Friday, May 31, 2013

May 27, 2013

Well well well, this week has been awesome. First off, on Tuesday we had to give our presentation in the meeting with all the Zone leaders and President and his wife. It went really well. I was a little nervous and I was probably shaking.... I dont remember well but it went well. President was very happy with my companion and I. Also, I saw my little child, Hermana Fuentes!!!! She was there because her companion had an interview with President before we started and the next day she called me saying that her companion went home because she was sick. Soooo sad. So now she is working with a member until Wednesday... Wednesday are those changes and we will see what happens here with my comp and I. I am pretty sure we will stay here together at least one more change. 

So our week went well. We were busy but it all went well. The biggest miracle was on Friday it was raining a lot and we didn't really feel like visiting one of our investigators but we went anyways because we just felt like we should. We hadn't seen him for about 2 weeks or maybe even more because everytime we went he was never there and he hadn't gone to church and so I was thinking he wasn't interested. We got there and he was home and invited us in with his family. We prayed and then he was like Hermanas, what do I need to do to get baptized. We were like what!!!!!! He said yeah, I want to get baptized. He said how are the baptisms in the church, what do I need to know. So I asked him to go get his Book of Mormon and we were going to read a bit about baptism and explain it better to him. He got the book and came back and said I am right here and showed us where he was reading... he was in 3 Nephi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our jaws were completely dropped at this point. My comp and I looked at each other like, is this for real? Yes, it was for real. And so we called our district leader and he came over right away. Mauricio got his interview and the next morning was baptized. Yesterday he got confirmed and it was all soooo amazing. I knew the Book of Mormon was powerful, but this built my testimony even more. Because my companion and I did nothing. He did his part and the Book of Mormon and the spirit did the rest. It was such a wonderful experience that I will NEVER forget. Honestly, the Book of Mormon is powerful and we really need to read it more and study it and share it with others.

Anyways, Monday we are having a huge activity with the whole mission for the last pday with President before he leaves. It will be fun. I am excited to see all my friends and have a good time. Oh, today I took out some money and we went shopping at the nice mall. I hope thats ok. There is still a lot in there so don't worry about putting more in or anything. Just wanted you to know that I took some out. Thanks for everything. I got a new shirt and some new shoes. So awesome. I am soooo excited to wear them. Thanks for everything. Pray for you all everyday. Thanks for everything!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to you soon!!!!! Love Court

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