Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2013

So nice to get emails from both of my wonderful parents today! How are you. I love you both so much. This week has been a lot different but we are working hard and trying to keep our area under control as well. Well on Thursday I went on divisions in another area because I don't know my area well yet and it was fun. I was able to go with a sister here in our zone and her area is super dusty and it's like the country. So we went and it was sooo fun. We worked hard and put a date for a lady for her baptism that we had found her that same day. It was a great experience. Another guy we got him to quit drinking. He prayed and hasn't been drinking since. It was fun. We hiked and hiked and hiked the mountains. Goodness I am a little out of shape hahaha. But it was funny we just laughed. We also saw a huge snake but it was dead but I was scared out of my drawers.
Anyways then Friday in the morning we went to zone conference and the building was sooooooo cold. My fingernails were purple and all the elders with their suits. After I got super sick and we went to our house and I had body aches all day and night long and I was super hot but then I got the chills and I was shaking and I called for a blessing. I slept all day long and drank lots of sprite hahaha. The next morning I was as good as new. Amazing what a little sleep and a blessing can do right! But then yesterday was way fun! There are 3 families from the United States in our area and we got invited to dinner. Which by the way I had to lead the hymns in church yesterday the very first time in the ward. hahaha. But it was fine. So yeah the families, the husbands work in the embassy so they live here but the wives and kids don't speak Spanish. They were so happy to talk to us. The other family that invited us over they speak Spanish and English so we all went over there. 6 of us and we had a way fun dinner and air conditioning and candy and a fun family home evening. It was fun to kind of be back in the States again. hahah. I didn't realize how much difference there is. My area is VERY rich. The houses are so nice and I want to live in like every one. I always tell my comp WOW look at that. Look at that truck and all that stuff. It's so funny. But yeah I have never seen a richer area. People don't really want to listen but we have found a few choice families and are hopefully going to baptize a family this weekend! Cross my fingers. 

Today we had a big p day with just the hermanas. We played some basketball and President was very impressed with my bball skills hahaha. He filmed me and everything. hahah He's so funny. I cannot believe he is leaving us in June. We are getting a new President from the States. Well I hope all is well. I love you soooo much. We are having a good time. Oh, one last thing. This week I was very stressed and so I prayed and I felt a little like wow, I don't deserve this I need to know if I am worthy to have this calling. I asked in my prayer if I was worthy. Then the next day we were teaching an investigador and I was about to hand him the Book of Mormon to read a scripture but something said don't give it to him. I thought, that's weird and so I didn't give it to him. Then 5 min later he told me he can't read and sometimes doesn't like to go to church because he doesn't like to tell people he can't read. I knew right then that that was my answer. That I am worthy because the spirit was there to guide me in that moment. I know that if we humble ourselves before the Lord we will find even more blessings and we will grow so much more. I love you all soooo much! Have a great week. Love Court

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