Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 15, 2013

Well this week I received a GIANT package with my name on it. We were sitting at the bus stop waiting for the zone leaders to bring us materials and up walks my zone leader with a big giant purse. I was thinking what is he doing with that purse. And then he handed it to me and it was my PACKAGE!!!!!! Wow. It was soooooo awesome I loved it all! I have been able to share some of the bunnies with the children here and they really love it. I gave a candy bracelet to a little girl we always visit and she loves me more now I think hahaha. So this week was fun. I got a few dear elders from Randie Haws and from grandma Thompson. Also from Nat and from my family thanks soooo much! I also got a letter from grandma Parker and so it has been a great week. Cottam sent me another package but I haven´t gotten to open it yet. I am excited for that! But thanks soooo much for the package it was wonderful! I wore the cardigan and it is soooo cute! And the necklaces, I died when I saw them!!!!! Thanks. Swedish fish and the wiffle ball kit and the cd of Britta´s was awesome!!!!!!! THANKS soooo much. I love the skirt too and the little monkey bunny and the sweets and just everything in it was awesome. And so thanks so much! I just sent off a few letters to a few people so hopefully they will get there soon!
Today was fun because today is the last pday with Hermana Creel so that is sad because she will have changes on Wednesday and will leave our zone. Dang it. It was so fun with her here. But her comp and her came to our area and we went to this way nice ice cream place and then we got permission to go to the distribution center. I bought the Book of Mormon in audio so that I can listen to it at night before I go to bed. I think that will help me a lot. I am soooo excited. Also I bought a movie of the church for 3 cords... that´s wayyyyyyy less than 50 cents! So yeah it was cool if you ask me!
Well this week has been SO hot. And it doesn´t help that I am serving in Managua right now. hahahaha. My comp and I always check the temperature and it said 101 today. But then you add in the humidity and the big ol back packs and that knocks it up to about 150 degrees easy. hahaha. It´s so bad. So on Tuesday we had to have a training with the trainers and their trainees and so we went to the church with President and the assistents from 7 30 in the morning until about 12 30. The air conditioning was on and I was freezing to death. I almost asked if they could grab me a scarf but then remembered that they prob don´t exist here. So then we got outside and it was wayyyyy hot so then we were in our first appointment and I almost passed out. We went home and I just rested the whole day because my leaders told me that i needed to rest. But since then I have been good. It was just a huge drastic change. hahaha. But the training was fun, we did a lot of practices and then after they fed us lunch so that was cool. 
So we were going to have a baptism this last Saturday. We had the clothes ready, the water, the program and everything and then we called him and he was like I cannot do it, I am scared and I feel like I am not prepared. I said ok we are going to pass by your house to talk to you. But then he said he wouldn´t be home until 5 so his baptism was going to be at 6 and so we ran over there.... first we went to our apartment and we practiced every situation with my comp and I. It was so good to practice because we were able to put ourselves in his shoes, but then we got over there and I was thinking... this is like basketball games that I used to have. It felt like over time.... like when you and all of your teammates have to play everything out perfectly and cannot make a mistake or you lose the game. hahahaha. So then he never showed up. He called at 5 30 and said he was too far away. It was a very sad day and I was a little discouraged but then we went out and found a family to serve and it made all the difference. It was fine after that. We will see what we can do to have this guys baptism soon!!!! Well sorry that this is sooo short. I need to get off to work now. Thanks again for the package and all that you do for me. I love my family soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that God listens to our prayers and knows just what we need to help us grow. I love you and I love this amazing church. We are soooo blesssed. Love you. Love Hermana Parker

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