Monday, January 21, 2013

January 14, 2013

My fav stuffed animals. The owls and the bear are from my parents, the snowman from Josh, the lil monkey from Nate and the bigger monkey from my old district leader from panama.

The 2 cutest little girls ever...I love these girls!

All of the missionaries that were able to participate in SOY (EFY)

Hello there familia Parker!!!!!! How is everything going over there in the beehive state. I heard it´s a cold chicken. Too bad I haven´t been able to feel such great weather!!! hahahah. It´s still a roasting high over here in Nicaragua. But it´s great. I like it here a lot. We had a lot of success this week! We were able to get 9 people to church yesterday and they all just went all by themselves, we didn´t have to go to their houses before and pester them. So this week was very long and exhausting but so great too!!! On Tuesday we had a huge zone training. President came with his assistants and all we did was practice practice practice from 8 in the morning until 5 at night... with a lunch break at 12 until 12 30. It was a very long day but I learned SOOO much. We just took turns acting as missionaries and investigadores and they told us what we needed to change and what we were doing good. It was sooo long. Then when we got home that night I was SO tired that I was in bed right at 10 and then the phone rang... and my comp answered and was saying ok so we need to be there tomorrow at 8, thanks sooo much for this opportunity. I was thinking... oh no, what opportunity. So then she gets off the phone and tells me that we got picked by our zone leaders to go participate in SOY (it´s EFY for Nicaragua) where they go for a week and learn and everything. So we got picked... Pres told every zone leader to choose a companionship and they thought that we were doing really well and picked us. So what we did was we went to the university where it was held and we just taught little 10 minute trainings with the youth, and then they rotated and then we taught the same thing over and over. It went on throughout the whole day and it was a lot of fun!!! We really got to have fun with the youth and help them want to serve missions!!! It was funny because one of the teachers was sharing a story and said when he was young someone said you´re a Mormon right? What do you believe in? And he´s like we believe in Jesus, God, and the Holy Ghost. and then he was like AND WE BELIEVE IN FAMILIES!!!! hahahahaha. We were all laughing so hard. It was so cute! So that was fun and it was cool to be one of the few missionaries to get to participate. President was there and it was fun!

So our investigator Vladimir passed his interview with President but cannot get baptized until the 2 of Feb!!! That day sounds sooo familiar... maybe cuz it´s my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah it will be great to be there seeing this man get baptized. He really has learned so much and grown a ton! He is very happy and likes coming to church. This week we were really blessed because yesterday we had another baptismal interview and it´s a complete family. Her boyfriend is a member and they are going to get married right after her baptism so it´s this Saturday.. her name is Carolina and she is so ready! She´s way smart and super awesome!

Yesterday I was able to watch the devotional for young single adults. We brought some investigadores and it was broadcasted from BYU. The guy that conducted the devotional was my old Stake President from BYU. It was sooo awesome seeing him there on the big screen all the way over here in Nica town. His name is President Shollenburger. He was super funny, I remember. So yeah that was cool. Elder Uchtdorf spoke and I took some great notes. He´s such a powerful man!!!!!

Let the Jensen´s know that I will be praying for Zach. That´s such a bummer. Hopefully he´ll get to Mexico soon!!!! Also this week we watched the Mount of the Lord. And it was powerful. How wonderful it is to have temples here on earth. So blessed!!!!!!!! Well! It was so great hearing from you. Thanks sooo much for the email and I am excited for the packages! Let Jordan know that I will be sending a b-day gift soon! Hopefully it gets there soon. If not I apologize! Miss and love you all! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Stay warm and sip some hot coco for me. Love Court. P.S. That is so neat that that sister, Sister Frodsham will be coming from St. George! Tell her to be prepared to have some fun! Get some comfortable shoes and buy lots of lightweight clothes. That will be super cool! She will love it!

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