Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013

So this week was crazy. I will start with the beginning. So on Tuesday we had to go pick up the new sisters and do divisions with them for the day. I worked with a cute sister from Utah and it was fun. She didn't speak any Spanish but we went to all of our appointments and even put a baptismal date. It was fun. This week was hilarious because my companion and I just spent the week laughing and really enjoying each other. When I did divisions I was missing her sooo much. Then Thursday night after our long day we went home and were dancing to all of our church songs. She is just sooo much fun, never thought I would love someone who speaks another language and is from a whole other country so much.

So it was funny because on Friday we got letters. Thanks mom for your funny missionary card with the dogs chasing them. hahahaha funny because Thursday night on our way home we passed this street and all of the sudden EIGHT giant horse dogs were chasing us. Oh my goodness I have never been soooo scared in my life. It was absolutely incredible. And for some miracle the drunk guys chilling on the other side of the street started throwing their beer bottles at them. WOW. We were saved by some drunk men! Soooooooo thankful. My comp said she saw the face of satan on one of the dogs. It was a miracle that we were saved. PHEW.

Well yesterday at church we sang the song i'll go where you want me to go dear Lord. I remember singing that for my farewell and I looked down and dad and he wasn't able to sing. That made me cry so much and I always think of you guys when I sing that song. Especially because I am willing to do whatever the Lord asks me. It gives me comfort to know that I have you guys as my support. Well yesterday at about 5 in the afternoon my Zone leader Elder Hunt called me and said are you sitting down I have bad news. I said no what's up. He said you have emergency changes you leave tomorrow morning at 8 am and you will have to go pack up your stuff right now. I was in shock. I told my comp and we started bawling. We were having sooo much fun together. Then we went over to the family's house where we eat lunch and they all started crying when I told them. They are like my favorite in Altagracia. That was hard. Then I packed up everything and this morning we were out of the house at 7 30 in a taxi for my e changes. I was like what is going on I haven't done anything wrong. My comp and I cried and cried all night. We were sooo sad. Then this morning I get to the church and 4 more companionships were there. I was thinking what's going on!!!! Then they assigned new companions and called my new comp and I and then 2 other sisters into a room and gave us a paper to read.... THIS WAS THE REASON FOR E CHANGES.... so it's very new but they
are now assigning sister missionaries as leaders. Like Zone leaders but not exactly, President compared it to the same as Zone leaders but without the Priesthood. Like sisters to be in charge of all the sisters and to do divisions 2 times a week with different sisters. My companion and I are in charge of 5 different zones and will be traveling around and helping other sisters become better teachers and we have to train them and all this stuff. It's a ton of responsibility and now when the zone leaders have conferences we are now supposed to go. And there are only 4 sisters and I am the only American. Us four are the very first to do it and so we'll see. Lots of pressure. Pray for me please. It's soooo crazy. My new comp is Hermana Flores from Guatemala and she is cool. We are going home at the same time so we both have about 5 months left. Awesome right.

Dad, I am pretty sure I am leaving 2 of October but you can call the church offices because they won't tell us yet. But another sister had her parents call so it all worked out. Also if they have you call Nicaragua, the offices here they will speak English and call help you find out. They can also help with plane tickets and all that. GOODNESS I am in a new area and everything is different but I will be fine. Just lots of changes. My area is called Las Colinas and it's close to Managua but just a TINY bit cooler. I know I will be blessed as I push forward in the work of the Lord. Thanks for everything. I always love your emails mom and dad. Love you all sooo much. Take care. Until next week. Hermana Parker

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