Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 13, 2012

Mom and Dad!!!! Thanks so much for the emails. Dad, thanks for all the olympics updates. I took a picture so that I can read them all tonight! I really appreciate that. Did you guys have fun in Hawaii! Thank you for all of the prayers. Yes, Tay just wrote and said he's zone leader. Of course he's zone leader. He's the next Prophet! That man is my inspiration and there is nothing better than to be serving this mission together. This week was super great and we had 3 famililes preparing to come to the church with us... and guess what happened on Sunday!!!!??? A big fat 0 showed up. I was soooooooooo sad. I was so sad. hahaha but you know life goes on and we keep working. But here is the good news. 6 of our 9 converts came! Which is HUGE because they never come and we have been working hard to gain their confidence and help their faith more!!! So yeah, it has all been good. That's so awesome that that little girl got baptized. What a special little girl. The family that we are really close to having baptisms with... the Gonzalez family the little girl is 8 and in our lesson we asked if they believed in the Book of mormon and she raised her hand and said I sure do. I know this book is true and I love the prophet Nephi!!!!!! hahahahah I was smiling from ear to ear and I about started bawling just at that. She has such a strong testimony. She said why does God always answer my prayers so fast but hasn't answered my parents yet. hahaha and then we said how do you know your prayers have been answered and she said when I pray my heart pounds and pounds so fast and I feel so happy. Um... thats the cutest thing in the world huh!?!?!?!? gosh that just melted my heart. Heavenly father sure does love his little children. Well, I would love to send pictures but it seems this computer doesnt have a spot for my memory card so i think i will be sending this memory card home next week and then could you send it back. I dont need more than 50 and I am still fine right now so I won't be using the debit card yet. thanks so much for doing that for me. Are you all planning to come here when its done!!! wow, yes, I have been out for 4 months and guess what!!!! In september I only have a year left. This has flown by!!!! I cannot believe how fast it has gone. Nicaragua is so hot. I am finally having my first changes next wednesday so I will have a new companion but we are thinking that I will stay in this area. thanks for sending another package. I am sooooo blessed. Tay and I were talking about how blessed we are to be in this wonderful family. I hope more than anything that by us being out that our family is being blessed. Dad, are you liking school this year? and mom, are you sad that all the kids and dad are going back to school? I bet you are. Yes, the earthquake was cool... it has been raining SOOOOOO much here. Like sometimes it rains all day long. Yesterday we couldn't cross the street at this one street because it was literally a river. So we waited it out at the church and actually couldn't work for the last 3 hours of the night. hahahahah. I love this crazy country. its so weird though. EVERYTHING is different. Today I got my card that makes me a legal citizen here!!! I LIVE IN NICARAGUA!!!! so funny. I am really happy. its hard... everyday is hard. every day but I know this is helping me grow... I know im supposed to be here. I got a letter from Brittni Vawdrey and grandma Parker this week! Let her know thanks so much and I will write soon! I miss everyone. I love you guys!!!!!!! Until next week. Also, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. this church is true :)

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