Friday, May 31, 2013

May 20, 2013

So this week was a bit stressful but we made it through. After tomorrow I think things will slow down a bit and I will be able to take a few breaths or so. We have been traveling to every place and on Thursday we traveled 4 hours to get to this little town. It was actually a really cute place but the sister missionaries we worked with were a little rough. A little dramatic so that was fun. My companion and one of the sisters got in a fight and they wouldn't let us in their house for a while... hahahaha that was fun. Not! I had nothing to do with anything, we went on divisions and the sister that went with my comp got mad about something and so we had to talk to their district leaders so that they would let us in to sleep for the night. We left at 4 in the morning the next morning and then we had to talk to President because the girl called him and said a few things about my comp so we had to straighten it all out. Such drama. I felt like I was in middle school again. soooo funny. But don't worry now its all settled. 

Then we got home that next day at 9 30 and had to be at our district reunion at 10 30 and its a half hour away. I jumped in the shower and there wasn't any water. hahahahaha. We ran outside and filled up a few buckets and then I jumped back in and then my comp jumped in. I did my make up and hair in 5 minutes and we were back out the door until 9 that night. It was such a crazy day. But really great news... the kid who is 16 in my last area who we were teaching just got baptized yesterday... my daughter called me and said that it was so great and that she knows he will serve a mission and that he kept asking if I could go but we are not allowed to so they took a bunch of pictures for me. Also, that family that we helped by giving them money by secret... remember them... we gave the money to a member and we went to their house and she started crying and all that stuff. Well yeah, their divorce papers went through and they are getting baptized Saturday in my old area too. I am soooo happy for them. Even though I cannot be there and I am not the missionary who can be in their baptism. I know that I did my part and that they can be an eternal family and just by knowing that I helped a bit, with the help of the Lord, I am happy. we gave a half hour presentation and it went well. My knees were wobbling and I was a little scared but it turned out really well and I was surprised with how successful it was. It was all the spirit. We were not teaching that is for sure. President and his wife loved it, they were taking pictures of our activities and everything. We had a video to watch but the internet wasn't working so I made up an activity to do with 2 minutes to go and it worked out well and everyone liked it. phew!!!! hahahaha. Well tomorrow we have another presentation and I am sooo excited for it. We worked really hard on this one... like all day on Saturday. oh! This Saturday we are supposed to be baptizing a family! PRAY FOR US! We have been working really hard with them. They have came to church a bunch of times and are super awesome.

Saturday in the morning my whole district we all went and did service. It was soooo fun. We dug holes and planted trees and got all wet and it was fun. Then today we went to the zoo but it was closed but we might go next week! I was so excited when I heard a lion but I couldn't see it. So sad. Yesterday we got invited to eat Cafe Rio salads. It was soooo good. The cool family from the states invited us... the same fam that let me use their phone for mothers day. I know that dad gave an amazing talk. He has such a great testimony. I am proud of Lauren for graduating semanary. sooooo awesome. Sorry I cannot spell anymore. But I love you alllll sooooo much. Thanks for everything. I miss you and love you. With all my love. Hermana Parker

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