I just LOVE getting emails from the family. How blessed I really am!!!!! Soooooooo I would first like to say a little about dad´s email! First, thanks so much dad. You are so spiritually strong. I liked your email a lot. The funny thing is, that on Friday early in the morning I was wanting to read a story in the Ensign and so I opened up the table of contents and the one I picked was the EXACT one that you spoke on in your talk on Sunday! By Elder Uchtdorf. Of regrets and resolutions. I took notes on it and I cried when I read it. I was feeling the spirit so strong and now I know why, because my very own dad had the same beautiful message in his heart too! Wow! It´s so true, even though we are far away, we are very close in the heart. I love you dad. Thanks for being you. Mother dear, thanks sooo much for your email as well. You always do know how to make me so grateful for the things that I have. Such a positive and caring person, thanks for your love. I will never forget our phone call when we just were crying and laughing and you just kept saying, Court I love you SO MUCH! hahahaha. The cutest thing ever.
Well, besides having the best parents and family ever I have some more news from the week. First, Saturday we had a baptism and it was VERY spiritual. The girl´s name is Carolina (I will be sending a pic today if i can figure out this computer here ). But, anyways she got dressed in all white and then we went to take a few pictures and I looked over at her and there were tears streaming down her face. It was sooo powerful, everyone could feel her joy. Then she got baptized and her boyfriend is a member, so right before he gave a really good talk and they are going to get married. So it was sooo cute. And he was bawling. It was so cute. And then she got baptized and after had the chance to give her testimony and it was so great. She said she knows the church is true and even though it´s hard because all of her family is Catholic and didn´t come to see her get baptized she knows that one day they will accept the gospel. Also, we told her that it will be ok because it always starts with one and then because of her all of her family and their families will be able to have the gospel in their lives. Anyways, Sunday was good and we had a very great class. 
I finally sent off Jordan´s package today so it will be late obviously, but let him know I sent it. I had to get permission to go into a different zone to send it. So I finally got to that today. Also, I sent a bunch of letters to people like on the first but I don´t think they have been sent out yet. Sorry to everyone! I wish they could have gotten out sooner. Just a few thank you notes and stuff like that. I have not received letters or packages since like a week before Christmas. It´s a really slow month for the post office but I think it should start back up soon. My Zone Leader said hopefully Tuesday we will receive a few things. Oh hey, that´s tomorrow!! 
So my comp and I right now are without a cell phone. The other night this car pulled up along side of us and I was like what´s going on... good thing the Elders (our zone leaders ) jumped out of it and told us they just got robbed! So I guess what happened is that a guy came up behind them holding a gun in his pants I guess and then told them to give him everything. It wasn´t a ton that he took just like a CTR ring from Elder Crisanto and their cell phone and a few hundred cords from Elder Bray. So they have our phone because they have to report numbers and all that for the whole zone. So I think we´ll get it back tomorrow. They live in a really dangerous area. I am thankful nothing happened and that nothing like that has happened to us... but if it does I am completely prepared with my karate class I have been taking. :) Well. I love you all sooo much! I better go. but I love you all, have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love Hermana Parker. Thanks for the happy hump day and tell Jordan happy birthday for me! love you alll!!!!!!!!!!!!

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