Friday, June 29, 2012

June 25, 2012

HI. So dad, I am so glad you got your letter. it is so great to hear that tay did good and it was successful. I had no doubt he would do good though. he will definitely be a missionary with exito haha that means success in spanish. Anyways. Dad, we eat pinto beans and then just white rice.The have planteans a lot and this cool cheese that the first week was strange but now i crave it every day haha.but yeah, rice and beans every stinkin day. hehe its fine but like no variety. the bananas here are great and I had my first mango yesterday and it wasnt how i expected. I dont like mangos sadly. The frescas...drinks... here are sooooo good. anyways sorry to hear hurricane is so hot haha. i hope the family had fun this weekend at tays farewell. when is the cabin this year? soon i am sure. that will be so much fun. I havent been able to take a lot of pictures yet because we are never supposed to look like tourists so kinda hard but i will try to send a couple today. ok so first. the people here are so chill. kinda like hawaii. they are like way laid back, haha like honeybadgers they dont really care about anything. Its funny. they all basically live in tents and when they are home their doors are always wide open and they are sitting there watching tv in a rocking chair. they dont have door bells we just yell hey whats up basically and they come over. funny huh. They are great people and so friendly here. so tuesday we got a text... all the girls have phones. so we got a text that was like surprise in granada today. we had no idea what was up and honestly i was a little scared. so we got there and met up with our zone and president monestel showed up with his family and i guess we were the most successful last week and so we had a pizza party and we did arm wrestling contests and i beat my component hhahahaha so funny. The elders were all cheering us on and it was so fun. Ok so i am not exaggerating when I say how crazy the spirit is when you are on a mission. When I feel it its crazy strong. every time. stronger than i have ever felt it and I know that Heavenly Father is there for me and he is cheering me on in all things. haha this mission is hard work. Its good work though. my district leader said he is seeing a huge improvement with me and I think he is right. I am understanding a bit more and I am learning just to talk and not care what people think. the spirit guides me everyday and I can feel it in my life. I am so grateful to not be alone in this. ok. so nevermind on pictures today. i am running out of time so hopefully next week. i am sorry. still not package but hopefully this week. I have almost been in nicaragua for 4 weeks I cannot believe how fast time is going. LOLO once again happy birthday my sweet best pal. I love you so much and hope you like your gift. its not much but I thought you would enjoy it. Love you baby girl. Fro, sorry I havent been able to get your letter off yet but it will be soon. thanks for being so supportive. and nat your letter is on its way so i hope you get it soon. so like i said houses here are crazy and their pet pigs just lounge in their houses. its a bit different than the us i would say. Ok... so my lesson. wow I am soooo glad that its over. it was so scary and the class of investigators staring at me for answers was hard. ha when they asked questions i actually understood though. it went really well. I am so glad its over and that I did good on it. I feel good about it. and i know it was not me teaching because there is no way i would be able to understand any other time. So saturday was a baptism and a wedding. it was way spiritual. not my baptism. yesterday was crazy because they had this huge fiesta in my area and we werent allowed to go into the town. we sat in our apt. which was horrible cuz i was bored but i studied some lanuage and it was fine. The funerals here are sad. they walk down the street with the caskets and the last two days have been little tiny ones. I have been sad for the families of their little babies they have lost. Well i need to go. i always wish I had more time but we only have 45 min for fam and then 15 for pres and its in spanish so actually about 20 for me. I love you all so much. proud of the decisions you all are making and pray for every one of you every day. haley, chan, jen. Miss you guys and hope all is well with you. pray for you. nat and dave, miles and holly. miss you so much and pray for you daily. same with you jeff, maya, katia and bijae. Hope all is well. thanks for the support. and mother. i am sure you did a lot for tays farewell. thanks. dad, you too. you are the best

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