Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 30, 2012

Mom and Dad!!!! First, I was just laughing so hard when i read about dad eating all the huckleberries. funny because i was talking to an elder in my district today about how much i love huckleberries. dad and i are so alike its funny. but mom and josh, i heard you guys hit some jackpots and thats awesome. We will need to go when i get back!!! Don't worry dad, that didn't make me home sick. Its really hard to get homesick here because we constantly are thinking of what our investigators need. So dont worry you can tell me whatever. I like to hear what is going on over there in the us. Don't worry, the dog bite is fine and i made sure the dog had its shots but now i am a bit scared of them but i think thats good to be cautious. Ao... the family that had a date thought that the date was too soon so now we are pushing it back but then the lady, her sister got surgery on sunday so they went to the hospital with her so she couldnt go to church and so now its pushed back again!!! ANDD the thing that stinks is that they are not married so they need to get married before the baptism but we have been teaching them a lot and this week is the law of chastity so i hope it works out and they decide to be married. we have another family that is very interested as well... and they even came to church...BUT he is still married to someone in costa rica and just lives with this other lady and they have a baby. they are super pilas... which means smart. and they are super into what we are teaching but its going to be really hard. a lot of people are like that. so many people either are not married or they are but are not divorced so it creates problems. its hard as a missionary because its kind of heartbreaking. I had a true humbling experience this week. there is a recent convert that has been drinking a lot lately and he is very innactive and we were going to teach him and i keep saying to myself please dont let him be there I dont want to teach him I am scared of him. and then he was there. So I went in with kind of a bad attitude and then he went off and started crying and telling us he wants to repent but he feels so ashamed and all this stuff and i was like wooooahhhhh! I was so wrong and i repented that night because i knew that he needed us. We were able to help him and he is going to talk to president of our branch soon and see what he can do to clean up. His family is so cute i want them to be happy. so we had a great opportunity this week!!!!! Hermana payne who is a sister who went on a mission 6 years ago but her brother is in our mission and is our AP well she is in all of the preach my gospel videos. she was specially trained by the people who put together preach my gospel and she is in all the videos that every missionary watches. so taylor and everyone... she was able to come and we had a whole day with her. it was intense. it started at 8 and we were done at 5!!!! She talked and we did practices and then we just talked and talked and talked. it was on the holy ghost. the whole thing!!!! Because the holy ghost is soooooo important!!!! Just from that i grew so much and I learned how to be so much better when i teach! Such a great chance that we had to be able to go to that. and it was in english and we had to help translate for our comps!!!! which I think I did pretty well!!!!!!!!! We are learning and working soooo much. The work is so good though. I am growing. even from in the mtc i am so different. i got a letter from whit this week thanks so much whit!!!! i will be sending you a letter super soon so thanks!!!! Today was fun we watched tangled with our district. our district is awesaome!!!!! Ah so sister Franko is amazing!!!! S he was so sweet and I can't believe how much she is doing for our family. what a blessing. Thanks so much for the package i cant wait to get it and all the stuff from the family and yellowstone. And I am so glad jeff went with you guys to the cabin. and i hope Danielle is doing good. She has great potential. also!!!!!! Drowsy chaperone!!! That's the best play ever we will need to see lots when i get back!!!! Also mom, i am so glad that you and grandma got to go to lunch I pray for her every day and I am so happy to hear that. I know we are receiving many blessings. Tell her thanks for everythinhg. Also, thanks for the package!!!! I will look forward to getting it. No haven't received handwritten letters yet because our next zone conference isn't until like a week or 2 and that is when we get them. There are only 2 every 6 weeks soooo yeah!!! Tay sounds to be doing so good!!! LOVE YOU ALLL SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! hasta luego. Estoy feliz y todo esta bien. Estoy agradacido por mi familia y la oportunidad hacer servicio por nuestro padre celestial. LOVEEEE YOU!!!!

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