Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013

Entonces.... this week has been super crazy but SOOOOO great. First, something way funny, my district leader called last night and said their power went out because the Catholic church was having a huge throw down and so the whole city didn't have power because the power at the church was so huge... it's like in the movie Christmas Vacation when all the power of the whole town goes out when the christmas lights are on at the house. Anyways, that was just something I thought was funny. Well this week I traveled to 2 different areas to work with the other sisters. On Tuesday I went to Monte Fresco. It's an area that is actually pretty cold and I really liked it. I actually like the city a lot more than the country and it was more country but my area I am in is the city mostly and my old area as well. My first area was like Monte Fresco, it was country and colder. But yeah, I went with Sister Watson, she is from Nicaragua and we are really great friends so we had a lot of fun together and we worked really hard and threw a few sticks at the Chiuaua dog that was chasing us. hahahah.
Anyways, then on Thursday I got to go back to my old area ALTAGRACIA and work with my very own Hija!!!! Hermana Fuentes. That was sooooo FUN! She was sooo cute. When I got there she had grape juice that she had bought for me and grapes and grape candies (she knows that I love all the grape stuff here) also she bought me a huge sticker of Belle the princess because she knows I love disney movies and that I love Beauty and the Beast. Then she opened up a little package and she bought me this way nice keychain that is of Minnie Mouse. It was SOOOO cute. And then I really like gardettos (its like the chex mix) but she knows that I only like the giant brown things in them and so she gave me a big plastic ziploc bag with just the giant brown things that she had carefully picked out from the 2 big bags that she bought of gardettos. I almost cried. It was the cutest thing ever. So thoughtful. She is the best, I love that girl. Then we went out to work and I got to see some of my old investigadores and all. It was sooooo great. I even saw the guy we were teaching who is 16 and now he is going to semanary every night and he is so full of light and has changed so much. I was so proud of him and kept telling him how proud I was. He invited me to his baptism but I cannot go because its against the rules but it was nice of him. Anyways it was a great day. Then we stayed up all night just talking and laughing and it was so fun to see her again. I love Hermana Fuentes. I think we were like best friends in the preexistance. She is amazing. My best friend in the mission besides Creel for sure.
Then on Saturday we had a wedding and a baptism!!!! Gonzalo and Dionicia got married and then Gonzalo got baptized. We are hoping to baptize Dionicia in 2 weeks, she needs to prepare a bit more before her baptism. But it was awesome. I will try to send pictures. If I cannot send pics today I will next week! I miss you all. Sorry this email is so short. But we had a great week and we are working hard!!!!! Thanks for everything. I miss you all so much! OH! Today we went to the rich mall in my area! WOWWWWWWW I have never seen such a rich thing in this country. hahaha. Everything there is expensive so obviously I didnt buy anything but it was so fun to go and look around and have some air conditioner. Then I went to a little used clothes shop afterwards and bought 3 skirts for 5 bucks. They are cute. hahahaha. At least I bought something right!!!! hahaha. I am having such a great time and loving the mission. Hope you have a great week. I am always praying for you all. Love you. Talk to you on SUNDAY!!!!! Mothers day!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT! love you. Love Sister Parker

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