Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 23, 2012

Mom and dad! Thanks for the emails. I enjoyed reading them both. First, today the zone leaders came to spend pday with us. it was fun, we played soccer and then we made pancakes together and played uno. then after uno they went to get a movie and we were just sitting there where we usually eat lunch and this dog (one that i see everyday cuz we always have lunch there) came up to me and just started growling, i didnt think anything of it because usually it chases all the ducks. so then 2 others came running around the corner and barking at me. one was this huge black one. i jumped up and just started screaming. the black one grabbed ahold of my leg and i just started kicking and i was freaking out. hahaha. anyways... long story short... i am ok!!!!!!!!! hahaha i was wearing sweats so it could have been a lot worse. i was really lucky. the man in the next house ran out and chained the dogs up and i have a hole in my sweats and a nice little gash but its not too bad. i got it all cleaned up and it is ok now. I guess now i can just laugh at it and try to be more careful. Dont worry though please because im ok, i just wanted to tell you the story. anyways for my package... just please send some kind of snack from the us. there is nothing good here. just music and if you can some pictures. thats all!!!! if not thats totally fine!!!! Ok so guess what!!!!! I SAW ANOTHER MONKEY this week!!!! Im sorry i havent gotten pictures of them, its because im always on the bus when i see them and we pass too fast for me to grab my camera. this one was a different kind though... it had a huge long tale and was a lot bigger than the last one. it was just walking about next to an old tire in the forest. hahaha no big deal. And guess what... thursday president of my branch called and said i had a talk sunday... so yeah i was a little stressed. then that same night the zone leader called and said you are in charge of the game in our meeting which was friday and it had to be in spanish in front of the whole zone. so that night i think i prayed like a thousand times. i was a bit stressed. but the game was a success and everyone had fun and then my talk yesterday was great and everyone UNDERSTOOD it. yes, and i was speaking in spanish!!!!! Goodnesss i was so happy. it was on family night. which was easy for me because i already have a huge testimony on it. were you able to go to the playmill and see a play!!!!! what play did you see if you were able to?!?!? thats so neat!!!! So thanks everyone for the letters, and thanks to dave and nat and fro and haley. I really appreciate it. I cannot believe how happy i get when i receive letters. and i got 12!!!! hahahahahah all the elders were laughing so hard. my district leader is like my favorite person on the mission. we are super good friends and i dont even know his language. hes a good support to me so its nice to have people like that. my zone leader and him are my very favorite latinos. they are so funny and we all like to play soccer so its always fun with them. I heard tay is District leader now. wow, that is so great!!!! his emails are always so nice to get, along with all of yours. how was yellowstone this year?!?!? Anyways... greatest news of all!!!!! Guess who is improving??!?!?!?!? yep, ME!!!!! so thursday and friday i dont even know what happened but i didnt even let me companion take over during the lesson. I seriously just taught all the lessons those days. My spanish was just shooting out of my mouth and i have no idea how that even happened. seriously though it was crazy. My comp announced it at the dinner table on friday night it was funny. But really i know that i still have a ton to improve on but that was a sign that i needed. that i really can do this. and i will. it was so fun just to talk and talk and talk... and in spanish. i know it will come and im excited for another week. so also on sunday we met a guy from LA and we started talking and i gave a lesson in english... but hes a scientologist and was sooooooo into believing in reincarnation and all of that stuff. seriously was soooo hard to teach him. but at the end was me asking him what do you have against reading the BOM?!?! i said you read all these other books about other religions but not the BOM and then he was silent and i was like listen, if you read this book i know for a fact that you can know the truth of all things but you need to read it and you need to be sincere about it. he promised he would read it and pray. he has a country home here and gave me his card for after the mission if we ever decide to come back!!!! WE watched 17 miracles yesterday and everyone cried. such a good movie. oh... and we found a baby scorpion in our house today!!! not fun at all!!! anyways. Hasta proximo lunes. Yo estrano y amo usted mucho. Con amor, Hermana Parker.

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