Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hasta luego Hermana Parker

Hermana Courtney Parker and about 10 elders and 3 sisters arrived in Guatemala on April 18th 2012. She says as soon as she got out of the airport, she knew this was where she was supposed to be. She felt the spirit strongly. A little bus picked them up and she was worried she would see wrecks because the roads are so small. But they made it safely. The Guatemalan MTC is very small. As you know, Courtney worked in the Provo MTC while attending BYU, but the Guatemalan MTC is much smaller in comparison. There are 4 other sisters besides her and her companion in the same room. They were able to take a 2 hour nap when they got there because they hd been traveling all night. Then, let the work begin!! They sisters are outnumbered by the elders, but she loves it. They feed them very well. She said she asks for smaller increments because they are offended if you don't eat it all. The language is a challenge, and they have already taught an investigator in spanish. Courtney's learning a lot and is praying for the gift of tongues. The MTC is gated and there are guards around, but she's excited because on her P-day, which is Saturday, she gets to go out and see some of Guatemala. She said, “if you are wondering, I am doing great! Tell Tay to get ready for an amazing ride, and learn more Spanish when he can because it will really help. My companion is great. Her name is Hermana Sanchez and she is from Orem and went to UVU. She's been helping me a lot in learning the language. Heavenly Father has been helping me and blessing me. The Church is true and I love it so much!”
{posted by Corinna}

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