Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hi Everyone! Finally able to send some pictures. The one pic of the little taxi and the road is right outside my apt but I need to take some really pretty pictures for you but haven’t been able to just whip out my camera a lot. But I will. The taxi is hilarious though huh!!! It is so tiny but its fun to ride in everyday. Sorry It was after p-day so I am all sweaty and gross looking but you know... this is Nicaragua!!! I am used to the humidity now. Took me only about 5 days so that is great!!!!! Um wow I do not even know where to begin. we are teaching a lot of people. I told Lauren there are these two sisters that are just adorable and we are teaching them. they are having a hard time because their dad hit their mom and left them and now its just them and their mom. it was hard to hear them talking about it. I started crying. When we were leaving the one held my hand for ever. I could tell she was just hurting inside. I felt so bad for her. It has been nice to teach her more. I hope our message will reach their hearts. I have been able to contribute some in our lessons. Sometimes I get completely lost and then I just try to figure out what is going on and bear testimony of it. Haha. It’s really hard. I know it will come. They say it takes a good 6 months. So only 4 more to go. ok... my very favorite old man we are teaching him and wow.... first time we taught Louis I was just feeling the spirit so strong... more than I have in any of our lessons. I bore my testimony to him and I started crying. it was very spiritual and I asked him to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. He said yes but he needs a little bit more time. That was the second time we taught him. Then he got a baptism interview and things are good. He just needs a stronger testimony of Joseph Smith. Which I think will come. We are going to go over the restoration with him again in our next visit. He is a rich one here. And he is very intelligent. I want him to truly be so happy. I feel a lot of love for these people. At first I did not. I was just like ok I wish I could just speak in English haha. But now as the days go by I think of these people and I look a little deeper. I know Heavenly Father loves them and I know that they all deserve to hear this message in their own language. So I am in this area for the next 12 weeks and possibly for 12 weeks later. Which I wouldn’t mind because I love it here. My area is so nice. It has a ton of Catholics though. Haha. Every time we contact I’m like hello we are representatives of Jesus Christ and they are like ok cool well I am catholic. Anyways i sent off some letters today so I hope they get to you soon!!! No I haven’t gotten any letters yet but hopefully soon!!!! I miss you all so much. gosh this email time goes by so fast. Today for p-day we went and had some Mexican food and played baseball basketball and soccer with our zone. our zone is way cool. I miss my mtc group though. Anyways I am the only new one in my zone so I’m the only one who doesn’t know the language. yeah its hard but everyone seems to be really accepting and my Branch President tries to speak to me in English sometimes. the church here is tiny!!!!!!! There are barely any members. There are a couple families and that is it. We need to work harder. The elders are working really hard too. one of the elders in my district is Cory Hintons cousin. His name is elder Hinton haha. He went to Lehi high school and played basketball... sorry i said that in my letter i just sent too. haha funny. Anyways i love you all!!!! UNTIL NEXT WEEK. Tay have fun at the temple and tell me all about it. Thanks for the dear elder josh I hope to get it soon! Thanks everyone for your letters you are the best family in the world!!!!!!! Love Hermana Parker

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