Friday, June 7, 2013

June 4, 2013

Hermana Parker sent PICTURES!!! 

Easter! hahaha Hermana Fuentes and I with our bunnies!


This is a giant mango!!!

Hermana Creel and I in the all girls pday activity a couple of weeks back

A bunch of the sisters about a month ago at the all girls pday activity

Hermana Featherstone and I

The moving bus! This is when we moved into our house

The beginning of May at Gonzalos baptism. His will will get baptized either this weekend or next

Pretty afternoon in Nicaragua

At the big mall here in my new area

The family from the states invited us over for a family night. We made boats, like Nephi! woo

Traveling back to Granada! I love my first area.

It's blurry but here I am waiting for my milkshake

Our baptism last Saturday, Mauricio

My comp Hermana flores and I

My comp calls me Princess Belle

My good friend Hermana Escorcia (Nicaragua), Me, Hermana Flores (Guatemala), Hermana Garcia (Salvador)

I love Hermana Escorcia

Take some time to smell the roses

Hermana Parker

Chillin at the zoo


This is for uncle Dave...he wanted a pic of this animal. I found it!

 Crocodile! AHHH. An elder thought it was fake and almost stuck his hand in!

Some of my district and I at the zoo

One of my best friends in the mish and I at the zoo

So cute!


The actual Hurricane tiger...well, after Tay of course

Check out the waffles I made

Goliath from our skit. Haha It is an elder on another elders shoulders

Some of the sisters and I at the activity yesterday

My friend Elder Baldwin and I

Elder Bray and I

Elder Benson and I doning the awkward distance between a sister and an elder

My friend Elder Benson and I yesterday in the activity. He is in my district.

So this week was a good one!!!!!! Let me just tell you. On Tuesday we all had baptized in our district so we got to go contact in the zoo!!!!!!!!!!! It's in our area and so my district and I all went! Um it was so great. I saw a lion pounce at my friend and everything was just great. hahaha. There were tigers and lions and there were not bears but water buffalo and monkeys and panthers and everything. It was awesome!!!!! Then we had to go work with the new sisters that were coming in.Tthere were 9 girls from the states and one from Guatemala. It was soooo fun because my hija came and we all worked in a huge park and gave away Books of Mormon and everything!!!! I even met Haley Frodsham from St George! So awesome, she is a cute girl and very nice person!!! So then we just all had a blast.

Anyways, on Wednesday, YES! did it rain here or what! Not like how it did in Tays mission but I forgot my umbrella that day and so we were waiting under a building for 2 hours and then it was getting worse so we called a taxi and he actually brought us home for free. It was crazy but we got absolutely soaked! And then I got a cold. But it was all good I am getting better. Ok so then, on Saturday I was fasting and I was like I cannot handle this, my throat hurts so bad I need some water, but I was like no, I will not break my fast. So then I just sucked on some coughdrops all day. We fasted as a companionship that we could find a family to baptize this month, then on Sunday morning we walked outside to go to church and a family came up to us and said are you missionaries? We said yes and introduced ourselves. The guy said, we need help, we have problems with alcohol and yesterday we both drank and after we were talking and said what are we doing, this is not a happy life we want to change. So then they told us they want to learn about our church and want to change their lives. My comp and I were soooo happy. I know that because we fasted we were blessed. It was so awesome.

Well, yesterday we had a big activity with the whole mission. It was SO fun! We had a spiritual message by our President and then we were split off into groups and we played ultimate frisbee, baseball, kickball, and soccer. I was one of the only girls who got down and actually played. The Elders were all impressed at my skills. hahahaha. It was soooo fun. Then we had a catored lunch and then we did our zone talents. We did David and Goliath, it was sooooo funny! We all just laughed and had a good time. Then Pres. showed a video and I cried because he is going to leave. It was sad. Then we took tons of pics and came back to work. It was a blast!!!!!!! I saw all my friends and got to catch up with all. They all call us the assistents to the President just because we are the sister leaders, it's so funny. But anyways, I hope all is well. I know the church is true. I love you all soooo much! Thanks for everything! love Court

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