Friday, April 5, 2013

April 1, 2013

Hello there family of mine!!!!!!! Well this week was semana santa!!!! Which means it was just a whole week for Easter and it doesn't really mean a whole lot because everyone just goes out to the streets and drinks. hahaha. Like Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we barely saw any people in the streets because they all go to the beach and they sleep there and spend the whole day there. It was hard to work these days because no one was home and we just walked around but it was ok, we made it through it.
Well that's awesome that that future sister missionary, Haley is about to come here to the best mission ever! She will love it. Yes, that humidity towel would be better to have. You don't need boots, I know in my packet thing it said that I needed to bring boots but I didn't. You can find scripture cases and bags and all that cool stuff in the mtc so bring money for that. What else... yeah, don't worry about medicine. Something that you will need a lot of is the little no show socks. Those are well needed here. Also, just normal sheets, 2 sets for twin beds. A small pillow would be great! And just a sheet is sufficient for the night. Maybe a small blanket but I only sleep with a sheet because its so hot!! hahaha. I am super excited to finally meet her and see her in Nicaragua! She will leave on my year mark! How crazy that is that I left a year ago. I cannot believe it.
I haven't gotten the package that the lady brought from Utah yet, but I am sure that I will get it soon. I took a bunch of my candy from Easter and split it up for my district, you should have seen their faces light up! It was soooo cute!!!!! 
Today we had a fun zone meeting and we went to play sports and we got to go eat at the mall. I have a package for dad but I will not have time to send it today sadly. I planned on sending it today but we will not have time. But for sure next Monday... it will be late but I hope you know dad, that I love you a lot and that I will be thinking about you. Just sent a letter to the family and to Chan! Thanks for your letter Chan-- love you girl!!!!!! 
Well on Sunday we learned about the atonement a bit more so that was good. We are having a lot of success. The misson really pushes you to have your goals really high. Sometimes I get really stressed out because there is a lot of pressure when you are training because all the fault falls on you but I am learning a lot about myself and making the most out of it. My comp and I sometimes just stay up and talk and laugh. She is a really great companion and I am glad that I have her. Today at our zone conference I hit the pinata super hard and it broke and it was soooo funny because I was blindfolded. It was a fun day! I am doing great. Can't wait for the package. I love you all soooo much! Thanks for everything and I cannot believe how fast the time is going. Thanks for the support. Love you soooo much. .Love Court 
P.S. They just called me and said that I have to give a workshop for three Zones on Wednesday. Ahhhhhh. There are so many people that speak better Spanish than me, so I'm a little nervous. It´s 20 minutes and I have to pass it off with President first. I only have tonight and tomorrow morning to prepare it. But none of my own time, still same schedule. I have to get on tomorrow and send President everything that I will be doing. But it will all go speeding by and it will be over soon. Just grin and bear it. Please pray for me. This is probably one of the hardest things I will have to go through so far. I love you soooo much.

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