Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I can't believe this little angel from heaven has grown up to be such a beautiful, amazing daughter of God serving her Heavenly Father. She is still an angel and we love her so much! My favorite and most cherished Mother's day gift this year was hearing from my beautiful daughter, Courtney! It was so wonderful to hear her sweet voice and we felt the spirit so strongly! What an amazing Sister Missionary she is turning out to be! She isn't able to send pictures until she's in the mission field--we can't wait to see them! We will post them as soon as we can! Thanks, Natali, for all of your help with the blog, and thanks for all of the love and support from everyone!!

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  1. That was beautiful Corinna! I think about you and your family and COURT every day. I love you all and hope you're doing so well. You have an amazing daughter and I truly miss her more than I ever thought I would. But I can't believe how happy I am for her, either. I'm so glad she's doing so great!!!!!! Love you all.