Friday, August 24, 2012

August 20, 2012

hellowwwww!!!!! hahahah so this week not a whole lot happened. Obviously it was a great week but still no baptism! It's hard cuz now my comp is leaving and now it won't be the same with them but I hope they can learn to trust my new comp and that we can get a baptism! I want this for them so bad! Anyways it sounds like everything is going great! I just sent off a letter to you and to lolo because i was practicing my spanish so you will see I guess! Also I sent my memory card and I hope that it gets there safe because there was no way that I could transfer my pictures to anything unless I used up all of my pday email time doing so... but I would rather write you guys so lets just hope and pray! Also I sent a little post card so I hope that you like it. It was cool to talk to you guys back and forth a little bit. That's so awesome that Kizzy is here playing volleyball! I have no idea where she would be. Probably on the rich tourist beach that I will never see in my time here because missionaries are not allowed and no one is serving in that area. Today was so much fun! We had a picnic as the 4 of us in my district and then we played football and frisbee! It was so hot and I wanted to jump into the lake! We were at lake Nicaragua but I decided I better not that I could probably wait 13 more months to do so! How fast the mission is going. This last change sped by. I hope that I like my new companion that I get this wednesday in the morning. Tonight we are having a huge family night with all of the members in my area because my comp is leaving most likely so it's a party for her. My zone leader ends his mission wednesday and thats kinda sad. I loved him, he was so great. He is from granada. Today we ran into a bunch of drunks at the beach and I was like pretending not to know spanish! That was hard. I was like almost answering the questions and stuff it was fun to think that I know this much language already. Sounds like stake conference was really good. Thank you sooo much for all the prayers. Seriously there are miracles in every day life we just need to look for them and realize that they are truely gifts. I feel the spirit is on my side helping me in every single lesson. The other day we found this house... which I didn't really ever want to go proselyting in because they have this crazy dog and I am scared of them now. haha so finally I took out my umbrella and started swinging and then we found a family! And as you know families are super important for us to contact and teach and all. President stresses it all the time! Anyways so we taught them and I found out she was actually baptized when she was 14 but doesn't remember anything about our church! Anyways so yeah that was cool. We are starting to teach them and hopefully they will progress. This next week will be a huge change for me so please keep me in your prayers and know that you are all in my prayers every day! I miss you all so much and I will see you in a very short 13 months! I took a video of the monkey and its screeching and stuff so funny. But I cant send it today but I hope you like my memory card and there is a video on that of me in the mtc when I knew like 5 spanish words it's hilarious to watch now a days. I love you and I am also glad that Tay is doing good. We write every week and he is sooo great. I cant wait for our block parties when I get home. and to sing when the ants go marching down to the ground! hahaha I think about that song a lot here because there are thousands of ants everywhere. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!! hasta next week. Amor, su hija hermana Parker

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