Monday, June 18, 2012


sweet mother and father!!!! Gosh do i have the best parents or what!!!!????? I miss you guys so much. Thanks for the emails. Dad, I am glad that you had a good fathers day and I hope my letter reaches you very soon. I sent off another letter today so I hope that you get it. I wasnt able to finish jeffs so i will send that next week but I did write to dave and nat so they should be expecting one soon as well. Its crazy cuz we have to go all the way into granada just to send a letter. its about 45 minute trip in a hot bus. today we went and we ate chinese food. that was great!!!! And the server knew some english so I was able to communicate a bit of spanglish with him haha. WOW I got some letters and I am so glad!!! I was reading them all the way to managua on friday when we had a big conference. It was nice to hear from everyone. prom pictures were gorgeous and everyone things tay is guapa!!! hahah that means handsome and they think lauren looks just like me. Nathans cute little costume. that was so fun to get thank you!!! I love letters. they help me get through this. First, before I forget. is there anyway that you guys can help take care of my loans? I think mom will just have to call and act like she is me or something. with my social and prob my birth date and stuff. I know you are really busy and I am sorry to throw this on you but I just remembered this week that june is the month i was supposed to call back. Just when you get some free time. Um wow. The mission is nothing like what I expected. There is absolutely no free time and by the time I get home I write in my journal for 10 minutes and then I am in bed. Its draining but every day there is a miracle. Like yesterday... we have a family that we found who are investigadors. they are so cool. Our first visit they were asking so many questions and wanted to know about the book of mormon... prob told you about them last week. Well their names are gustavo and the wife is demaris. We taught them another awesome lesson and invited them to church and yesterday I was on splits with a girl in the ward and she came with me and we were going to see if they were coming to church and when we got to the door demaris was already ready for church and it was an hour early! I was so happy. I think she liked it. Katheryn was wondering why we need a prophet and how we know that thomas s monson is a true prophet of God so we taught her about that. It helped her a lot. She couldnt come to church though dang it. We had 4 dates for baptisms. This week was just throwing us blessings. We invited all 4 to be baptized this week and they said yes. Luis has been out of town so he hasnt been able to be taught but he has attended church 3 times so he is ready he just needs to be baptized. gosh I love him. Then nora will be baptized supposedly and also Arlen and maria perez. Maria perez is awesome... we asked her what she thought about baptism and she said that she needed it. wow... so there we taught about baptism and invited her to be baptized and without hesitation she said yes. I am so glad that cute little girl in your ward will be baptized soon. Thats so great!!! Jeff said the twins invited a friend to church. that takes a lot of courage and i am so proud of them. Wow. The gospel is everywhere. haha so some random facts. women here all give kisses when they meet us. its cute so that could be weird getting back into the states and almost kissing everyone i meet. haha. Also, everyone here on the streets calls me princess or barbie. Its funny. Guys on the street will try to speak some english to me and its like ummmm ok youre weird. haha. Anyways sorry I never put apostrophes in my words. I dont know where it is on this keyboard ever and it would take too much time to look. sorry, i do know how to spell. So... Tay has his talk next week and also i have to teach the lesson in church. Am I scared? yeah I really am. There are a ton of people in the class and I dont know the language. I am very nervous and I need a lot of prayers. This mission is scary every single day. I am out of my comfort zone every day. But I know that every day I am growing. haha so funny story. whenever we go to granada we are on this crazy bus... I wrote about it to dave and nat in their letter. but its funny because the bus is only supposed to hold 38 people and i counted today and there were 90. and just when you think no more can fit the bus stops to pick up 4 more. so I was there... standing on an old school bus. in 100 degree weather with crazy humidity, squished with all these nicaraguans. haha. Yep, welcome to nicaragua. They buy all their buses from the us. and they are all like old school buses that we dont need or are too old for us. Then they shove as many people in because there is only one bus every 30 minutes and they want more money. today I got a new skirt because I really needed it. Also I got 2 new shirts for 40 corderbas... which is like 2 dollars in the us. We get about 2300 every 14 days... which I think is about 100 american dollars. that is for our meals our laundry our breakfasts our other needs our taxis and all of that stuff. They love to listen to american music here so that is fun. what else... oh this week we had a huge conference with both of the missions in nicaragua and i saw brady maag and elder ewell. we got pictures. also I saw my roommate from the mtc... shes from guatemala and I was sooooo happy to see her!!!!! Also, when I saw hermana creel we both started crying. We were talking about how hard this is but we are getting to like it more and things are giving me hope all of the time. Yes, my place is a nice place, most of the missionaries including girls have dirt floors and showers outside so yeah I am living the high life right now. Everyday is an adventure. technically I have been out on this mission for 3 months on the 28 of this month. today howeever is my 2 month mark!!! But since I have 3 months I have 15 months left. This mission is already flying by. oh... so starting today, since my area is so catholic they have a whole month to celebrate st peter. ummm and only one day to celebrate christ??? I dont get it. But they party all day and all night and its a huge deal here. Weird. Anyways dad, I am glad to hear your fathers day went well and that you spoke... mom said it was good and I am so proud of you. Thanks for being the best parents in the world!!!! Hermana parker

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