Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 10, 2012

Mother and father!!!! I enjoyed reading both of your emails and hearing a little bit about the olympics and hawaii. um... first and foremost!!!!!!!!! This week was fantastic in every single way. First, thurs night I received the package from family franco!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! i have never been so happy to receive anything. it was better than christmas. I was so happy thanks so much. everything was perfect. I loved the sweets and the meds and the cds and the SHIRT!!!! goodness thanks so much i really appreciate it. and then nat sent that keychain that I LOVE!!!! thanks nat! And all of your letters and grandmas cd. thank you everyone. so guess what... on wednesday night the zone leader called me and was like you have an assignment... flip i about cried. then he said i had a presentation in our zone conference which was on friday... so i was sooooo scared. and it had to be for 20 minutes and NEVER do other people besides the zone leaders ever talk in zone conferences. they are the only ones that have lessons so i was freaking out. then i got so stressed that for the first time in the mission i broke down crying. i was just feeling like i couldnt do it. i was so stressed. then my comp came over to me and said hermana parker. you can do this. there is a reason it is you doing this and no one else. the savior believes in you. president of the mission believes in you. then all of a sudden i felt super calm and i felt like rocky or someone i was like on top of the world with all this confidence. it was such a great experience and guess what happened. friday passed and i did it and now its over and i am so proud of myself and i have grown a bit more. i know these moments only help me. it was scary. so then after that... i received the OTHER package... the first one you sent... with the card and mascara and sweets and stuff!!!!! WHAT!!!!! hahahahahahah two days in a row and i got 2 packages. thanks thanks thanks. i was soooo happy. thanks so much. thanks for the support i love it. and the photo album is so funny i love it thanks mom and dad. so then guess what... on friday night i was sitting planning for the next day with my comp and there was an earthquake!!!! an EARTHQUAKE!!!! it wasnt that bad and only lasted for a little bit it was so scary. i guess there were 2 that day but the first we were in granada so i never felt it. wow. but all is well and nothing else happened. also this week we are supposed to have our baptism with family gonzalez. all three of them. BUT they need to get married first!!! so we are working on them. but they came to church and things are definitely progressing with them. They are amazing. and i know they are nervous so we are working and working hard. This could be it. I want this for them more than anything!!!! So I am so glad you got to go to hawaii together. thats so great. i love how great your marriage is and i want the exact same thing for my future marriage. thanks for your example always. thats cool you met those missionaries and that you went on that awesome bike ride. how incredible. pray for bianca, josefa, and humberto. hopefully i can email with a few baptisms next week. spanish is coming along and i am learning to love love love. i just am so glad to be here with tay!!!! Thanks for everything. i hope you are having fun in Hawaii!!!!! until nicaragua!!! hahahaha really though you need to come! Love you both so much!!!! Thanks for everything!!! Love court

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